How Do I See Siri History on iPhone

How Do I See Siri History on iPhone

While using your Siri, stuff like contacts, text that you had saved their names, music and podcast, name of the devices your family members are sharing, profiles of Apple TV users, names of alarm and reminder lists, etc., will be sent to an identifier and not to your ID. These details are not sold to any outsider third-party agencies, nor it is not used for any marketing purposes. Apple uses your voice and data only to build future versions of Siri even much better. It won’t hear everything you were talking about at home. Maybe some can be saved. But it most likely plays into attention only after hearing Hey Siri’s sound. Only after that, it realizes acting at the moment. So, iPhone users want to know more about Siri history iPhone. Let’s dive into the topic of how do I see Siri history on iPhone.

How Do I See Siri History on iPhone

How Do I See Siri History on iPhone

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how do I see Siri history on iPhone in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

Does Siri Save Everything You Say?

No, Siri does not save everything you say. Your conversation in your living room will not be saved as data. But it would send Apple to make Siri’s work effective. The things you tell send to a random identifier that does not connect with any of your Apple IDs or email addresses of the things you use for apple services. But it is said only after 2022, Siri doesn’t store your conversation. But before the version has been recorded.

In 2019, a whistleblower said that Siri was exposing the conversation to the contractors who have been working on the functioning of Siri. And these were not prior things to consider because hearing one’s household interactions are none of one’s business. So it’s clear that Siri doesn’t save everything you want to say.

Does Siri Save Song Searches?

Yes, Siri saves song searches. It’s not like history searches you can look for a place where it had stored the songs. It can capture all of your songs, but you cannot see the list. You can only see the tagged list of all the songs that you have been hearing with the help of Siri. Hence, it is greater for Siri to have this feature.

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Does Siri Keep History?

Yes, Siri does keep history. But it’s not possible to see your history. The history of Siri is used only for development purposes. Your phone may have the data of your history, and it is passed to Apple companies for development purposes. But you can delete the history though you cannot see the history list. So Siri does keep history only for future development and not for selling its customer’s data to other companies.

How Do I See Siri History on iPhone?

There is no option to see your entire list of Siri history.

It will allow you to have only the delete option. You can only clear or delete the Siri history on iOS devices. Like that, there is no other option to see the entire history.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Open Settings on your iPhone

2. Tap on Siri & Search.

Select Siri and Search.

3. Tap on Siri & Dictation History.

Tap on Siri and Dictation History.

4. Tap on Delete Siri & Dictation History.

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How Do I See Siri History on iPhone 11?

As mentioned above, you can’t see the Siri history, only can delete the history on your iOS devices.

How Can I See Siri Shazam History?

You can see the Siri tagged songs list from the iTunes app. Let’s see how to do that:

1. Open the iTunes Store app.

Open your iTunes store app.

2. Tap on the Hamburger icon from the top right corner.

Select the three lines icon on the top right corner. | How Do I See Siri History on iPhone

3. Tap on the Siri tab to see the tagged songs list.

Tap on Siri.


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