9 Best City Building Games for Android

9 Best City Building Games for Android

This Title, on a lighter note, seems to be the brainchild of an engineer possessing a dual degree in computers and civil engineering. It is as if he is trying to probe playfully through gaming on building a city using computers. An excellent thought no doubt if that is the motto. With this in the background, let us try to conceptualize what a city building game is?

I think we can categorize such games into a group of video games imitated on a PC or android based mobile phones, with a player enacting the role of a city or town planner. With the new generation being more computer savvy as compared to their elders there has been a spurt in such social, city-building cum mobile gaming models using the Android technology.

The first such Android-based city building game named Utopia was developed in 1982. The next genre of some of the best city-building games for Android came up in1993 with the advent of a game called ‘Ceaser’ based on the city model of ancient Rome. The next interesting game with improvised graphics correlating and stimulating the economy and gameplay of the period came in 1998 with a series called The Anno series.

9 Best City Building Games for Android

This continued and was followed up with the release in 2003 of a game called ‘Sim City 4’  which was regarded as one of the best games but considered to be a too complicated game for the people of that genre and even a decade after its release. This progression in games has been going on since inception with a surge in casual city building games from time to time, on the Appstore. Having said this, let us try to see the best city-building games for android available as the best option for your money in our discussion below:

9 Best City Building Games for Android

1. Fallout Shelter

It a free to play video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks in which a player has to build and effectively manage his own vault, a fallout Shelter. He has to guide and give directions to the characters that live in the vault, known as dwellers.

The player has to keep the dwellers happy and meet their needs for food, water, and power. He needs to rescue the dwellers against the vault raiders and keep on upgrading their facilities. The dwellers can be made to interact with each other and populate themselves by pairing a male and a female dweller or wait for more dwellers to come from the wastelands.

The logic behind the game is to create the best vault, exploring the wastelands, and building a happy and thriving community of dwellers.

Overall there has been a mixed bag of reactions about the game. It nevertheless was, one of the best simulating games having been nominated “The best Game Award 2015” for the best mobile/handheld game of the year. In addition to this, it was awarded the “19th Annual D.I.C.E. Award” and the ‘33rd Golden Joystick Award” in the Mobile Game of the year and the Best Mobile Game categories respectively.

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2. SimCity Buildit

This game launched in 2014 was developed by Track Twenty and published by electronic Art for mobile gaming. It can be simulated free of cost on iOS Appstore and Google play stores but on Android and Amazon Appstore it can be downloaded at a cost.

This game available both in single-player and multi-player mode simulates real-life situations dealt in day to day life like pollution, traffic, sewage, fire etc.etc. As per its name, you build your own city by placing houses, stores and factories, etc. etc. and inter-connecting them using a network of roads and streets.

It is an interesting game with excellent graphics and background music, testing your architectural cum city-building skills. As the game proceeds, you provide the best for your citizens and come up with a prosperous virtual city. The game keeps you engrossed, solving problems, and coming out victorious in the process.

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3. Pocket City

Titled by Codebrew games pocket city is a quality city builder game, quite similar to SimCity. It is available on both the iOS and Android mobiles. Besides Online, it is also playable offline in both portraits as well as landscape mode. The game has a fast and smart user interface and is amongst some of the best city-building simulation games.

Being construction based it involves a lot of fun, in terms of,  opening new thrilling ventures like mixing and matching of various types of buildings and random events like weather disasters and block parties. This makes the game more engrossing and exciting.

It has both the free and premium versions. The free version is basically the base form of the game with advertisements included while the premium version is available at a cost, without the ads and some extra features like the sandbox mode.

Pocket city has a smart and fast user interface with constant updating of its features in the premium version to make the game more thrilling and intoxicating. The isometric view design followed by the color-coded zoning and water pumps distinguish and make it instantly familiar and an attractive game.

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4. Megapolis

An advanced 3D graphics game both in single as well as a multiplayer mode is a very popular high-quality city building game. Besides the Android OS, it is also available on Microsoft Windows and iOS. It is a light-duty 97.5 MB game developed by Social Quantum Ltd.

Letting your imagination run wild you can design a city having Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower, the statue of liberty, or any other monument of your choice in your city. You can build houses, multi-storeyed skyscrapers, parks, an Open Air Theatre (OAT), museum, and many such structures for the dwellers for their recreational purpose as well as a mode of tax generation for improving on the existing and providing better infrastructure facilities.

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This game allows you to let run your imagination wild. As the town Mayor, you can build you’re your town keeping its citizens happy and progressive.

