How to Decode iPhone Analytics Data

When you talk about smartphone innovation, iPhone will be in the top 5 brands in the world. iPhone has always stood top with its amazing iOS operating system along with the best hardware. iPhone indeed provides top-class built-in security and protection. Furthermore, iPhones generate less heat and do not consist of bloatware when compared to other phones. Also, iPhone analytics can be simple and understandable for everyone, which again makes it the best phone to use. iPhone analytics include hardware and software like data, specifications, and performance of your device. Here your personal data is not shown as per privacy guidelines. So, if you have any doubts about how to read iPhone analytics data, keep reading further. This article will provide you answer to this query with the procedures for how to decode iPhone analytics data.

How to Decode iPhone Analytics Data

How to Decode iPhone Analytics Data

You can read and decode iPhone analytics data on the Analytics & Improvements menu from iPhone settings. Read this article till the end to learn the steps demonstrating the same in detailed manner using the pictures for better understanding.

What is Phone Analytics on iPhone?

Phone analytics on iPhone include the details about hardware and software system, performance specifications, statistics, and data. So, basically it indicates how you use your iPhone device.

Can iPhone Analytics Data be Erased?

Yes, iPhone Analytics data can be erased by syncing iTunes with your phone.

What is a Watchdog on iPhone Analytics?

In iPhones, the operating system uses a watchdog to keep track of the performance and overloading or overheating issues with apps. When an app is overheating or using excess memory on your iPhone device, the Watchdog Termination occurs, and it terminates or kills the app.

What is Jetsam in iPhone Analytics?

Jetsam event in iPhone occurs when there’s a lot of data flushing onto your device i.e. when your memory processor is full. To control the flow, Jetsam asks users to delete data from the phone. This process usually occurs when your device is overloaded with browser cookies or ads or any app that downloads too much data.

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What are Aggregated Diskwrites on iPhone?

Aggregated Diskwrites means the abstraction of two or more logical volumes or hard disks into a single logical disk. This slows up the device as it cannot write simultaneously from multiple sources.

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is an app for iOS and Android devices with which you can get constant updates to your content and courses. Also, it allows your to take assignments and tests and see the grades for the same.

Blackboard app for Android on Play Store

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What is Microstackshots?

Microstackshots is a command aggregate or method that captures a stock shot of an executing process.

What are Stacks Routined on iPhone?

Stacks basically allow relocating the apps on the mobile. iPhones which are jailbroken or hacked will have add-ons like stacks.

How Do I Read iPhone Data on Analytics? How Do I Read Analytics Data?

You can check the analytics of your iPhone by following the given steps.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

Open Settings on your iPhone

2. Tap on the Privacy option from the list.

Privacy option iPhone Settings

3. Tap on Analytics & Improvements

Tap on Analytics & Improvements

4. Tap on Analytics Data.

Tap on Analytics Data

5. Here, you can read your iPhone data analytics consisting of the information about the performance statistics with the hardware and software specifications.

iPhone data analytics

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How to Decode iPhone Analytics Data?

You can decode iPhone Analytics data on your phone by following these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Then, tap on Privacy.

Privacy option iPhone Settings

3. Again, swipe down and tap on Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data.

Tap on Analytics Data

4. The analytics data is divided into two different parts: XML file and JSON file. This collected information is sent to analyze the various performance issues of your iPhone.

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How Do I Find the Hidden Menu on My iPhone?

The hidden menu on iPhones is basically a combination of numerical and special character codes which are used to call some actions. There are a number of codes or shortcuts to use this, for example:

  • A field text menu that enables to display of information regarding the phone, like network connections, IP address of mobile, etc. The code used for that is *3001#12345#*
  • For a call like presentation, dial *30# 
  • To know IMEI, an abbreviated version of International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, dial  *#06#
  • Similarly, for call forwarding, dial *21#, and hide caller ID, dial *31#.

How Do I Trigger Sysdiagnose on My iPhone?

