How to Add OwO Bot to Discord Server: Make Interactions Fun

It's time to inject some fun and character into your server!

Discord bots bring a whole new level of engagement and entertainment to servers. With its playful mini-games, currency system, interactive commands, and customizable profiles, the OwO Bot is a popular choice among server members. In this article, we will learn how to add and set up the OwO bot on a Discord server. Get ready to add quirkiness and create memorable experiences in your community.

How To Add OwO Bot to Discord Server

How to Add OwO Bot to Discord Server

OwO bot for Discord provides a variety of features that improve user experience on the platform. You may go hunting for animals you can later sell or use in battles with other players. This helps to gain prizes and experience points. The statistics and skills of the competing animals decide the results of the battle. OwO Bot also offers various templates, including popular internet memes and viral social media posts.

Let’s take a look at how to set it up on Discord: 

1. Launch the website for the OwO bot and click on the Invite button

From there, You need to click on the Invite button

2. Select the server where you want to add OwO Bot & click on Continue.

3. Grant the necessary permissions and click on Authorize.

Grant OwO the necessary permissions and click on Authorize.

4. Confirm the captcha and the OwO bot will be added to the Discord server.

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How to Use OWO Bot on Discord

To use OwO, you have various commands that can help you to perform multiple tasks. You can use the following commands:

  • /help: This command is used to get information about the available commands in OwO Bot. Insert /help in the chat and the bot will respond with a list of available commands.
  • /battle: It allows you to engage in a battle with other members of the server. To use it, type /battle @user in the chat, where @user is the username of the person you want to battle.
  • /hunt: You can use the command to hunt for animals and earn rewards. It helps you get loot and increase your level. 
  • /crate: This command helps you open a crate and get rewards. You can use it to get some free items and increase your level. Simply type /crate in the chat.

OwO Bot Command List

The following are different type of commands for OwO Bot

Animal Commands

Bot Command Action
Auto hunt Auto Hunt command can be used to hunt or auto hunt animals. You can upgrade them for more efficient hunts.
Hunt you can hunt animals to add to your zoo using this command.
Zoo This command displays your zoo. Some animals are rare. You can use the ‘display’ option to display all your animals.
Sell You may use this command to sell animals/ranks/weapons/rings etc.
Inventory This command can help you display your inventory. You may use the ‘owo equip’ to use your weapons.
Rename You can use this to rename an animal from your zoo.
Crate You may use this to open a weapon crate
Battle Using pets from your current zoo only, you can fight with other members. This will make your pets stronger too
Equip using this command; you can use any item out of your inventory
Loot box This opens a loot box. You may get a max of 3 loot boxes/ day

 Economy Commands

Bot Commands Action
Cowoncy This command will help you check your cowoncy balance.
Daily Grab your daily cowoncy. Maintaining a streak will grant you extra cowoncy.
Give using @mention and the amount to be sent, you can send currency to others
Quest You get one quest per day. You can complete them to earn rewards.
Checklist Using this command, you can list all the things you need to do.
Vote By voting on the discord bot list, you can gain daily currency.
Buy Use this command to buy an item from the shop

Fun Commands

Bot Commands Action
Define You may use this command to define a word.
8b This is the command for the game 8 ball pool.
Gif Get a gif/pic easily.
Translate The default language is English. This translates any language that you want to.
Roll This command is used to roll a die.
Bell This is a game called the bell. It tests your strength.
Choose From a list of commands, you can choose a question.

 Gambling Commands

Bot Commands Action
Slots This command allows you to bet your money on a slot machine.
Lottery This command allows you to bet your money in the lottery.
Blackjack This command allows you to gamble money in blackjack.

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We hope this guide was helpful for you in adding the OwO bot to your Discord server. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments box below. For more such bots and tech-related information, stay connected to TechCult.

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