How to Add and Use Yggdrasil Discord Bot

Explore Yggdrasil bot functionalities to elevate your server engagement.

Discord offers various bots for different users and servers. If you’re seeking to enhance your server with enjoyable activities and fresh content, you can consider Yggdrasil. This bot offers games and interactions that engage every user. It also facilitates interactions with others, ensuring you have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Are you curious about how to add and use the Yggdrasil Discord bot with its commands? If so, continue reading the article to learn more.

How to Add and Use Yggdrasil Discord Bot

How to Add and Use Yggdrasil Discord Bot

The Yggdrasil bot on Discord is designed for enjoyment, offering various commands to enhance every user’s experience on the server where it’s used. It allows Discord members to participate in entertaining activities like games, pranks, and sounds.

Now, let’s see how to add and use this bot on your Discord servers:

Step I: Add Yggdrasil Bot to Discord

You can easily set up the Yggdrasil bot on Discord by following the upcoming steps:

1. Visit the Yggdrasil Discord Bot website on your PC browser.

2. Click on ADD TO DISCORD.


3. Enter your Discord account credentials and click on Log In.

Note: After logging in, Yggdrasil bot will need access to your Discord account.

Enter your Email ID and Password and click on Log In button.

4. Select the desired server from the ADD TO SERVER: field to which you want to add this bot.

5. Click on Continue to proceed.

Click Continue to proceed.

6. Scroll down and click on Authorize.

Make sure all options are ticked and scroll down and click on Authorize.

7. Complete the captcha process to proceed and add this bot successfully to your server.

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Step II: Use Yggdrasil Bot with Commands

When the Yggdrasil bot is invited to your server, you can use the command –userphone on any channel within the server. This command will help you automatically connect with a random user from another server.

Other commands are:

  • –speakerphone – Chat with random users all over Discord!
  • –eyephone – :eyes:
  • –flipphone – Flips your conversation!
  • –scramblephone – Chat with random users, but scrambled!
  • –hangup – Hangup the phone

Let’s explore more of the fascinating commands you can use on Discord to maximize your experience with the Yggdrasil bot!

1. Yggdrasil Bot: Animals Commands

  • –bird – random bir
  • –cat – random cat
  • –dog – random dog
  • –fox – random fox
  • –snake – random snake
  • –panda – random panda

2. Yggdrasil Bot: Soundboard Commands on Discord

  • –tts – text to speech
  • –airhorn
  • –brainpower
  • –cena
  • –cheer
  • –cricket
  • –dancemoves
  • –doof
  • –fakeping
  • –fakeerror
  • –granddad
  • –heyall
  • –jenkins
  • –heyguys
  • –oof
  • –knocking
  • –vsauce
  • –trombone
  • –wasted

3. Yggdrasil Bot: Fun Discord Commands

  • –choose … – make a decision
  • –8ball – ask the magic 8ball!
  • -fiction – infinite fictional database
  • -friendscore @user1 @user2 – friend compatibility score
  • –fortune – shows your fortune
  • –icecream [user] – makes your personal ice cream cone
  • –joke – random joke
  • –meme – random meme
  • –pokefusion – shows a random pokefusion
  • –quote OR <@user> – grabs or creates a quote
  • –rip – makes a tombstone
  • –roll – rolls dice
  • –ship [second] – matchmaking!
  • –spoilers – hides spoiler text
  • –toast – makes some toast
  • –useless – link to a useless website
  • –wanted – makes a wanted poster

4. Yggdrasil Bot: General Commands on Discord

  • –about – bot info
  • –avatar [user] – show user’s avatar
  • –credits – bot credits
  • –donate – donate to support the bot
  • –invite – add ygg to your server
  • –ping – checks the bot’s latency
  • –serverinfo – shows server info
  • –userinfo [user] – shows user info

5. Yggdrasil Bot: Games Commands

  • –darts [guess] – play darts
  • –deathbattle @user1 @user2 – Death Battle!
  • –race – race car!
  • –fidgetspinner [type] – spins a fidget spinner

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This article has guided you on how to use the Yggdrasil Discord bot after adding it to your server. Now you’re prepared with the knowledge to make the most out of its features. Feel free to drop a comment below with your thoughts, questions, or any tips you might have discovered. See you in the next article!

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