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How to Fix Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

Epic Game’s Fortnite Chapter 4 stays competitive with its outclass gameplay experience. Riding dirt bikes, rolling in the snow, and using shockwave hammers excite players until the screen freezes. In this article, We will learn about the causes behind this problem and how to fix Fortnite stuck on connecting screen Chapter 4. 

How to Fix Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

How to Fix Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

Further in this article, you will learn in detail about the methods you can implement to fix this issue.

Quick Answer

To fix the error of Fortnite stuck on the connecting screen, reconnect to the internet after restarting the device. If that doesn’t work, update the network drivers as follows:

1. In the Device Manager, right-click on Network adapters.

2. Click on Update driver.

3. Now click on Search automatically for drivers and Restart the PC after the drivers are updated.

Screen getting stuck on Fortnite can be encountered on different consoles and platforms. However, this issue is most commonly experienced on a Windows PC. We have gathered some troubleshooting methods below to help you resolve it. Try out these methods one at a time for effective results.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

There are some basic troubleshooting methods to try out before attempting the advanced ones. Try these easy fixes in the order they are mentioned.

1A. Unmatched Minimum System Requirements

The first thing to ensure is system compatibility with Fortnite to run the game efficiently. Due to regular game updates, your system might lack a few requirements to launch the game without errors. So, make sure the minimum system requirements are met beforehand.

  • The minimum system requirements for CPU are Core i3-3225 3.3 GHz, while Core i5-7300U 3.5 GHz is recommended.
  • The minimum system requirements for RAM are 4GB and recommended is 8GB.
  • The operating system under minimum system requirements is Windows 7/8/10 64-bit. It is the same for recommended as well.
  • The minimum GPU requirements are Intel HD 4000, while Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU is recommended.

1B. Wait for Server Uptime

Another reason this issue is encountered is when the game servers are down or under maintenance due to technicality. In these cases, waiting for server uptime and running the game after some time is advisable. You can check Fortnite servers from the official status page of Epic Games.

Wait for Server Uptime | Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

1C. Troubleshoot Network Issues

Network connectivity on your device can affect Fortnite operations. If your network connection is slow or unstable, you will face issues while playing Fortnite on your Windows computer. If so, you must check our detailed guide on Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems in Windows 10 for more insight on this method.

Troubleshoot Network Issues

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1D. Restart Fortnite

Restarting Fortnite on your PC can also help you significantly fix Fortnite stuck on connecting screen. This connecting error can arise from a random or temporary error causing bugs that can be easily fixed by restarting the game. To do so, you must close the game on your PC. To end the game task, check our guide on How to End Task in Windows 10.

End Task | Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

Once you have closed the game, relaunch it on your device and check if the connecting screen error has been fixed.

1E. Restart Computer

If restarting the game is not of any help in improving the mentioned issue, you can also try restarting your device to fix bugs and glitches in the system. To know more about it, check our guide on 6 Ways to Reboot or Restart a Windows 10 Computer.

Restart Computer

Method 2: Run Fortnite as Administrator

Giving admin privileges to the game can also help you resolve Fortnite being stuck on connecting screen Chapter 4. Doing so will allow the game to use the PC hardware resources properly. You can run the game as an administrator by following the steps below:

1. First, on your desktop, right-click on the Fortnite shortcut.

2. Then, select Properties from the menu.

 Select Properties | Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

3. Open the Compatibility tab and select the box for Run this program as an administrator.

Select the box for Run this program as an administrator

4. Once done, click Apply and OK to save the changes.

Method 3: Update Network Drivers

Outdated network drivers can be the reason for poor network connectivity on the device and ultimately lead to connecting screen stuck in Fortnite Chapter 4. Therefore, you must update the network drivers of your device manually if they cannot update automatically. To learn more about attempting this method, please read our guide on How to Update Network Adapter Drivers on Windows 10.

Update Network Drivers | Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

Method 4: Reinstall Network Drivers

If updating network drivers did not help you resolve the issue, you must reinstall these drivers. Corrupt network adapter files may cause an issue when you play the game on your PC. You can refer to our guide on How to Uninstall and Reinstall Drivers on Windows 10 for more help.

Reinstall Network Drivers

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Method 5: Rollback drivers

In case you started to experience the error after updating the network drivers, you can also rollback the drivers. Users can uninstall the current drivers from the system and reinstall previously installed drivers automatically. Read out our guide on How to Rollback drivers.

Switch to the Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver. | Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

Method 6: Disable VPN and Proxy

Usually, a VPN or a proxy is used to protect your network and data from hackers. These alter your IP address and hide your online activity. However, a VPN or a representative can also cause interruptions and delays to your network. Therefore, you must turn these services off, and for that, please refer to our guide on How to Disable VPN and Proxy on Windows 10.

Disable VPN and Proxy

Method 7: Allow Fortnite through Firewall

Windows Defender Firewall on a Windows computer protects the device from viruses and malware attacks. It also controls specific programs on your system. Therefore, you must ensure that the game is allowed through the Firewall. To know more about how to do it, check our informative guide on Allow or Block Apps through the Windows Firewall.

Allow Fortnite through Firewall | Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

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Method 8: Reinstall Fortnite

Lastly, as a final resort, you can try to uninstall Fortnite on your computer to resolve Fortnite being stuck on connecting screens. This method is usually attempted to eliminate game files that may have turned corrupt due to random bugs and glitches on the platform. To know more about how to reinstall Fortnite, follow the steps given below:

1. Launch the start menu of your PC to open Apps & features.

Open Apps and features

2. In Apps & features, select Fortnite and click on Uninstall.

Click on Uninstall | Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

3. Next, click on Uninstall again.

4. Then, reboot your computer.

5. Once done, visit the Fortnite download page and select the Windows option.

 Select Windows

6. Now, launch the downloaded setup file.

7. Then, choose the destination folder and click the Install button.

Click on Install | Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen

8. Finally, click on the Finish button to complete its installation.

Click on the Finish

Now, log in with your credentials and check if it fixed the error.


Experiencing the frustrating Fortnite stuck on connecting screen error can be disheartening for eager players. However, we have provided the effective methods above to help you resolve this issue. We value your feedback. So, if you have any further suggestions or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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