11 Best Offline Games For Android That Work Without WiFi

11 Best Offline Games For Android That Work Without WiFi

Today, you can find several online as well as offline games for Android on the Google Play Store. But offline games are what most of the gamers prefer as they run seamlessly and don’t require an internet connection. Google Play Store has a huge list of offline games that you can play from anywhere and anytime. However, with so many games available, it is difficult to choose which one is the best. So, to solve your problem, here, a list of the 11 best free offline games for Android is mentioned.

11 Best Offline Games For Android That Work Without WiFi

11 Best Offline Games For Android That Work Without WiFi


BADLAND Offline Games For Android

Badland is the best 2-D offline action-adventure game for thrill lovers. It has a beautiful and attractive user-interface. Its theme is a forest consisting of lots of trees and animals.

The game’s motive is to find out what is wrong with the forest. You have to go through the numerous traps and tricks to overcome all the obstacles. At one time, 4 players can play using the same device. You can play to beat the given levels or you can even create your own levels.

The game has stunning graphics and the best audio-quality that makes you keep playing to see what the next levels will look like.

The only con is that as you move ahead, the further levels will become very difficult and some obstacles also require very high skills to overcome them.

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This is the best offline racing game. It consists of a combination of awesome cars and high-quality graphics. The cars involved in the game can perform every type of stunt and their speed is unimaginable. It also consists of some aircraft carriers.

The game’s motive is to win the race against several opponents. You can earn cash prizes for car upgrades and buy new and faster cars. It is a multi-player game.

Sadly, it is the last upgrade of Asphalt which can be played offline. The upcoming versions like Asphalt 9 require an internet connection to play.

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SF 2 is the best offline fighting game. It provides the experience of the Kung-Fu movie’s moves and kicks. This is a one-on-one fighting game.

The game’s motive is the character’s shadow fight against his demons and their various bodyguards to get back what he has lost to save his home from the invaders. This 2-D game consists of several stages.

The only con is that it continuously pushes you to make some in-app purchases.

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INFINITY LOOP | Best Offline Games For Android

The infinity loop is the most simple and relaxing offline game. It is a single-player game and can be played to relax your mind. It consists of multiple levels.

The motive of this puzzle game is to create unique shapes by connecting the dots. In the dark mode, you have to break the shapes into their individual components. There is no time restriction so you can pause it and resume it whenever you want to play again.

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The only con is after crossing the 100th level, it is no longer available for free. You have to pay to play it further.

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This is the best offline card game. If you like to play poker but do not have actual money to spend, then this is for you. It provides the experience of real poker. The only difference is that there is no real money involved.

The motive of this game is to place the virtual bets, take part in the tournaments, and earn as much as virtual money you can. Level by level, the difficulty will increase which will eventually increase the fun level of the game.

The only con is the AI which cannot read the poker’s face so it does not provide an experience of playing against an actual person.

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HILL CLIMB RACING 2 | Best Offline Games For Android

Hill Climb Racing 2 is the best 2-D offline driving game. It is a single-player game.

The motive of this game is to drive a car to cover the required distance without damaging it or drive in order to reach the next level. You can earn the coins and fuel on your way to the endpoint. The fuel and battery are used to run the electric-powered cars and the coins are used to upgrade the car and to unlock the new stages.

It provides the experience of real driving as different buttons for the break, left-turn, right-turn, accelerate, and stop are available.

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Minecraft is the best offline adventure game. This game allows you to display your creativity. It consists of two modes: survival mode and creative mode.

The motive of this game in the creative mode is to build your own world of clouds, buildings, bridges, and more using the available material like sand, dirt, stones, and bricks. In its survival mode, you have to fight, kill, survive, and protect your world from some bad guys.

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Dream League Soccer is the best offline soccer game. It resembles the real soccer game with the only difference that all the things are virtual in nature. It consists of the real character animations with several gameplay modes available.

The motive of this game is to choose your band and play against the offline AI and win.

It provides an opportunity to build your own leagues, teams, and stadium and then play against each other as done in real soccer.

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Alto’s Odyssey is the best single-player offline endless runner game. It has excellent music and a very attractive user-interface. It has colorful graphics.

The motive of this game is to ski down various slopes, make various jumps, and collect coins. The coins can be used to unlock several other customized elements.

It has a Zen mode which allows the players to enjoy the interface and sound without actually playing the game.

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ASPHALT 8 AIRBORNE | Best Offline Games For Android

Plants vs Zombies 2 is the best offline strategy game. It has a very attractive user-interface consisting of plants and zombies.

The motive of this game is to protect the plants from an army of the vegetarian zombies who can attack anytime to invade your home. The plants have many capabilities like they can shoot missiles at the Zombies.

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It comes with several hilarious and exciting levels that will keep you entertained and want you to unlock the further levels.

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Trivia games are always great for long car trips, social gatherings, and family fun nights. Quizoid offers different modes so you can play with a group of people or just test your own knowledge. When you download Quizoid for Android, the game stores all of the questions on your device, so you never need a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data to play.

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I hope the above list of best offline games for Android will help you decide which one to download and play in your free time. If you have any questions or want a particular app included in the list make sure to reach out using the comment section.

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