20+ Hidden Google Games You Need to Play (2022)

A peak of creativity and ingenuity has been achieved by the world-renowned software developer, Google. You might have noticed how, on several occasions like anniversaries, national holidays, and some world-renowned birthdays, the search engine innovates its home page with doodles and funny fonts, to make it look tenfold more attractive and fun.

But did you know, that some great examples of creativity by Google, have not yet been discovered by you? In fact, you had absolutely no idea they even existed!! Google has loads of exciting hidden games in most of their applications- Google Maps, Google Search, Google Doodle, Google Earth, Google Chrome, Google Assistant. There are a few other Google services as well, which have hidden games. This article will familiarise you with most of them.

You can access these games in different manners. For example, you can search a few strings on it and enjoy these games without downloading or installing them. So, if you are getting bored of surfing the internet on your phone, or just scrolling through your feeds, or chatting with your friends, these 20+ Hidden Google Games will definitely be a mood changer.

20+ Hidden Google Games You Need to Play in 2022

#1. T-Rex


To begin the article on the hidden Google games, I have picked one which most of the people are familiar with by now- T-Rex. It is now considered as a very popular game on Google Chrome.

It has very often happened that while surfing, our net connection suddenly vanishes, you might have seen a white screen appear. The screen has a small dinosaur in black, below which the text- No Internet is mentioned.

On this particular tab, you have to press the space bar on your computer/laptop. Once the game begins, your dinosaur starts moving forward with an escalating speed. You have to jump the obstacles, using the Space bar.

As you cross the obstacles, the level of difficulty keeps on increasing with time. If you want to play this game, even when your internet is working just fine, you can just turn off the connection from your laptop and open Google Chrome or even, click on the link to access the game with the internet.

Try to beat your own records, and set high scores! I challenge you!

#2. Text Adventure

Text Adventure | Hidden Google Games to Play

Google Chrome has the most unusual and unexpected games, in the weirdest of situations. The game is well hidden behind the Source code of Google Chrome. To access the game, you will have to type the name of the game- “text adventure” in the Google search, and then if you are on your iMac, press Command + Shift + J. If you have a Windows OS, press Ctrl + Shift + J.  Type “Yes” in the box, to confirm if you want to play the Text adventures, game.

So the game has to be played, by searching for the letters – “o”, “o”, “g”, “l”, “e” from the official Google logo. The game will give you a very retro feel when the computers had just started in the market. The interface is a little old-timey with a sad and dull interface.

You can experience the game, by following the steps given above. It’s worth a try! You might just find it fun and spend a good few minutes on Text adventure.

#3. Google Clouds

Google Clouds

This fun game called Google Clouds can be found in the Google app on your android phone. Trust me, this can be a really helpful game on those long flights, where you just cannot manage to sleep, due to the baby crying in the seat next to you! Maybe you can let the baby play this game too! He just might stop crying and you can have your sleep.

So, to enable this game, open your Google app on the android phone when your phone is in Flight mode. Now in the Google search, search for anything you want. You will see a small notification saying- “Airplane Mode is on” with a blue icon next to it. The icon is of a small man waving to you with a yellow play option in it or it can also be of a cloud looking through a red telescope with a blue play icon.

To launch the game, press on it and enjoy the game while your travel!

Even when your internet is out, you can do the same by going on the Google search app, to find the icon for the game and enjoy it on your phone. But, do remember this is only meant for Android phones.

#4. Google Gravity

Google gravity

This is definitely a personal favorite for me! The game is a way of Google showing its respect to Newton and his discovery with the apple that fell off the tree. Yes! I am talking about Gravity.

To access this weirdly funny game, open the Google Chrome app on your computer, go to www.Google.com and type Google Gravity. Now click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” icon below the search tab.

What happens next is something close to crazy! Every single item on the the-the search tab, the Google icon, the Google search tab, everything falls down just like the apple! You can even toss things around too!!

But everything is still functional, you can still use the website normally! Try it out now and as your friends as well.

#5. Google Basketball

Google Basketball | Hidden Google Games to Play

This is a Google Doodle game, which is so much fun!! The game was introduced in 2012, during the Summer Games. You don’t really have to know how to play basketball to enjoy this game.

To access this game, you have to open the homepage of Google basketball Doodle and click on the blue start button to activate the game. Once you do so, on your screen a blue basketball player appears in a basketball stadium. He is all set to shoot the hoops, with your clicks on the mouse button. You can also shoot with the space bar.

So, what are you waiting for? Aim well, and break some records of your own, in the given time with the Doodle Basketball game by Google.

#6. Are you feeling Lucky?

