How to Do Melee Damage to Structures in Fortnite

Learn expert tips to master melee mayhem.

Developed by Epic Games, the Fortnite Battle Royale game entails following a map into which the characters get to navigate individually with 99 other players or collectively as duo or squad. Maybe gamers would agree that melee weapons are considered the prime and preeminent weapons to win any battle in Fortnite. With basic information about the idea of the game and what it involves, let’s learn how to do melee damage to structures in Fortnite. So, keep reading till the end to learn more!

How to Do Melee Damage to Structures in Fortnite

How to Do Melee Damage to Structures in Fortnite

The goal is to reach the center of the map, and in the meantime, you need to acquire weapons and items, steal resources and vehicles, fight against opponent players, and neutralize threats. The last one to survive and stand claims the win. There are two other modes of the game as well: Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite Creative. You will get to know how to melee damage to structures in Fortnite further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Quick Answer

To do melee damage, equip a melee weapon and then strike and damage the structure to gain damage points.

What is Melee Damage in Fortnite?

Melee weapons are available and used in Fortnite. A melee weapon would cause melee damage. That makes sense, right? To get a better clarification about this, we will have to look at what is melee damage in Fortnite.

In the simplest possible terms, melee damage refers to damage dealt by a melee weapon, i.e., a harvesting tool.

  • During Fortnite Royal Battle, melee damage is created when a player attacks and hits an opponent player or NPC (Non-Playing Character) with the pickaxe that each player receives at the beginning of the game.
  • In the short range, both fight and damage come hand in hand. The pickaxe causes around 20 damage.
  • These damages are the ones players deal unarmed and only by swinging the pickaxe near enemies.
  • The melee damage challenge featured in chapter three of the first season of Fortnite involved only using a pickaxe to complete the challenge.
  • Constant and consecutive hits at popular locations may increase the chances of more melee damage.

Fortnite Zero Build | How to Melee Damage to Structures in Fortnite

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How to Do Melee Damage to Structures

There is a quest in Fortnite that requires damage to be done to structures, and that too with the hand, i.e., melee. This is why many users want to learn how to do melee damage to structures in Fortnite.

  • The way to perform this quest is by keeping oneself close to the enemy until one builds a structure. After they have built the structure, the player will have the option to damage the structure.
  • After spotting and finalizing the structure, the player has to equip a melee weapon and use this to strike and damage the structure and gain damage points.
  • The damage point requirement for this quest is 2500, which might not be easy but can easily be achieved with a bit of understanding and effort.

What are Melee Weapons in Fortnite?

A melee is a battle that takes place in close quarters, typically within an arm’s distance. Moreover, it is a scuffle between multiple individuals, i.e., players at the same place performing combat. Likewise, a melee weapon must be a hand weapon. A melee weapon is a tool that allows the player to attack without ammunition, widely used in the fight of 1 vs. 1.

Along with harvesting building materials and gathering resources, these weapons also target to deal damage to enemies and structural presence. At the start of the game, every player gets the basic melee weapon (harvesting tool) in Fortnite. Excitingly, to attract players, Epic Games made sure to release more special melee weapons that are more powerful and can be used to eliminate opponents and threats. These weapons are also customizable and can be bought from the Item shop.

Here is a list of melee weapons that did make inclusion and evolution in Fortnite games:

