How to Add Maki Bot on Discord

It's your new flavorful Maki recipie with moderation and customization wrapped in Discord!

Discord hosts numerous communities, where members actively interact with each other on the platform. While servers primarily focus on entertainment, moderation becomes highly important to maintain a sense of balance and avoid any form of chaos. In such situations, having the right bot by your side, like the Maki bot can truly make all the difference. Well, that said, in today’s article, we will explain to you, how to add the Maki bot on Discord. Get ready to welcome your new companion!

How to Add Maki Bot on Discord

How to Add the Discord Maki Bot

Maki is a versatile Discord bot that offers a wide range of features including levels, moderation, welcome messages, music, logos, and more to uplift the server to sky heights. Later in this article, we will learn more about the functions and features of the Maki bot, but first, let’s add it.

Note: Make sure you’re already signed in to Discord.

1. Launch Maki’s official website on any browser.

2. Click on Add to Discord.

Click on Add to Discord

3. From the drop-down menu under ADD TO SERVER, select the one to which you want to add the bot, and click on Continue

4. Click on Authorise to allow the required permissions.

Click on Authorise to allow the required permissions.

5. Verify the I am human captcha.

6. Click on Login, followed by Authorise.

7. Now, open Discord and check if the Maki bot has been added to the server.

8. In the welcome message, click on dashboard.

In the welcome message, click on dashboard.

9. Now, click on the Visit site option.

This will redirect you to the Maki website, where you can verify and change the settings. Once done, you can use it.

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What Does the Maki Bot Do in Discord? Features and Functions

Maki is a multi-purpose Discord bot that provides several features for your server. Additionally, it offers a Premium version (Monthly and Yearly plan) with additional features such as invite tracking, reaction roles, and more.

Maki Bot Premium Version

Here are some of the functions of the bot:

  • Maki provides moderation tools such as mute, warning systems, and kick commands to help keep order in your server.
  • You get multiple entertaining commands including memes, trivia, and mini-games to keep its users engaged.
  • Server owners and admins can customize the bot and tailor the commands according to their preferences and needs.
  • You can also customize Maki’s welcome messages to make new members feel welcome or to inform them about your server rules.
  • Maki can be used for utility purposes, such as getting user information, weather updates, etc.
  • Its levels system rewards members for their activity in your server and lets them compete for a spot on the leaderboard.
  • Maki bot can protect the server against raiders and bots with its protection feature.
  • It is available in over 20 languages and has an intuitive dashboard for easy management.

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Is the Maki Discord Bot Safe?

Is the Maki Discord Bot Safe

Safety always remains a query when adding bots to your Discord server. Here are a few reasons why the Maki bot is safe:

  • Wellversed: Maki has gone through several tests and intense training under Discord to ensure it is safe for all servers and is compliant with Discord’s terms and conditions.
  • Frequent updates: To ensure no complaints are raised about the interface, Maki’s developers offer regular updates to ensure that no complaints are raised about the interface.
  • No harmful purpose: Maki is created to help enhance a user’s server and experience. So, there is no intent to harm or even compromise the security.

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What are Some Maki Commands to Know?

Maki offers a full list of commands that you can use to interact with it and other members on the server, including leveling, economy, fun, information, music, social commands, statistics, and more. Here are some of the widely used ones:

  • /connect: Let Maki connect to a voice channel.
  • /language: Change the language of the bot.
  • /say message: Let Maki send a message.
  • /protection: Let Maki protect your server against raiders and bots.
  • /inspire: Display an inspirational quote generated by an AI.
  • /play: Play or queue a song.

Maki Bot Play command

  • /queue: Display the queued songs.
  • /playing: Check what song is currently playing.
  • /pause: Pause the music.
  • /resume: Resume the music.
  • /profile user: Check your profile or the profile of someone else.
  • /rank user: Check your rank or the rank of someone else.
  • /leaderboard type: Display the server leaderboard.
  • /osu user: Osu! statistics and information.
  • /shorten short url: Create a short link for a longer URL.
  • /wouldyourather: Answer a “would you rather” question with your friends.
  • /ping: Check the bot’s response time.

Please note that the availability and functionality of commands may vary depending on the specific server’s configuration and the version of the Maki bot being used. You can check the full list of commands on the Maki Bot Commands page.

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We hope our guide helped you add the Maki bot to your Discord server. Feel free to leave any queries and comments in the comment section below. Stay tuned to TechCult to learn about more such bots.

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