Sysdiagnose is a facility in iPhone with which you can find system diagnoses. It includes information about logging from different services and reports on the state of systems. You can view sysdiagnose on your iPhone by following these steps:

1. Press and hold the Power + Volume up + Volume down buttons together for half a second.

2. Now, wait for a few minutes and then launch the iPhone Settings.

3. Tap on Privacy > Analytics & Improvements.

Tap on Analytics & Improvements

4. Then, tap on Analytics Data.

5. Swipe down to locate and tap on the sysdiagnose log file.

Swipe down to locate and tap on the sysdiagnose log file


We hope that you learned about how to decode iPhone analytics data. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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  1. I see that you can learn to decode but what benefit would it actually provide? Would it show you who may hv hacked your phone and when? Would it provide some proof? My ex has hacked my phone so many times it’s unreal.
    With my current number he has never had access to the phone but think he hired a digital hacker. What can I ask for for frog?
    His URL addresses?
    He had $- can pay for anything but trying to minimize my lawyer fee by asking very direct questions that hv a yes or no answer. Please help.
    Thank you!😀

    1. Obviously didn’t mean for 🐸! I meant What can u ask his lawyer to provide us with? All phone numbers he has initiated in the past 3 years? His phone records?
      He paired his phone to my Alexa. Didn’t realized until I lost my phone so had Alexa call to find it & another # popped up!

  2. Avatar photo
    Deanna D. Rockhold

    I had to purchase a new iPhone because I was not smart and allowed my X to “help” me with not being able to access a Bluetooth connection, which later I realized that he was tracking my every move, so I ditched that iPhone and got a new one but my daughter just insisted on moving everything over from my old iPhone. So now maybe I’m just paranoid but I keep having important things disappearing from emails and text messages and other people are being blocked that I didn’t do.
    I had some analytics data that kept mentioning shared memory and shared other items that seemed suspicious but now the analytics data is no longer available for me to show to anyone who can evaluate it.
    Is there any way to recover this information?
    How can I know if something was transferred over from my old phone?
    I feel trapped and don’t even feel safe or like I can make a phone call or even text anyone. Where can I get my phone checked out?
    Thank you for any help you can give to me, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I’m sure I’m not the only female that’s going through something like this.

    1. You’re not the only *person going through something like this. I had a PI company digitally attack me for several years and invade my privacy illegally. Only reason I didn’t go after them is because I wanted to save my marriage.

      1. Alan, I think I’m going through this as well and don’t know where to turn for help. Please let me know what you did so that I may discover the actual proof of such data breach on my end. Thank you

        1. Avatar photo
          Tabitha Edmondson

          I need to know if someone hacked your iPhone can they make fb accounts calendar dates save their number and birthdays address and more

    2. Yes if you transfer everything from 1 phone to the other. So goes with it the hidden tracking file called stalker ware
      Some can never even be removed. You need to get new device then new Apple ID and start from scratch. DONT ever transfer from 1 phone to the other of u think there’s any tracking anything on ur device as most attach to other applications and hide

      1. Oh I thought that’s what was happening! It’s just so frustrating! Anyone else who is going through this look up and they have information on how to go about getting it reported either through them or to a joint task website but any financial theft or identity theft can be reported to or or maybe it was also gov. I need another phone so I can get my stuff reported!

  3. I believe actually I know someone is spying on me via iPhone. Not sure if it’s my sister or my daughter yet they don’t get along and haven’t for some time. Yet both are extremely controlling and both have done similar sneaky border line criminal behavior towards me. They both have lots of money, where I do not. They helped in stealing what was mine. Anyway tell me how I can have my privacy belong to me only. Thank you so so much.

  4. I have all the issues above and more I also suffer from anxiety so I always just shut off my phone. That only seems to make it worse once it’s back on . Idk what to do thanks Cj

    1. Avatar photo
      Beautiful Disaster

      I am the same way! I am overwhelmed and so sick and tired of hearing your iPhone or iCloud can’t be hacked. Even when I took a pic of his iCloud account attached to mine, while I was trying to back up my iCloud to a flash drive, I clicked on Photos and his iCloud account came up! I know who this hacker is,he is someone I know from social media, the Apple geniuses know, Apple support knows, law-enforcement knows, FBI knows, and now I might as well just burned $1500 because when I purchased my iPhone 14 promax, four days ago, it literally is worse than my iPhone 11 now!!

      1. Did u transfer your data from 1 divice to the other? If so yep. You can try factory restoring and starting from scratch new Apple ID new email always have location turned off unless needed and chk for if your sharing info with contacts. Also inform your self with monitoring your child apps as that’s how they get into your accounts and track you

      2. I hope you will see this soon but under SETTINGS >Privacy & Security >Safety Check.
        This is a fairly new feature that will take you through your settings and let you know what you’re sharing with others and gives you the option to make changes as it takes you through the process.
        I believe it also suggests that you change your passwords just in case they have been compromised. I hope this helps you.

