How to Delete PhonePe Transaction History

PhonePe has emerged as one of the most popular digital payments apps, with over 8 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Also, with more than 200 crore transactions in a month recently, it has helped the users to make secure payments with the help of UPI technology. As users have the option to make payments to whomever they wish, they sometimes also want to delete some of the transaction histories for some reason. The reasons may vary from person to person, but several users’ common intent is to know how to delete the PhonePe history of some payments they don’t want to be on the list. So, in this article, you will get to know how to delete the PhonePe transaction history of selected items and have the history list ready the way you want.

How to Delete PhonePe Transaction History

How to Delete PhonePe Transaction History

The PhonePe transaction histories are saved to keep the tab on the previous payments, which will help users manage future payments more effectively. It may seem helpful, but there are several users who want to get rid of some of the transaction histories for sure. But what is exactly transaction history?

  • The transaction history in the PhonePe app displays the details of amounts transferred and received with other payment details like mobile recharge and various paid bills like electricity or shopping bills.
  • It also shows the failed payments and refund details of every specific transaction.

So, after a brief introduction to transaction history in the PhonePe app, let us move ahead to know how to delete PhonePe transaction history. Read and follow the upcoming steps to do the same.

1. Firstly, login into your PhonePe account with your phone number linked to your bank account.

2. Tap on the History tab from the bottom right corner, as shown below.

tap on History. How to Delete PhonePe Transaction History

3. Choose and tap the transaction you wish to delete from the list.


4. Tap the Contact PhonePe Support option, as depicted below.

Contact PhonePe Support. How to Delete PhonePe Transaction History

5. Now, type and explain the reason for deletion of the history like: I would like to delete this transaction history because…

6. Then, you have to send the typed-out text, which will, in turn, create a new ticket for the said request. The PhonePe support team will contact you within 48 hours for the verification and confirmation of the request. After this, the desired transaction history will get deleted.

This way, you can delete the transaction history from the PhonePe app. You can also delete multiple transaction histories at once by selecting and sending the message for all those transactions to the PhonePe support team.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to delete the PhonePe history of transactions directly?

Ans. No, you can’t delete the PhonePe transaction history directly on PhonePe. According to the RBI guidelines, no one has the right to delete any transaction history on the PhonePe platform directly. You will have to generate a ticket from the PhonePe support team for that request. Then only your request will get verified and confirmed for the deletion process.

Q2. How can I delete specific transaction histories within a specific time frame?

Ans. In the History tab, you will see Month, Categories, and Filters options at the top, as shown below. You can filter out specific completed or failed payments of any sort within a specific time frame by using these options.

tap on history

Q3. How can I just hide the transaction history instead of deleting it?

Ans: You can also hide the transaction history by following the same steps mentioned above. You will just have to write the message for hiding and mention the reason for it as well. The new ticket will get raised for the hiding request, and the PhonePe support team will get in touch with you shortly.

Q4. How to clear PhonePe history for pending transactions?

Ans: No, you can only delete the histories of completed transactions. You will only be able to delete the history of a specific transaction after it gets completed successfully.


Now you have learned how to delete PhonePe transaction history. We hope you were able to clear the PhonePe history as you desired with the help of the steps mentioned in this article. Drop any queries or suggestions in the comments section below for us to know.

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