How to Get Vudu for Free Trial

Discover how you can enjoy Vudu content for free without paying an actual subscription cost.

Vudu is a popular streaming platform that offers numerous movies and TV series, making it a great alternative to Netflix and Hulu. But if you’re uncertain about using this service, considering a free trial can help you make a decision. Let’s explore whether Vudu offers a free trial and, if not, what is its subscription model.

How to Get Vudu for Free Trial

How to Get Vudu for Free Trial

Vudu is well-known for renting and selling popular movies and TV shows to users. However, it is uncertain whether a free trial option is available. Let’s explore whether this possibility is true or if there are alternative ways to access content on this platform without charge.

Quick Answer

You cannot get any free trial on Vudu, as it does not follow the monthly or annual subscription model. Vudu only allows users to buy or rent any of the films available on the platform. But you can access the free movies and TV shows on Vudu by creating a free Vudu account.

Is Watching Movies on Vudu Free?

Yes, you can watch some movies on Vudu for free. Vudu offers some movies and TV shows at no cost to Vudu users. So, you don’t have to buy or rent them for a certain period.

How Much is Vudu Per Month?

There is no monthly subscription for Vudu. If you want to watch a movie or TV show, you must rent or buy it. You will only be charged for the content you rented or purchased.

The Vudu content cost varies according to content type, format, rental or purchase option, and any available discounts. Vudu not only provides access to recent movies but also offers a selection of older films, some for free too. It offers the opportunity to enjoy older films at a minimal cost, typically ranging from $10 to $15 for watching. Also, it can cost you $3 to $4 to rent these titles.

Additionally, Vudu allows you to purchase the entire series at a reasonable price. Renting movies can be as low as $5.99, but if you prefer to watch films currently playing in theaters, Vudu offers them for $24.99. However, there is another option to rent these new releases for $19.99.

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How to Get Vudu for Free Trial?

As Vudu does not have any monthly subscription, there is no free trial feature. You will only have to pay for the movies or shows you choose to watch. However, you can watch the free movie and TV titles on your account and region. For that, you must have a Vudu account. Read and follow our guide on Is It Free to Make a Vudu Account? to learn the steps to create a free account and access free content.

Vudu free movie and TV titles

What Special Features of Vudu That Need Not Be Missed?

Those special features of Vudu are:

  • You can arrange your movies as per your preference.
  • It directly takes you to a list of movies rather than showing you unwanted notifications.
  • Using the feature of cloud-based digital watches, you can watch your stream anytime you want.
  • A huge collection of movies related to the Comedy and Kids genre exists.

Now, you may have learned from this how to get Vudu for free trial guide that you cannot avail of a free trial on Vudu. However, you can enjoy all the free content on this streaming service. You can drop your queries and topic suggestions for future articles in the comments section below.

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