It is free to download and install the game with the basic requirement of a network connection. To make the game more interesting you can also purchase some game items for real money from the Google Appstore. In case you are not interested to use this feature you can set up password protection for purchases from the Google Appstore.

Finally, I would say that it is an interesting game to bring out the hidden spark of an architect cum town planner in you.

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5. Theo Town

This game is an interesting game for Android and other Operating systems to simulate a city of your choice. Bringing out the latent city builder spark in you, develop a city with all the latest metropolitan features sans the unwanted.

You can build independent houses and group housings and skyscrapers accommodating offices for the working class. Earmark space for industrial area and build industry having manufacturing units. You can also build some recreational centers like movie halls, parks, open-air and walled theatres, museums for the entertainment of the city dwellers.

Build a cantonment for the armed forces to develop state of the art weaponry and train soldiers for war preparedness to defend the nation against aggressors. Have schools and colleges for the student fraternity. Ensure emergency services to tackle any natural or manmade calamities like fire, disease, crime etc.etc.

Having built up the required infrastructure, connect various areas with good roads for ease of mobility.

Interconnect your city with other cities and towns through a well-developed road, rail and air network having an inter-city bus stand, a railway station, and an airport. You can connect to the Theo Town discord server for any further suggestions.

Developed by blueflower what makes the game challenging and a freak-out, is the mastering of the incredibly detailed gaming features of the game.

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6. Dungeon Village

This game developed by Kairosoft and released in 2012 is one of most classical city building games available on Android as well as iOS operating systems. The game has received positive reviews from critics. The baseline of the game is that the player has to invite heroes to his village and direct them to fight monsters outside the city.

In this to attract the heroes to the village new buildings are built to provide all kinds of training facilities to the heroes, various events are held to bring fame to the village, which helps pulls in more heroes who fight the whimsical monster. To move forward in this game the player has to select and decide the number of heroes to fight and win over the monster and protect the village.

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7. Designer City

This game published by Sphere Games Studio –City building games is available for the Android operating system. It is an interesting game that gives insight into town planning activities. It is a completely free game with no need for an internet connection.

You can attract dwellers to your city by building designer houses for those who can afford it and attractive houses and skyscrapers with all modern amenities like parks, community centers, markets, Cinema halls. Ensure good road, rail, and air connectivity by providing state of the art bus-stands railway stations and airports.

The next most important thing is good roads in keeping with a boost in the traffic for the next two-three decades to avoid congestion. Increase business, industry, and tourism. To boost the tourism industry build a national museum, a lake, and add famous landmarks like Bigben, Qutab Minar, and any monuments of your choice to your city landscape. There can be special incentives to farm housing to provide food for your citizens.

Last but not least the designer city should stand to its name suitable for people of all ages and experience, micro-managed to bring contentment and happiness to its residents.

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8. City Island 3


It is a game that can be played both offline and online and a sequel to City Island 1 & 2. An entrepreneur with experience of a builder, you own some cash and gold and begin from building your own house and progress to a village, graduating to building a city in which you convert into a metropolis like a good town planner.

With a proper inlay of roads connecting residential, business, and commercial areas it is a good game to build a city with skyscrapers, lakes, entertainment centers like cinema halls, theatres, etc. converting an island into a city with all its hustle and bustle.

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9. DomiNation

It is free to play city building game for android. It is a game starting from the early hunters, Stone Age era to the building of a modern-day city with all well-planned amenities. Build well-planned houses and multi-storeyed skyscrapers for residential and commercial applications and have an advanced nation through thorough domination of conquered territories converted to well plan towns and cities.

The city dwellers have a good education through a well-planned infrastructure of schools and colleges. Pass their leisure time with a walk down to a park or a lake or a commercial center with good markets and eating cum shopping joints. There is no stopping from building famous historic centers like Egyptian pyramids, the Taj Mahal and other famous world-historic monuments, as a center of your town’s attraction.

You can have a strong army cantonment for your soldiers and a center for the development of new weaponry like the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) only for self-protection to thwart of enemy aggression. In addition to a strong army base, you can earmark and build a space research center for the exploration of outer space.  Show your world Domination spirit in terms of knowledge and peaceful coexistence.

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Best City Building Games for Android

That’s our list of 9 best city building games you can play on Android. But there is a huge list of other city building games like Townsmen and Townsmen Premium, The battle of Polytopia, City Island 5 a sequel to City Island 3, City Mania, Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort, Forge of Empires, Godus, Tropico, etc. etc. for a memorable gaming experience. Most of these games are free mobile games with the premium versions available at a cost. These games are so intriguing and can keep you engrossed in your free time or during travel, bringing out the town planner in you.

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