  5. Avatar photo
    Beautiful Disaster

    I just bought a Apple iPhone 14 on 1/16/2023 I have 15 backboardd.wakeup_resource files and 22 in one day1/20/2023 Reset-Counter ~that stops my phone from hard retting~ file on my Analytic Data file! I have more nefarious files on my brand new phone than the days I have owned it! Apple doesn’t care, I shouldn’t even be hearing the words factory resetting the phone or erasing it again, after doing that weekly on my iPhone 13 for 7~yes 7 months only to have everyone think I was crazy. My beautiful iPhone 14 ProMax was so awesome for 36 hours and now it’s a $1,500 paper weight! I listened to Apple Support, the Genius employees, TMobile, changed my phone number twice in one week and it didn’t help. I HAVE 22 RESET-COUNTER-2023 ~~FILES ON MY PHONE JUST FROM TODAY 1/20/2023!!!~~~ 22~~~IN ONE DAY! My phone isn’t even a week old and it’s destroyed by a 400 pound baby that has nothing to do but make people miserable and he knows the law, FBI, APPLE isn’t going to do a damn thing about it!

    1. I HAVE RESET-COUNTER TOO! One day i did 25 resets!!! Didn’t do anything. My dns keeps getting rerouted! Can we please sue ! They are part of the problem ! Is he com NYC? Because this sounds very close to home !

    2. So do I with my new iPhone but some are from Apple themselves as they are going up against cases in Europe for tracking customers them selves

  6. The exact same thing is happening to both me and my husband. This has been going since 2016 when apple id’s were make in both of our names. The authorities have everything but do NOTHING!! How do I take care of this…I just want it over!!

  7. I feel this article is misleading. You have shown readers where to FIND the analytics data but read as is, those files will further confuse people and many of the cryptic terms will make them THINK they’ve been hacked.

    One needs to download the correct symbolication file for the phone from Apple Developer together with the program, both of which I believe are only available to registered devs, in order to “decode” analytics data.

    Without referring to the proper tools and know-how, this article just encourages people to find bogeymen where 98% of the time there are none.

    1. I totally agree with the gentleman above. Although this was very informative and I benefited greatly from a lot of information that I needed to know, I still felt misled.
      I searched google and pressed for ‘learn how to decode your data’ and was shown what things meant and where things were. Honestly, I appreciated that, yet when I get to the actual screen of gibberish,, I felt abandoned and unanswered.
      I’m still in process of exploring those Apples secrets , maybe they are the answer? (It’s cool, I’m glad to know alittle bit more).
      Thanks again for the discussion

  8. You are not paranoid. If you think something is off it is. Don’t listen to the BS lies. True, apple analytics are confusing and will drive you crazy. But keep doing it. Clear your website and data history multiple times a day and run the app report. Document Everything! Look for patterns and random reports. Com.Apple. Are managed bundled apps. 2019- 2023 was a free for all, many back door issues from the apps and to much personal data access. So many vulnerabilities, patches were not a priority. Your device is probably being managed MDM. Enterprise, Azure, Intune F…G nightmare!!! The adversary has access to your life through iCloud and your Apple ID and controls everything. Rouge Adversaries – Windows Microsoft Google Apple all working together with no oversight with electronic certifications!!! All this malicious activity will lead to bigger issues such as fraud, identity theft and browser redirects. Trust me, I am living this nightmare out.

  9. I’ve been dealing with this same issue for years across Apple devices and different platforms. My iPhone has Mac, Android, Edge & Microsoft files, other users, a profile that only shows up preventing some action, unknown parent launching commands, settings with no apps, apps with no settings, data being migrated who knows where. Files deleted, searches redirected, Alexa app mysteriously showed up. The worst is a duet file that allows someone else to see & hear everything I do on my iPhone and computer. I have never once used Siri EVER yet dozens of Siri Feedback searches in Analytics. I have thousands of screenshots & videos and no one to show them to. All of my accounts hacked including FB & LI. There’s no help or resources. Resets worthless, Genesis Bar not helpful. Law Enforcement not helpful. I say lawsuit!!!

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