How to Use Raid Helper Bot in Discord

Say hello to better coordination and strategy with this Discord bot!

The popularity of Discord bots has been surging among its users, thanks to their diverse range of capabilities to ease the tasks of server administrators. One such bot is the Raid-Helper bot, which helps you to seamlessly organize and manage events on the platform. Continue reading this comprehensive guide to learn how to use the Raid-Helper bot in Discord.

How To Use Raid Helper Bot in Discord

How to Use Raid Helper Bot in Discord

Raid Server admins can benefit from the Raid-Helper Discord bot as it offers an easy method to plan and run events for your community. This bot simplifies the process and raises user involvement whether you’re organizing gaming raids, planning events, or setting meetups. But how can you use it? Well, you can use it for event creation, RSVP tracking, automated notifications, and much more. Let’s see how!

As with any other Discord bot, you need to add the Raid-Helper bot to your Discord server to access its functionality. To do this, just invite it to your server and give it the necessary permissions. Follow the steps given below to do the same.

1. Head on to the official page of the Raid-Helper bot (hosted by in a browser.

2. Click on Invite.

Click on Invite

Note: Now, you will be redirected to Discord. Make sure you are signed in with the correct account to proceed.

3. Under Add to Server, click on the drop-down menu and select the server where you want to add the bot.

4. Click on Continue.

Note: The necessary permissions that the bot requires will be automatically checked. In this step, you can uncheck the boxes next to any permission that you do not want it to have.

5. Finally, click on Authorize and complete the captcha verification process.

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How Do I Set Up a Raid Helper Bot in Discord

Now that the bot is invited to the server, follow the steps given below to get it up and running.

1. Go to your Discord messages.

Open the Discord desktop app and click on the Direct Messages icon | raid helper discord

2. Open the Raid-Helper Bot chat.

3. Follow the instructions given by the bot in the chat. First, set a time zone by clicking on Timezone Setup.

4. To create an event, use the command /create.

Note: The following are some useful commands of the Raid-Helper bot.

  • /create: To create a new event.
  • /overview: To show all upcoming events on the server.
  • /print: To print all existing events or a specific event to a CSV (Comma separated values) file.
  • /reactionrole buttons: To assign people specific roles when they click a button on the message.

For more commands, visit the official documentation page of the Raid-Helper bot.

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What is Raid Helper Discord?

The Raid-Helper bot is a powerful calendar bot for Discord that helps server owners and managers manage events and raids on the platform. As of now, the Raid-Helper bot is being used in about 175,204 Discord servers. The most popular niche where this bot is used is gaming and event management servers. Here is a list of functions of the bot:

  • Creating events (both one-time and recurring).
  • Displaying planned events to all Discord members.
  • Allowing members to register for an event (RSVP).
  • Create polls to gather members’ opinions about a certain matter.
  • Manages time zones which is especially useful when the server has people from different time zones.
  • Creating reminders.
  • Archiving, logging, and supporting multi-language.

The bot has a free version as well as a premium version. The premium version offers members to access custom templates, which can be used to customize an event’s registration options. On the contrary, the free version sets up a template with default sign-in options after getting answers to some questions from you. The following are a few notable features of Raid-Helper premium.

  • Automatically archiving events.
  • Sending user-specific and customized reminders of an event.
  • Customizing templates and sign-up options for an event.
  • Creating an overview of all planned events in your server updated real-time.

We hope that this guide has helped you learn how to use the Raid-Helper bot in Discord. Don’t forget to check out the list of Raid helper commands used to create and manage events in a server. Keep visiting our site for more cool tips, tricks, and information. Also, leave your valuable suggestions in the comments section below.

List of Raid Helper Bot Commands

The following is the list of different raid helper bot commands:

Bot Command


/welcome set Enter the welcome message
/welcome reset Resets the settings
/welcome show Show the currently set welcome message
/embed create Create a new embed message
/embed show Show an overview of your saved embeds
/reactionrole reactions Roles are given when a member reacts to the message
/reactionrole buttons Roles are given when a member clicks a button on a message
/reactionrole dropdown Roles are given when a member selects from dropdown menu
/timer create Set the title emote for this template
/timer overview Show all the timers in your server
/item Search for TBC and Classic WoW items
/roll Roll the dice
/dkp show Show the dkp list for your server
/dkp add Add a short amount of dkp to the target selection
/dkp set Set the dkp of the target selection to the specified value
/dkp split Split a dkp value evenly among the target selection
/dkp multiply Multiply the dkp of the target selection with the specified value.
/create Start a new event
/quickcreate Create a single event with single command
/quickcreate_from_imprint Create an event based on saved imprint
/edit event Edit the properties of an event
/edit schedule Edit the properties of a scheduled event
/close Close an event
/open Open closed event
/add Add a member to an event
/remove Remove a member from an event
/move Move the specified event to the current channel
/copy event Copy an event to the current channel
/copy signups Copy Sign-Ups from one event to another
/recover event Recover a deleted event
/recover reactions Recover missing reactions of a missing event
/delete Delete events
/signed list List the Sign-Ups of an event
/signed message Send a message to the members who are signed for an event
/unsigned list List members that are not signed for this event
/unsigned message Send a message to a member that is not signed for this event
/attendance Fetch attendance statistics of your servers events
/export Export events to a CSV file.
/verify Verify your premium code
/reminders Set your personal event reminders
/schedules Show an overview of scheduled events
/mirror Mirror an event
/custom title Set the title emote of this template
/custom classes Set the classes of this template
/custom specs Set specs to choose from
/custom roles Set a role and which classes/specs t count towards it
/custom show Show the current setup of custom template
/custom export Export a saved template
/custom import Import a saved template
/custom remove Remove one of the saved template
/custom reset Reset a custom template
/overview server Show the overview of upcoming events in the current server
/overview personal Show the overview of the upcoming events you are signed for
/settings show Show the current settings
/settings language set Set the bot language
/settings timezone set Set the Bot’s timezone
/settings manager_role set Set manager role
/settings assistant_role set Set assistant role
/settings raider_roles set Set the raider roles
/settings leader_channel set Set the leader channel
/settings logging_channel set Set the logging channel
/settings notification_channel set Set the notification channel
/settings dkp_channel set Set the dkp channel
/settings archive_channel set Set the archive channel
/settings archive_time set Set the archive time
/settings remove_reaction set Set the reaction behavior
/settings date_format set Set the date format
/advanced show Show the current advanced settings
/advanced set Set the advanced settings
/advanced reset Reset the advanced settings

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