Is Shopify Still Free for 90 Days?

Find out the current duration of Shopify's free trial to set up and manage your online store effectively.

To start an online business without unnecessary financial commitments, it is important to carefully evaluate platform services and features in advance. For that, you may consider using Shopify to set up, manage, and grow your online stores for free for 90 days. Read this guide until the end to learn if the option to get a free trial for 3 months is still available on Shopify, and if not, what are the other cheaper alternatives.

Is Shopify Still Free for 90 Days?

Is Shopify Still Free for 90 Days?

Shopify is famous in the e-commerce world for its appealing 90-day free trial. But can you still get this amazing trial period? Keep reading this article to find that out.

How Long Can I Use Shopify for Free?

You can use Shopify for free by activating the 3-day free trial. During this trial period, you can create a store, list your products, and customize your shop without losing any changes when you activate a plan. However, to start selling your products, you need to remove the storefront password and choose a monthly plan.

Is There a Way to Get Shopify for Free?

Yes, you can get Shopify free for 3 days from the date of creating an account. During this time, you can customize and create your store.

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Is Shopify Free for 3 Months?

No. You can use a free trial on Shopify for 3 days. After that, you must choose a plan at just $1/month for the first 3 months.

Is Shopify Still Free for 90 Days?

No. You cannot get free Shopify for 90 days. But you have to pay only $1/month for the first 90 days.

How to Get 120 Days Free Shopify?

You cannot get Shopify free for 120 days.

However, you can start your free trial at the cost of $1/month for the first three months. Shopify offers three plans: Basic, Shopify, and Advanced. You can choose any of the plans according to your need. Follow the below steps to do so:

1. Visit the Shopify website on your browser.

2. Click on Log in from the top right corner and log in using your account credentials.

Click on Log in at the top right corner and log in using your login credentials

3. Click on the Select a plan option from the bottom.

Note: If not visible, navigate to Settings > Plan.

Click on the Start a plan button at the bottom

4. Now, select the desired plan. Here, we have selected the Basic plan of Shopify to get almost free access for 90 days.

Choose a plan | Is Shopify Still Free for 90 Days

5. Make sure the Monthly radio button is selected and click on Confirm billing cycle.

Click on Confirm billing cycle

6. Enter your business address details and click on Save address.

Choose a plan

7. Choose the desired payment method and follow the on-screen instructions to start your free trial.

Choose a payment method

Even if you can get free access to Shopify for 90 days, with these steps, you can avail of 3 months of a Shopify plan for just $1.

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What Happens If You Don’t Pay Shopify?

If you fail to pay the bill, your Shopify store will be frozen. To unfreeze the store, you need to pay the due bill. The consequences of freezing your store on Shopify are listed below:

  • Cannot access the Shopify admin page
  • Invisible to customers
  • Cannot sell products

If you have missed paying the bill and your store is frozen, you must pay some extra charges which were missed during the frozen duration to reactivate it again. This includes app fees, transaction charges, and shipping/delivery charges. Also, if you were unfreezing after 30 days of the last due bill, you must choose a plan and start afresh.

If you can’t reactivate your store, you must contact Shopify Support.

Shopify Support page | Is Shopify Still Free for 90 Days?

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What Happens When Trial Ends Shopify?

If your trial period of 3 days ends and you haven’t chosen a plan, your account will be frozen. The following are the consequences when the Shopify trial ends:

  • Won’t be charged for any plan
  • Unable to access store backend/admin
  • Unable to customize or work on the store

So, to work on your store’s backend or sell products, you must choose a plan.

This guide on whether is Shopify still free for 90 days must have cleared your doubts regarding the free trial period and the way to access Shopify services for a minimal cost. Share your questions and suggestions, and stay connected by visiting our website for a wealth of interesting articles.

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