Are you feeling Lucky

This is a Google Assistant game, that will surely be very enjoyable. You will definitely feel like you are actually playing with a person! It is a completely voice-based trivia quiz game. The quiz will contain questions ranging from basic general knowledge to science. The sound effects in the background will give you the extra adrenaline rush to cross the winning line with flying colors.

The best thing being, that this is a multiplayer game, so you will have the proper Quiz experience with this one. To access this game, just ask your Google Assistant, “Are you feeling Lucky?” and the game starts automatically. If you own a Google Home system, you can play it on that as well. The Google home experience of this game is amazing fun, due to the loudness and theatrical experience it provides you with.

It is basically a game show assistant, the way Google will talk to you will make you actually feel like you are on a TV Game Show with all your friends competing against you. The assistant asks you about the number of people who want to play the game, then also their names before beginning the game.

#7. Word Jumblr

Word Jumblr

Next, on the list of Hidden Google games that you can play, is Word Jumblr. For those who love playing games like scrabble, word hunt, wordscapes on their phones, this one is especially for you.

This is a Google Assistant game, you have to open it and say “Let me talk to Word Jumblr.” And you will be connected to the game quickly.

The game will help you improve your vocabulary and your English language skills. The Google assistant sends you a question by mixing up the letters of a word and asks you to make a word out of all the letters.

#8. Snakes


Another Google Doodle search game, that will refresh your childhood memories is Snake. Do you remember one of the first games that came out on Phones? The snakes game, you played on your buttoned phones. This Snake game is exactly the same!

On Google Doodle, the Snake game was introduced in 2013, to welcome the Chinese New Year as the year was specifically called the “Year of the Snake”

The game can be accessed on your Mobile as well as your computer. The game is simple, you just have to change the direction of your snake, feed it to make it longer, and prevent it from hitting the boundary walls.

Playing this on the computer is more convenient as changing the direction of the snake utilizing the arrow keys is easier.

To find the game, just google- Google Snake game and click on the given link to start playing.

#9. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe | Hidden Google Games to Play

Basic games, that we all have played in our childhood, include Tic Tac Toe. The ultimate time-killing game has been introduced by Google. You don’t need a pen and paper anymore, to play this game anymore.

Play it anywhere on your phone or laptop, using Google Search. Search “tic tac toe” in the google search tab and click on the link to access the game and enjoy it. You can choose between the level of difficulty- easy, medium, impossible. You can even play the game against your friend, as you did during those free periods in school!

#10. Pac Man

Pac Man

Who hasn’t played this super classic game? It has been one of the most popular arcade video games from the beginning when games had just started to surface in the markets.

Google has brought its version of the game to you, through Google search. You just need to type Pac-Man on Google, and the game will be visible on the screen immediately for you to enjoy and reminisce.

#11. Quick Draw

Quick Draw

Doodling is one of the best ways to pass time. It is extremely enjoyable if you have a lot of features to use. That is why Google added it to the list of its hidden games.

You can instantly access this game by typing Quick Draw in Google Search.

This is an experiment on Artificial intelligence, by Google as it is way more fun and unique than any doodle app you might have downloaded on your Android or iOS. The Quick Draw asks you to doodle freely on the drawing board, and in turn, Google tries to guess what you are drawing.

The feature basically predicts your drawing, which makes it so much more fun than any of your regular Doodle apps.

#12. Picture Puzzle

Don’t worry puzzle lovers, Google hasn’t forgotten you. Not all the games that Google makes are that simple and silly, this one is a real brain teaser for the ones who really are into these things!

This Google Assistant supported game can be accessed by saying “Ok Google, let me talk to a picture puzzle.” And Voila! The game shall appear on the screen for you to play. Google Assistant will reply with the first puzzle to you. These will help you test your common sense and improve and sharpen your brain functioning.

#13. Marshmallow Land (Nova Launcher)

Are you familiar with a once-popular game called Flappy Bird? Well, this game got the video game world by storm, and that is why Google decided to have its own take on the game, to top it all off.

Google actually managed to better the game with cooler graphics and effects and released Marshmallow Land.

Since the software update for Android Nougat, access to this game directly has been an issue. Since that time, it has become deeply embedded in the system. But we have found a way, to get it out there for you to enjoy through Nova launcher.

You will be required to install Nova Launcher and set it as your default home screen launcher. Hold down your home screen, to set an icon for the nova launcher widget on it.

In your Activities, go down until you reach the System UI and tap on Marshmallow land, to activate this game.

Yes, it does sound like a lot of trouble and work to actually play this game. But it will not take much of your time. Also, you can download a third-party application for this game from the Play store, if you wish! It is super fun and definitely worth a try!