  • Harvesting Tool – The Harvesting tool is the most basic and default melee weapon that was introduced in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 1 (Chapter 1). It is also known as a Pickaxe. These cannot be dropped but can be changed in variants. It is mostly used to harvest materials while even causing low damage to opponents.
  • Lightsaber – Fortnite collaborated with Star Wars and henceforth the mythic lightsaber was added to the list of melee weapons of Fortnite in the 1st Season (Chapter 2). It was used to damage closely ranged opponents just like any other melee weapon but the damage levels were intense and fast. Every strike had damage and every hit was effective in damage ranging from nearly 40 to 150 damages per hit.
  • Infinity Blade – The Infinity Blade was introduced to Fortnite in its 7th Season (Chapter 1). Being a controversial, loved, and hated melee weapon, this was impeccably powerful but with a flaw to be carried solely without any other item at the time of picking and using the tool. The damage per hit amounts to 75 while healing 1 HP per second.
  • Thor’s Stormbreaker – Thor fans here, huh? Introduced in Season 8 (Chapter 1) exclusively for the Avengers Endgame LTM. This weapon can be thrown to imply greater levels of damage with three modes of attack – swing, launch, and throw. The impulsive destructive capability of this weapon is known for over 600 damages per slam.
  • Kingsman Umbrella– Kingsman was brought by the developers to the Fortnite Battle Royale in Season 2 (Chapter 2). It was enabled to be carried separately with other items as well. The uniqueness of the weapon was the three modes/uses of it – glide and mitigate fall damage, strike back an attack on the opponent while also blocking the incoming attacks on you by opening it when there was a fire attack. It could also be charged for high structural damage and was also used to harvest materials.
  • Shockwave Hammer – From the 4th Season (Chapter 1), the Shockwave hammer (Omega Knight) weapon started to be used to cause damage to nearby structures and attack opponents by slamming the hammer on the ground that sends a shockwave around the character. There is also an Ageless Champion Boss iteration of this hammer, that brings us more evidence of what is a melee weapon in Fortnite.
  • Wolverine’s Claws – For all those single repeated swipe attacks, Wolverine’s claws were added to melee weapons in Season 4 (Chapter 2). The healing range is 2 health per second with a speed boost for more and quick structural damage.
  • She-Hulk’s Fists – Are you not aware of the astounding strength and power of Hulk? Well, the biggie, Fortnite Battle Royale in Season 4 (Chapter 2) introduced She-Hulk’s Fists for repeated and combo attacks with built-in double jump and slam method. This imposed an increase in damages per hit. Other attacks were a leap smash, a powerful leap, and a dodge. Overtime healing outside the storm was also featured. One of the best weapons if someone is looking for how to melee damage to structures in Fortnite.
  • Howler Claw – The Howler claw is an uncategorized melee weapon. This was introduced in the 3rd chapter of Season 4. The claws damage the opponents by swinging in small radii.
  • Mandalorian’s Amban Sniper Rifle – Amban Sniper Rifle is a gun that attacks like a melee weapon brought into Fortnite in Season 5 (Chapter 2), utilized for longer ranges using the weapon at zoom. The melee attack isn’t very effective though but can be performed by not scoping in the rifle.
  • Sideways Scythe – The Sideways Scythe weapon was also enabled in Season 8 (Chapter 2) of Fortnite Battle Royal. This brings one of the easiest and fastest possible hits to opponents and structures. Additionally, it can also be crafted with cube monsters. This weapon has a leap, swing, and dash attack. The number of damages per hit is over 40, and it damages around 90 per second.
  • Basic Sword, Hammer, Torch, and Flag – These are basic utilities and melee weapons that players find in Fortnite Creative. The torch is used as a light source. The user can throw the flag and torch at the opponent for light attack and less damage, acting for defense. The sword and hammer are also used to attack.

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What is It Like Taking Melee Damage in Fortnite?

The quests in Fortnite are not just limited to users to melee damage structures in Fortnite but also to get themselves attacked by their opponents.

  • How you take melee damage in Fortnite is based on the idea that you will be attacked by another player’s pickaxe or harvesting tool when you are on your own character. The NP characters cannot wield melee weapons, so the attack must be made by the opponent player’s character only.
  • For melee damage to be taken, the player must get close to the enemy as soon as they land from the battle bus. Staying in close contact with the opponent player’s character is the only way to initiate a fight and get whacked by the other player.
  • By swinging the pickaxe and causing damage to the opponent, one can try to provoke a fight. In the absence of weapons picked by the enemy, they would have to fight back using a melee weapon, which would result in melee damage.


Fortnite Battle Royale and other iterations continue to offer updated challenges to keep their users engaged and the game fresh and relevant. We hope that with the help of this guide, you were able to learn how to melee damage to structures in Fortnite. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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