How Can You Log into Depop

Depop is a social e-commerce company that deals in all the products like shoes, clothes, and a lot more. It has been expanding globally with its wide range of goods and super-fast delivery. Logging in grants you access to a diverse array of unique fashion, vintage items, and a thriving community of buyers and sellers. So, let’s learn how can you log into Depop, how to find your Depop username once your account is created and how can you get your Depop account back if you have lost its credentials somehow.

How Can You Log into Depop

How Can You Log into Depop

Depop, a vibrant online marketplace blending social networking and e-commerce, is available as both a mobile app as well as a website. It can be operated on both iOS and Android devices. Read below find the steps demonstrating how can you log into Depop in a detailed manner:

1. Visit the Depop website and click on Log in at the top right corner.

Visit the Depop site and click on Log in at the top right corner

2. Enter your login credentials and click on Log in.

Note: You can also reset your password with the Forgot password option in case you face any trouble logging in.

Enter your login credentials and click on Log in

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How Can You Log into Depop by Phone?

Follow the below steps to learn how you can log into Depop by your phone:

1. Open the Depop app on your phone.

2. Tap on Log in.

Tap on Log in

3. Enter your registered phone number or email and password.

4. Tap on Log in to access your account.

Why Can’t You Log into Depop?

There might be some reasons why you can’t you log into Depop. Some of them are:

How Can You Find Your Depop Username?

Your Depop username is found below your profile picture in the Account tab > Shop.

Your Depop username is found below your profile picture in the Account tab - Shop

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How Can You Edit Your Depop Profile on Your Computer?

You can edit your profile on your Depop app. Follow the steps below to learn how:

1. Open the Depop app on your phone.

2. Tap on the profile icon.

3. Tap on the settings gear icon.

Tap on the settings gear icon

4. Under the MY ACCOUNT section, tap on Edit profile.

Under the MY ACCOUNT section, tap on Edit profile

5. Edit the information you want to change, such as username, password, profile picture, email address, or short bio.

6. Tap on Save once done.

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Can You Get Your Depop Account Back?

Yes, you can get your account back on Depop.

  • Just check your saved passwords if you’re unable to log in.
  • You can also try to reset your password for the same account.
  • If nothing works, contact Depop support for further assistance. They will send you a verification email on your registered email ID as explained under next heading.

How Can You Reactivate Your Depop Account?

To reactivate your Depop account,

1. Contact submit a request for reactivation from the Depop help page.

Depop Support page

2. Select the Account Issue field and provide your email address, issue, and its description with some attachments if needed.

help page Submit a request

3. The Depop representatives will get in touch with you to start the reactivation process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does Depop Only Use PayPal?

Ans. No, Depop payments let the buyers use several different payment modes as per their convenience. You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit, and credit cards apart from PayPal to shop on Depop online.

Q2. Is There a Problem with Depop?

Ans. You might face problems with the Depop app or website when you’re not using its latest version. Sometimes, the servers for Depop can be down due to several backend issues. You must wait or contact Depop support. Also, check the server status of the website.

Q3. Can You Get Scammed on Depop?

Ans. Depop employs efficient security and privacy systems while continuously upgrading and innovating to maintain the users’ security. Yet scammers find ways to exploit the users. To prevent getting scammed, you must keep changing your password and payment modes from time to time. Also, keep updated with the latest app and website versions to have more security and prevent yourself from getting scammed on Depop.

Q4. How Can You Contact Depop for Help?

Ans. You can contact Depop through the social media handle, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The easiest way to reach them is through their support email:

Depop Twitter page

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The article gave you an insight into how you can log into Depop to use its services more efficiently. Enjoy the perks of the online marketplace and get introduced to unique fashion. Let us know if you have more questions or suggestions.

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