What Does Disable and Download Messages Mean in iCloud?

iPhone has one of the most sophisticated and seamless messaging software for users to use on their phones. iMessage, coupled with iCloud, creates the most comfortable and streamlined interface for transferring messages, documents, and data. Today, we shall delve deeper into what does disable and download messages mean on iCloud. You might also have questions in your mind, like does iCloud save deleted text messages? You will get an answer to this question and also learn how to iCloud backup texts and disable and delete messages in iCloud.

What Does Disable and Download Messages Mean on iCloud?

What Does Disable and Download Messages Mean in iCloud?

Read this article till the end to learn what does disable and download messages mean in iCloud in detail.

What is Messages in iCloud?

Enabling messages on iCloud allows Apple’s cloud storage to house all your message history and data, updating it concurrently on all your devices. It allows all your attachments to be stored safely and securely on your iCloud. Thus, allowing you to modify the parameters of your iMessage and delete content nonchalantly.

Messages on iCloud

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Does iCloud Backup Texts?

Yes, iCloud backups texts if your messages are enabled on iCloud.

Should You Store Messages in iCloud?

Yes, storing messages on iCloud is very expedient as you can house all your important data in a secure space. While, you can effortlessly alter and tweak parameters on your iMessage app, without worrying about any sensitive or valuable information being deleted.

What Does it Mean to Disable and Delete Messages in iCloud?

What does disable and download messages mean? Disable and delete messages will save all your messages saved on iCloud across all your devices.

Do Messages Stay in iCloud If Deleted From Phone?

Yes, messages will be securely stored in iCloud as long as you don’t expend all the storage.

What Happens If You Disable Messages in iCloud?

Disabling messages on iCloud will save your messaging data in iCloud backup.

Does iCloud Save Text Messages?

Yes, iCloud saves text messages once messages are enabled.

What Does it Mean When iPhone Says Downloading Messages From iCloud?

It means that the phone is collecting your messaging data from iCloud.

What Does Disable and Download Messages Mean on iPhone?

Disable and download messages induces your phone to discontinue its iCloud backup storage syncing and download messages to the local iPhone storage. To learn more about it, read and follow our guide on How to See Blocked Messages on iPhone.

Tap on Disable and Download Messages | iCloud save deleted text messages

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Do Deleted iMessages go to iCloud?

Yes, messages are continually saved on iCloud if Messages is enabled and you can download your data to recover any important message or content you may have deleted.

Does iCloud Save Deleted Text Messages?

Yes, messages are saved continuously on iCloud. You can recover now deleted messages from iCloud backup.

What Happens If You Disable and Download Messages on iPhone?

Messages are automatically downloaded from your iCloud onto your device once you disable and download messages on your iPhone.

What Happens If You Disable Messages in iCloud?

When you disable messages in iCloud, the messages will be stored in a separate iCloud. You can disable it for one or all the devices linked with the same Apple ID.


We hope that you learned about what does disable and download messages mean in iCloud. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

2 thoughts on “What Does Disable and Download Messages Mean in iCloud?”

  1. Avatar photo
    Gae Lynn Brockman

    So question – if I have a iPhone SE 1st generation that I am needing to transfer all data including messages (what to have the old text messages) show up on the newer phone which will be an iPhone SE 2nd generation. Do I need to do any with the disable and download messages or leave messages toggled on for my backup? The phone I am transferring to is allowing me to lay them side by side to transfer. Can you please advise?

  2. Avatar photo
    Aurea Maldonado

    If my iCloud has messages A, and B. And my iPhone has message A, B, C, D, E. (This is probably because iCloud was short on storage.) If I Disable and download messages, then will my iPhone have A, B, C, D, E after, or will it have A, B? Just want to make sure disable and download only downloads, and doesn’t sync.

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