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How to Disable OTG in Android Phone

Do you want to access the files on the USB drive but could not access a PC? To bypass the issue we face daily, we can use the USB OTG or OTG cable. Before we delve into a deeper understanding of the cable, let us get some basic technical understanding. We will learn the answers to all queries regarding OTG in our guide on how to disable OTG in Android phones.

How to Disable OTG in Android Phone

To put the basic functionality of the USB OTG or OTG cable, it transfers files and accesses them on the Phone. Also, when we complete the transfer of files on a USB drive using a PC, we eject it to avoid loss of data. To know more about how to disable it on a smartphone, keep reading the guide.

Quick Answer

To disable OTG in Android use the following steps:

1. Open Battery and device care option in Android Settings.

2. Now, open Storage and finally, tap on three vertical dots to select Unmount.

What is Function of OTG in Android?

The OTG options are usually compatible with various Android devices and other electronic devices, including pen drives, PCs, controls, and cameras. The simple methodology is the major advantage that sets this option apart from other file-sharing options.

The advantages of using the OTG function Android to share and transfer files are:

  • The transfer mechanism is simple (this requires no rooting or a third-party app)
  • The transfer of files is quick.
  • Accessing files on the pen drive can be done instantly.

How to Use OTG Cable on Android Mobile

The OTG cable can be used to access files on the Mobile on any other devices. In this case, you can simply use the Mobile as a host to access the flash drive or connect the Phone and the PC. This avoids the need of requiring Bluetooth or any other file-sharing options.

The various options as answers to the question of how to use OTG cable in Android mobile are listed as follows.

  • Use External Hardware Devices: You can plug a keyboard or mouse into the Phone and use it to access the apps and other settings.
  • File Management: You can access and move data from the USB and external hard drives to your phone’s local storage. This can be done easily using the USB OTG. However, if you want to use the OTG cable, you must connect the Phone and USB drive to two ports on the PC.
  • Data Management: Using the Smart Switch app, you can easily transfer and receive data on your Phone.
  • Connect Electronic Devices: You can connect any professional camera using the OTG cable and transfer the photos directly. In addition to this, you can connect the Phone to the Printer to send the files to print directly.

How to Disable OTG on Android

The major reason to disable OTG in Android devices is to avoid losing essential data and any incomplete transmission on your phone. You can use the following methods to safely disable OTG on your Android device.

Note: As the settings on all phones differ according to the manufacturer, the pictures in the article may not correspond to your Phone’s settings. The article uses a Samsung Galaxy A21s operating on Android 9 OS.

1. Open the Settings app from the home menu.

tap on the Settings app on the menu

2. Tap on the Battery and device care option.

Tap on the Battery and device care option | how to disable OTG in Android

3. Tap on the Storage option in the menu.

Tap on the Storage option in the menu

4. Swipe the screen to reach the USB page and tap on the three vertical dots over the list of media files.

5. Tap on the Unmount option on the menu.

Tap on the Unmount option on the menu | how to disable OTG in Android

6. Remove the USB cable from the slot after the confirmation message is displayed at the bottom.

How Do I Enable OTG on my Android

Enabling the OTG cable or USB OTG on your Android Phone or PC is simple. Understanding the method to connect the phone to a charger is the only requirement to enable the OTG on the Android Phone. You should keep the following point in mind before you make changes to your phone.

  • Check the Compatibility of Android Phone: before enabling the USB OTG, the Android Phone must be compatible and not have any issues. This avoids the possibility of losing data and helps in deciding the right cable for transferring files. For this purpose, you can use the USB OTG Checker Compatible ? app. By connecting various OTG cables to the Android Phone’s micro USB terminal, you can test to see if the cable is suitable.

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How to Connect Mobile to OTG

As explained previously, you can easily connect the USB OTG and OTG cable to the Android Phone by connecting the small USB to the charging port. You can easily connect the mobile to OTG and access files. If there are some minor issues, you can reconnect the mobile as explained as the answer to the question of how to connect the mobile to OTG.

How do I Transfer Files using OTG Cable

Transferring files using the OTG cable can be even simple as you can easily access the files on the Phone on any other electronic device. The answer to the question of how do I transfer files using an OTG cable is explained below.

1. Follow the instruction given earlier to enable the OTG cable on your Android Phone.

2. Connect the USB to the USB port on the PC.

3. Swipe down the screen and tap on the USB charging option.

Swipe down the screen and tap on the USB charging option | how to disable OTG in Android

4. Tap on the Transferring files/Android Auto option in the Use USB for section.

Tap on the Transferring files/ Android Auto option in the Use USB for section

5. Open Windows Explorer using the Windows+ E keys and access the phone storage.

6. Choose the files on specific folders and press the Ctrl+ C keys to copy them.

7. Navigate to the desired location and press the Ctrl+ V keys to paste the copied files.

How to Use OTG Pen Drive on Android Phone

You can use the USB OTG slot to access the files in the pen drive using your Android Phone. This would require you to use the File Management app on the Phone. If the app is not available, you can install the ES File Explorer app from the Play Store.

The answer to the question of how to use the OTG pen drive in an Android phone is explained below.

1. Plug the USB storage into the slot on the USB OTG port.

3. Open the My Files app from the main menu.

Open the My Files app from the main menu | how to disable OTG in Android

4. Access the USB storage and you can check the files on the pen drive.

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What is USB OTG?

The USB OTG can be considered a USB adapter. The full form of OTG is On-The-Go. This is similar to the regular OTG cable used to transfer the files that come along with Android phones. With this generic introduction, we can understand the basic purpose of using the USB OTG or OTG cable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the benefit of using OTG cable?

Ans. Using the OTG cable can yield efficient and faster transfer of files from the Android Phone compared with other file-sharing options.

Q2. Can I add Files using USB OTG to the Android Phone?

Ans. Yes. You can add files from other drives to the Android Phone using the USB OTG port.


We hope that this article on how to disable OTG in Android phones helped you out with all your queries. Kindly spare a few minutes to send your queries and suggestions in the comments section.

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