How to Use Bongo Discord Bot: Your Rhythm Maestro

Bring rhythm, joy, and functionality to your online community on Discord!

Wouldn’t you want to add a flair of music, fun, and functionality to your Discord server? Meet Bongo! The bot is designed to serve exciting and interactive features with the toppings of entertainment. With over 300 commands and 70,000 characters, the meme and music bot allows you to engage with your community, play games, moderate discussions and enjoy various entertainment commands. In today’s article, let us see how to add and use the Bongo bot to Discord. 

How To Use Bongo Discord Bot

How to Add Bongo Bot to Discord

Whether you’re a server owner, a moderator, or just a curious user, if you want to enhance the experience on your Discord server, using a bot is one of the best options. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Enable Permission to Manage Server

To include a bot in your Discord server, your user account must have permission to Manage the Server. If you are not the admin, ask them to give you the permission.

1. Open Discord and select the server you want to add a bot to in the sidebar to the left.

2. Click the downward pointing arrow and choose Server Settings.

3. On the Server Overview page that opens, in the sidebar to the left, choose Roles.

On the Server Overview page that opens, in the sidebar to the left, choose Roles

4. Select the user role that you’d like to give permission to add bots.

5. In the Permissions tab, turn on the Manage Server option.

In the Permissions tab, turn on the Manage Server option

Step 2: Add the bot to the server

Now follow the steps below to add the Bongo bot to Discord:

1. Launch the website for Bongo bot. 

2. Use your Discord credentials to sign up.

3. Select the server that you want to invite the bot to.

Select the server that you want to invite the bot to

4. Grant the required permissions to the bot and click on Authorize.

5. Now open Discord and navigate to the server to which the bot is added.

Once, Bongo is added type / in the chat to see the list of available commands.

6. In the chat, type /  to see the list of available commands. Find the one you want to use.

7. Type the command in the chat and press enter key to execute it.

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How to Play Music with Bongo Bot

Bongo Bot also provides a music-playing feature. Follow the steps below to play some tunes with it on your server:

1. You must join a Voice Channel.

2. In the Text Channel, enter followed by the song’s name.

3. You can also enter a URL of the supported platform instead of a song name.

4. To skip any music, you can use b.skip and loop. You can use the b.loop command.

5. You can stop playing Music with the b.stop command and then clear the playlist.

6. To make the Bongo bot leave the voice channel use the b.leave command.

List of Discord Bongo Bot Commands

The following is the list of the Bongo Bot commands

Bongo Bot CommandAction
@bongo backTo play the previous song
@bongo bassTo adjust the bass and the music
@bongo changelogTo view the changelog
@bongo statsTo view the Bongo resource stats
@bongo goodnightTo say goodnight to the bot
@bongo idTo view the bot’s invite link
@bongo sayTo let the bot say something
@bongo unbanTo unban someone from the bot
@bongo rollsTo reset rolls for a certain amount of money
@bongo buyTo Reset super rolls for a certain amount of money
@bongo buywaifuTo buy waify character
@bongo buywaifulistTo see the list of bought waifus
@bongo characterTo roll any character
@bongo characterallTo roll all character
@bongo cooldownsTo view all the cooldowns
@bongo disablecharacterTo disable a character from rolls
@bongo disablecharacterlistTo see the list of disabled characters
@bongo disableseriesTo disable a series from rolls
@bongo disableserieslistTo see the list of disabled series list
@bongo guesswaifuTo guess the character from the image
@bongo imagedumpTo show all the images dump of a character
@bongo enableseriesTo allow a user to enable a series from their disabled series list
@bongo lootTo loot every 10 minutes for a chance of rolls, claims or points
@bongo nicknamelistTo view all the nicknames of a character
@bongo nicknamelistspoilersTo show the spoiler nicknames of a character
@bongo playTo play some music by adding it to the queue
@bongo pauseTo pause the music player
@bongo removedupesTo remove duplicate tracks from the queue
@bongo replayTo replay the previous song
@bongo resumeTo resume the player after it was paused
@bongo biteTo allow the bot to react by biting
@bongo attackAllow the bot to react by attacking

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Bongo is a highly versatile bot that can improve your Discord experience in a variety of ways. We hope with the help of our guide you can add and use the Bongo Discord Bot. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments.

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