10 Best Websites to Buy 3D Selfie Figurines

Preserve your memories, not in photographs but in the form of models!

Remember the days of printed photographs and personalized albums? Pictures narrate the world on a two-dimensional surface. But times have changed with the introduction of 3D selfie figurines, aka 3D printed selfies. More than just movable objects, they serve as mementos that capture and represent a person’s likeness in a physical, three-dimensional form. In this blog, we will take you through some of the best websites where you can have 3D selfie figurines of yourself and others created & delivered, hassle-free. Get ready to be amazed!

Best Websites to Buy 3D Selfie Figurines

Best Websites to Buy 3D Selfie Figurines

Over time, the popularity of 3D selfie figurines has steadily grown, as they are often sought as creative gifts for special occasions. For a brief idea, these models are created using materials such as plastic, resin, or even metal based on a detailed scan or photograph of the individual. Multiple 3D printing techniques such as stereolithography (SLA) or selective laser sintering (SLS) are involved, depending on the materials used. As they also consider the subject’s facial features, body proportions, and even clothing details, the results are completely personalized. 



3D Imagine specializes in life-like figurines. What they do is capture your special moments in time and present them with a model using 3D software. Their 3D scanner takes 100 pictures of the subject simultaneously, compiles them, and prints a model out of it. 

  • You can create any type of 3D replica be it an object, a cartoon character, or your superhero.
  • You can also send them photographs, in case you cannot get scanned live.
  • After you upload pictures on their website for pricing, they’ll send you all the details including cost via email.

2. Shapify

Shapify | 3d selfie figurines

Shapify is here to put those selfies and live photos in the past as it can easily create a mini-me or 3D selfie figurine of your full body. Its services or scanning booths are available in multiple countries where you can make a 3D model of yourself within 12 seconds and take it home. Their files are in .obj format such as plus texture in .png which can be easily transformed into 3D formats like .ply or .stl.

3. 3DHQ


3DHQ believes in fulfilling their customers’ dreams by printing their ideas in 3D. All you need to do is share your thoughts with the 3DHQ designers, who will draft them into STL files, which can be printed later. You can get a mini statue of a memorialization of your pet, a wedding cake topper, yourself as an action figure, or whatever you imagine, 3DHQ will print it.

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4. MY 3D TOY

My3dtoy | 3d selfie figurines

Specialized in realistic 3D miniature art, MY 3D TOY prints mini statues instead of 2D pictures as they keep a special moment alive for your friends and family The company believes that art should be accessible to everyone, and for the same reason they offer their services at affordable prices. Additionally, they use the best materials and equipment types to ensure you get exactly what you asked for.

5. TheBobbleShop


TheBobbleShop creates 3D figurines with all levels of customization. It offers an online technology that is a ONE-PHOTO solution to create your 3D figurine, where you can upload your image on any website to print your miniature. This way you can use even third-party apps with 3D scanning capability to scan yourself, upload the picture, and make a 3D model of yourself free in no time.

You can install their 3D scanners anywhere and sell printed figurines at whatever price you want. Moreover, you do not even have to buy a 3D printer for it. Options for customizations include different standard sizes such as 2″, 3″, and 4″, or whatever you prefer plus custom material, colors, logo, style, thickness, and many more.

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3DLIRIOUS | 3d selfie figurines

3DLirious is a 3D Scanning, designing, and printing studio located in Dallas that combines art and engineering through cutting-edge technologies. Starting from CAD to digital sculpting, to reverse engineering, they create 3D models from scratch and deliver them to you with love. Additionally, they offer services like 3D scanning for enlargement or reduction, cultural preservation, 3D printed foundry patterns, and more to support artists and museums.



Holodeck is a blend of 3D photography and print studio that creates cute and funny 3D keepsakes of your special moments. Their work for wedding cake toppers is amazing which you can get without even visiting their store, send your favorite pictures and your work is done. Moreover, their personalized Holodeck heads can fit on any LEGO body which is quite impressive for the Lego fans.


3DIFY.ME | 3d selfie figurines

3DIFY.ME offers a full-body 3D figurine to individual customers and the commercial market in New Zealand. Their state-of-the-art digital capturing technology provides them with much more realistic 3D- models of the customers which include their pets too, so if you want the same mini doll of your squirrel, they will get it to you.

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9. My 3D Selfie

My 3D Selfie

My3dselfe design and create 3D personalized figurines and printed miniatures from the normal 2D picture that can be your full body photo, a headshot photograph, or an object. They make a variety of custom figurines from bust sculptures, full body figurines, family portraits, bobblehead statues, and many more that you can choose from, and they do customizations on top of it as per your specific requirements.

10. MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactory | 3d selfie figurines

MyMiniFactory offers digital designs that you can download and 3D print by yourself. They offer thousands of action figures from games to movies to cartoons, you name it and they have it. So, you don’t have to browse or spend hours to make a 3D model of your favorite character as you can easily find them on MyMiniFactory.

This wraps our recommendations for the best 3D selfie figurine websites and we hope that you find them helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, feel free to let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such informative blogs.

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