How to Find Out Where Someone Works for Free

People sometimes would want to know how to find out where someone works for free, there can be different reasons why people want to find someone’s workplace. It can be due to that people would like to surprise someone by showing up at their workplace or people can search for someone’s work address because they might need to collect a debt from the person. In any case, manually searching for someone’s work address can be difficult but it does not necessarily need to be difficult, you can now search online to find someone’s address without them knowing People who also wonder how to find out if someone works for a company can find it hard to determine, By Following the guide you can learn more about the techniques that can help you to find someone’s work address free of cost. So, Let’s get started.

How to Find Out Where Someone Works for Free

How to Find Out Where Someone Works for Free

Here we have listed the possible methods to find out someone’s place of employment.

Method 1: Use Search Engines

Search engines are one of the easiest ways for people wondering how to find out where someone works for free since it is easy and can yield results very quickly, performing this is important to know how to find out if someone works for a company.

  • Most search engines may bring random information with the same name and number, it can take some time to sort through all the information at the same time.
  • You can also narrow down the search by providing some extra details such as the person’s address, etc.
  • Some of the search engines you can use are Google, Bing, Safari, Duckduckgo, etc.

duckduckgo homepage

Method 2: Ask Family Members

You can also know how to find out where someone works for free by asking a family member, asking various family members is a good way to confirm the details about someone, if you know a person who is a colleague of the person you are searching for, you can certainly ask them to know about the work address to find someone’s place of employment.

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Method 3: Search on Social Media

Social media websites are the hub where people are mostly connected. It requires more patience when searching via social media as it can be a bit time-consuming. The best place to go for the search is LinkedIn, LinkedIn is the website to search for people working in an office.

LinkedIn is also called a professional social media website; these allow you to search for someone through the platform and get the work details. This method is a free technique and is a viable solution for people wondering how to find out where someone works for free.

You can check for someone’s work experience on the LinkedIn platform and other details. You can also find people’s work addresses on Facebook too, though it is rare for someone to include their workplace and addresses it is worth searching on in case you cannot find info on LinkedIn alone.

searching people through linkedin

Method 4: Use People’s Search Website

With the help of a professional people search tool or website, you can uncover tons of information about a person within seconds. The tool makes it possible by sifting through billions of records and provides personal info, contact details, and employment records and all of these will be accurate and up-to-date. Searching for these records is also absolutely legitimate. Following is a few people search sites to find someone’s place of employment.

Note: Some Governments restrict searching for work addresses or records for performing hiring or other purposes as said in Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA).

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is one of the best people searching websites that are used for background checks. Searching for quick public records not only guarantees you access to basic background info and contacts but also provides you with a person’s criminal history. Also, in-depth details such as marriage licenses, divorce certificates, and child support orders can be found.

1.Go to TruthFinder official website.

2. Enter the full name of the person you are searching for and click on the SEARCH NOW button to conduct an in-depth search of the person.

truthfinder search. How to Find Out Where Someone Works for Free

3. There are also Filter options to filter out effectively, filters such as city and state are present to narrow down the search results.

4. Wait for a few moments for the search to be completed, TruthFinder delivers a full background check and provides the report.

5. Once the report is ready, scroll down on the webpage to view the Job history. Here you can find the details of the person.

6. Details such as a person’s contact info, dating profiles, social media profiles, and criminal and financial records are also available.

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2. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is another website for searching people’s records. You can find a person’s contact information, employment status, and social media details. It helps in gathering all public records in a click.

1. Visit the BeenVerified website.

2. Now, Enter the First name and Last Name of the person and click on SEARCH button to perform the search.


3. In case you are not aware of the person’s name, you can search for them with an Email address or even phone number also.

4. After clicking on the search button, the website asks you to enter the CITY, STATE, enter the info, and click on the Continue button to finish entering the details and generate a report, in case you are not sure of their details then click on I’m not sure link button present just under the interface.

beenverified search. How to Find Out Where Someone Works for Free

5. The website may take a while to generate the report, once complete you’ll be able to see a detailed report about the person on the screen.

6. To find details about the person’s Job, click on the Jobs & Education section present on the left side of the webpage, this will allow you to see the person’s employment details and also work addresses.

3. Spokeo

Spokeo is another great website for performing a background check, it consists of a huge database, and search options include search by name, phone number, Email address, etc.

1. Visit the Spokeo website.

2. Enter the Name of the person you are searching for in the field and click on the SEARCH NOW button.

spokeo homepage

3. To narrow the search results, you can select the location, and you can also add an option to add other details such as age.

4. Wait for a few moments to view all the info about the person you are searching for. Scroll down to the Extra Info section to view details about the workplace.

5. On the Work section will bring up the person’s current work, the report will also consist of past workplaces in which the individual has worked.

Method 5: Perform Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup is a method to find information about someone’s professional background, entering their phone number on the websites mentioned below can be helpful and can bring up info about the person you have wanted.

Sometimes, you can also get detailed information on the website where you can also enter the address and name to get the same information, remember to enter the details carefully to get the results correctly. Here are few reverse phone lookup service to find someone’s place of employment.

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the best phone lookup services available for free, any number can be searched and get the details of a person, sometimes the job mentioned will not be as much detailed but it can reveal the basic work information about the person.

1. Truecaller is used by more than 320 million people to identify people and their work.

2. Truecaller allows for accurate and most protection from telemarketers, spam, etc by giving you information about them

3. Because of this protection, the auto-block feature is turned on in the app. If you are using a Truecaller app, the app will let you block unnecessary calls while searching for the work address of a person.

truecaller homepage

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2. Whitepages

Whitepages offers services that you can use to find someone’s work address, you can even find their address, phone number, and other records. Over 500 million numbers are stored on the website. This allows you to perform free searches and is valuable method for people wondering how to find out where someone works for free.

1. Visit the Whitepages website and click on the Reverse phone present above the search bar.

click reverse phone

2. Type the number and click on Search button to search the records.

enter number and click search

3. Through this you can find the public records and find the person’s work address.

3. AnyWho

AnyWho website helps you to find someone’s work address through a reverse phone lookup. Follow the steps below to perform the search.

1. Visit AnyWho website and navigate to the Reverse Phone Lookup tab.

AnyWho reverse phone lookup

2. Enter the phone number in the Phone(required) box and click on FIND.

3. The website will provide you with the details of the person’s work address.

Method 6: Search Through a Private Investigator (Paid)

A Private Investigator is a licensed investigator who can find out info about someone, they usually tend to work officially which enables them to utilize the industry knowledge that aid in searching for people’s work details. People wondering how to find someone’s place of employment can make use of this method.

You also need to be aware of the fact that wherever you employ a professional private investigator they will perform a search through public records, In addition, they also have the right to share any of the information they found with the local law police for any inquiry.

Getting a local private investigator is easy as one only needs to perform a google search to find a reliable one, keep in mind that a private investigator will cost a lot of money, so decide the amount you are going to pay by reviewing some investigators before hiring one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does the person’s Employment show on the public records?

Ans. Yes, one of the most valuable pieces of info you could able to find in the public records is the person’s job history with previous employers.


We hope the above information or guide on How to Find Out Where Someone Works for Free was helpful and you were able to find the work address of the person you are searching for, let us know which one of the methods worked for you to find someone’s place of employment. If you have any queries or suggestions, then mention them in the comments below.

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