#14. Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy | Hidden Google Games to Play

This game is again one that is hidden into the Google Doodle Archives, but it is definitely a fun game. Way back in 2016, Google released it during Halloween and it was appreciated by loads of Google users.

Thus, you can go back to google doodle to find this game and play the cat at the Magic Cat academy. The game is simple, but it has several levels, with increasing difficulty.

You have to take the freshman kitty Momo on a mission to rescue her Magic school. You will help her to cast out several ghosts and spirits by swiping the symbols and shapes on their heads.

You need to be quick if you want to save the ghosts from stealing the master spellbook, which is a sacred treasure for Magic Cat Academy.

The game also has a short clipping, to tell you the background story behind the game, and why Momo has to help save the academy!

#15. Solitaire


Card lovers, obviously Google did not forget the most classic card game of all time- Solitaire. Just search “Solitaire” on the Google search tab and you can start playing immediately.

They have a distinct and exciting user interface for the game. Those who have played this game on their Windows computer will find Google solitaire like a breath of fresh air. This is a single-player game, which you will be playing against Google.

#16. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush | Hidden Google Games to Play

This challenging, yet fairly simple game is way more exciting than most of the hidden Google games, I have played. You need to search for “zerg rush” on google search to activate this game.

The screen will be filled with balls falling from the corners in no time. The feeling is extremely exciting! They have made a game out of your search screen. You can’t let these falling balls, touch any search results, to score higher in this game.

The game is challenging as hell, due to the number of balls that are falling at a fast speed from the corners of your web screen.

It is something that you should definitely try and it’s definitely more fun in the dark mode in Google.

#17. Sherlock Mysteries

Google assistant and you, can partner up to solve some of the mysteries from Sherlock! On Google Home, this game is too exciting, even when you are playing with a group of friends.

The voice assistant has to be told – “Let me talk to Sherlock mysteries” and it will immediately send you a case to solve.

The story is narrated by your Google assistant, with all the necessary details to help you solve it. The game will give you a real detective feel and also options to select from, between cases. You can pick the ones you prefer.

#18. Chess Mate

To make sure that they do not miss out on any of the basic games that the people love, Google came up with Google Chess mate, accessible from their Google Voice Assistant.

Just say, “Talk to chess mate” to Google Voice assistant and they will connect you to their simple chess board quickly. The rules of Chess can never change, so you can play this game with Google across several difficulty levels.

The best part is, that after picking your color and beginning the game, you can move your chess pawns and others through voice command alone.

#19. Cricket


An all-time favorite is the Hidden Google Cricket. Hidden deep into the Google Doodle archives, you shall find this cricket game which was launched in 2017 by Google.

This was done during the ICC Champions Trophy and was a big hit! It is a fairly simple game, which can help you pass your time if you are a cricket lover. The game is sort of funny because instead of actual players, you have snails and crickets batting and fielding on the field. But that’s what makes it incredibly fun and super cute!

#20. Soccer

Soccer | Hidden Google Games to Play

Sports games by Google, have never been disappointing. Soccer is another one of the successful Google Doodle archive games that have topped the lists for Hidden Google games.

During 2012, Olympics Google released a doodle for this game, and it is to date one of the most popular ones. Soccer enthusiasts will love the simple yet funny game that is in store.

The game is played against Google itself. You have to be the goalkeeper in the game, and Google acts as the shooter. Defend your goal against Google and cross new levels one by one to break your own records and have fun!

#21. Santa Tracker

Christmas themes by Google Doodles have always been so attractive and festive! The Santa tracker has a couple of Christmas-sy games to track Santa with! The animations and graphics are weirdly impressive, considering how Hidden, Google keeps its games.

Every December, Google adds new games to the Santa Tracker, so that you always have something to look forward to!

To access these games, Google has its own separate website called https://santatracker.google.com/. The snowy website has amazing background sound themes and your kids might actually love to spend time on this website along with you.

#22. Rubik’s Cube

Like I said before, Google never misses out on a classic. Google has a very simple, plain interface for a Rubik’s cube. If you want to try it out and don’t have it physically, you can start practising on Google Rubik’s Cube.

On the homepage, you will find some shortcuts for the Rubik’s cube. The 3D feel that you get with the Google Rubik’s will almost compensate for it not actually being there in your hands.


This was the list of 20+ Hidden Games by Google, that you were surely not familiar with, but now you can enjoy them. Some of them are multiplayer and some of them are single-player, against google itself.

These games are extremely enjoyable, and most of them are easily accessible. Every possible genre, be it a mystery, sports, vocabulary or even interactive games, google has it all for you. You just didn’t know it yet, but now you do!!

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