How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

The internet has become almost an indispensable tool in life. Social media is what makes using the internet fun and exciting. With the growing popularity of sites like Instagram, people of almost all age groups are joining these platforms. As Instagram has now become more common amongst the masses, just like WhatsApp and Facebook, it is not devoid of scams and frauds. Online scams have become frequent and on a space like Instagram where a person can hide their identity easily, it is rather a piece of cake to deceit someone. If you have been facing issues with an Instagram profile lately, that is posing suspicious behavior, and looking for answers to how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram because of that, then you have landed on the right page. In today’s guide, we bring answers to all your questions including how to track IP address from Instagram, how to track Instagram account IP address, and also on how to get someone’s IP from Instagram. So, let us begin with our detailed guide on tracking Instagram IP addresses right away.

How to Find Someone's IP Address on Instagram

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

Before we move on to other important stuff, it is essential to know about the IP address. An IP address is a unique label that identifies a particular device connected to a network. IP address holds information about a person’s location or device’s location, making the devices available for two-way communications. It also makes it possible to access a lot of other information about a user, including search history, to track websites, current location, and more.

What are the Reasons to Track IP Address from Instagram?

To track someone’s IP address on Instagram is not done for any reason. There are a number of reasons that can trigger this need. Let us look at some of the motives behind this action:

  • To stop blackmail and harassment: As mentioned earlier, people of all types and all age groups can join Instagram thus making it a vulnerable space. While some people like to keep their accounts private, others like to keep them open. Just like genuine accounts, there are people with fake accounts with only one motive and that is hate speech. These accounts can comment or message you on Instagram with a motive to blackmail or harass. If this is the case with you then you can find their IP address and take appropriate action to handle the situation.
  • To stop identity theft and suspicious login attempt: The other reason why it is important to know how to track Instagram account IP address is if you have recently encountered a suspicious login attempt to your account. Also, in the case of a famous personality or an Instagram account, it is possible that your account has been copied or a similar account using your identity is benefitting from you. In such scenarios of identity theft or login activities, you can trace the IP addresses of these accounts and reduce the risk of any further fraudulent activity.
  • Great for business owners: This attempt to know how to get someone’s IP from Instagram is not only important to stop these illegal activities but is also really helpful for people who own businesses. If you are running a business online or are an Instagram entrepreneur, you might find a need to track your customers and sell your goods by advertising. To do this, you need to find an IP address that provides you with the customer’s location, making the marketing process easier. Not just that but you can also know about your customers’ needs and then contact them accordingly.
  • To stop misleading information: Just like it is important to track your customers to promote your business, it is also important to use IP address services to stop any false rumors about your products or business. Using the IP address, you can easily expose the accounts leaving bad or false reviews on your account. You can stop such misleading people by tracking them and thereby, stop them from damaging your and your brand’s reputation.

On posting or commenting on Instagram, all your actions are recorded. Whether you do it transparently or anonymously, being online exposes you. It is extremely easy to find someone’s IP address on sites like Instagram and once you know the information you can easily report or block the suspicious person. There are a few ways and websites that can help you with the same. Let us have a look at some of these Instagram IP address-finder ways:

Method 1: Use Command Prompt

One of the easy ways that you can use in regard to how to track IP address from Instagram is by using the command prompt tool on your system. This method involves chatting with the suspicious Instagram profile in Direct Messages. You can keep the person engaged in a conversation and use the command prompt tool simultaneously using the following steps:

Note: Close all other background apps or chat boxes, if open.

1. First, start a chat with the Instagram profile of whom you want to track the IP address.

2. Now, keep the message window open and make sure that the other person is online.

3. Next, open Windows Search bar and type cmd, then click on Open to launch Command Prompt.

Launch Command Prompt

4. Here, type netstat –an command and hit the Enter key.

Enter netstat an command. How to track IP address from Instagram

5. In the list of IP addresses, look for the IP address of the user.

6. Now, open the browser, type IP address lookup in the search bar, and click on the first link.

Open IP address lookup. How to find someone's IP address on Instagram

7. Enter the IP address that you have found and click on GET IP DETAILS.

Enter the IP address and click on GET IP DETAILS. How to find someone's IP address on Instagram

The results will provide you with the users’ geological location, country, longitude, latitude, connection used by the person, and more.

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Method 2: Use Third-Party Tools

Another method that is widely used to know how to track Instagram account IP address is using third-party tools. These tools act as perfect detectives and let you find the IP address of an Instagram profile harassing you. It allows you to track the location of the Instagram profile with a single click on the link. Tools like Grabify IP logger and Location tracker by iStaunch are one of some famous tools in this category. Once you have downloaded the tool of your choice, it is time to follow the steps given below:

Note: The following steps are possible on Instagram web.

1. Open the Instagram profile on which you want to track the IP address.

2. Now, click on the three dots next to the username.

Click on the three dots. How to find someone's IP address on Instagram

3. Now, copy the URL of the profile.

4. Next, open the third-party tool that you have downloaded.

5. Now, paste the URL link into the bar and click on Generate Tracking URL/QR. A new link will be generated.

Paste the URL and click on Generate Tracking URL QR. How to find someone's IP address on Instagram

6. Now, chat with the same Instagram profile and send them the link asking them to click on it.

7. When the user clicks on the link, refresh the page in the logger website and check the IP address received as a result.

8. In case you want to know more about the IP address, you can follow Method 1 and its steps for extra details on the IP address.

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Method 3: Create Custom IP Grabber

While you can use other IP grabs which are third-party tools, you can also get to know how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram by creating your own IP grabber. For technology geeks, it is easy to create their own IP-grabbing website from the ground up. You can create a dedicated website that will exclusively gather details of IP addresses from internet users. If you are a developer, you can take advantage of free hosting and get a compelling domain. You can personalize your own website to your liking as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I stop my IP address from being tracked?

Ans. You can keep your IP address from being tracked with the help of a proxy or a VPN that conceals your online identity by hiding your IP address.

Q2. Can I track the IP address of a deleted Instagram account?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to track the IP address of a deleted Instagram account.

Q3. Are sites like Grabify legal?

Ans. Yes, third-party tools like Grabify are legal. These tools have a license for conducting IP tracking tasks. Many major companies also use tools like these to find an IP address.

Q4. Can Instagram block me from using sites like Grabify?

Ans. No, Grabify is a licensed site and Instagram cannot block you from using it. However, in case of a faulty URL link, Instagram can block it. These faulty links may include spammers, fake websites, and misspelled URL domains.

Q5. Does the link created by IP logger sites have click restrictions?

Ans. No, there are no click restrictions on the links created by IP logger sites. The links that are created contain standardized domains approved by GDPR. Also, the IP logger sites do not allow spam links, so, there are no restrictions related to them.


We hope that our doc on how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram was helpful in guiding you well. If all your doubts and questions have been answered, please let us know. You can also contact us if you have any other queries or suggestions to give by leaving your comments below.

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