How Does GOAT Work?

GOAT is one of the biggest sneaker shippers, selling a wide array of products without any pretense or contrivance. It is definitely on the up and promises to grow further, involving more and more shareholders as it grows in influence and power. Safe to say, it is a site with a proven track record, with many customers coming in daily and tuning in to its store to check the sneakers out. Yes, its business is considered a little aging, but it does not keep users from coming to its website simply because of how adaptable and trusted it is. Tried and tested since its inception, it has braved multiple upheavals, bobbed and weaved across the changing circumstances of the industry, and came out as a serious contender for the throne of the best sneaker dealer in the world. You might ask whether you get scammed on GOAT. We will clarify your doubt and also tell you about fees on GOAT. Also, we are going to explain to you how does GOAT work and selling shoes on GOAT work.

How Does Goat Work?

How Does GOAT Work?

Continue reading to learn how does GOAT work in detail and what is the fees on GOAT.

Is GOAT Safe to Buy from?

Yes, GOAT is a safe and secure place to buy sneakers.

GOAT website

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Is GOAT a Legit Website?

Yes, GOAT is a legit and secure website.

Can You Get Scammed on GOAT?

No, it is highly unlikely for one to get scammed on GOAT.

Are Shoes on GOAT Real?

Yes, the shoes on GOAT are authentic and real.

How Does the GOAT App Work?

Below is the procedure on how does GOAT app work:

  • Sellers are allowed to put their products up for transaction on GOAT.
  • Buyers scour through a massive list of products.
  • Resale products have to be verified by GOAT testers before being put up for sale.
  • Retail products are verified before any transaction is made.
  • Instant products are verified before any transaction is made.

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How Does Selling Shoes on GOAT Work?

While knowing how does GOAT work, it’s time to know about the working of selling shoes on GOAT:

  • The seller must have his product verified by the testing team.
  • Upon passing Quality Check, the Shoes will be put up for sale.

Where Does GOAT Ship from?

GOAT transports its products from Plainview, New York.

Does the GOAT App Sell Fake Shoes?

No, the GOAT app doesn’t sell fake shoes.

How Long Do GOAT Purchases Take?

It usually takes around 4–8 business days for the product to be transferred completely. Read this article from the start to learn how does GOAT work.

What are the Fees on GOAT?

The commission fee will vary depending on the sales. Initially, the fee is 10%, which will decrease after completing certain sales.

  • 9.5% after 3 sales
  • 8.5% after 25 sales or $5,000 in volume
  • 8% after 250 sales or $30,000 in volume

Does GOAT Clean Your Shoes?

No, GOAT is a sneaker marketplace that does not clean your shoes. Instead, it offers clean shoes for your wear.


We hope that you learned about how does GOAT work and the fees on GOAT. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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