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40 Best Free Online City Building Games for PC

Experience city-building excitement with the finest PC gaming choices.

City building video games provide you the chance to create and oversee your virtual cities. In such games, the choices influence the progress and expansion of your metropolises. Engaging in these games can serve as a relaxing activity after a tiring day or as a means to test your management abilities. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the best city building games available online for free on your PC. Take a look and select the one that aligns with your preferences!

40 Best Free Online City Building Games for PC

40 Best Free Online City Building Games for PC

The process of constructing a city, starting from vacant land and developing into a bustling metropolis teeming with life, is truly captivating. Video games centered around this concept grant players the ability to create, expand, and oversee their virtual habitats. These games blend the excitement of strategic decision-making with the satisfaction of witnessing your concepts come to life.

Here’s a list of the best free and paid city building games on PC for creating and overseeing virtual cities:

Note: Only a few of these city building games can be played for free online in your PC browser. The rest must be purchased through their official website or the Steam Store, as indicated for each game in this article.

1. Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Official webpage of Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming | free city building games online

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming is one of the best browser-based online free city building PC games developed by Yoozoo Games, where players can enjoy the following features.


  • Build and manage your own castle
  • Recruit characters from Game of Thrones
  • Battle against other players in real-time
  • Explore the world of Westeros through quests and events

2. Elvenar

Official webpage of Elvenar

Elvenar is a free fantasy-themed, city building game where players create and manage their elven or human city while competing against rival factions.


  • Construct a beautiful city with an efficient economic system
  • Upgrade buildings for improved productivity and aesthetics
  • Explore the World Map for ancestral knowledge and new technologies
  • Trade or battle for powerful Relics to enhance production
  • Choose to excel in trading, refining production, or leading battles

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3. The Tribez

Official Webpage of The Tribez

The Tribez is one of the best free city building PC games you can get online that is situated in a prehistoric realm. Players construct and oversee their own tribe while exploring and uncovering novel technologies.


  • The Tribez offers an adventure to a distant, mysterious past
  • Explore a lush, primitive realm with peace-loving tribes
  • Build your stone-age village, discover hidden territories, and prosper
  • Populate new lands, tame dinosaurs, and engage in hundreds of quests
  • Progress through a detailed research tree with various buildings and structures
  • Memorable characters and intricate illustrations bring the world to life

4. Romans: Age of Caesar

Official Webpage of Romans: Age of Caesar | free city building games online

Romans: Age of Caesar is one of the best strategy and city building online free PC games set in ancient Rome.


  • Build and manage your own Roman city
  • Recruit historical figures like Julius Caesar
  • This free city building online PC game lets you fight against other players in real time
  • Research and upgrade technologies from ancient Rome

5. SimCity 4

Official Webpage of Simcity 4

SimCity 4 is the fourth installment in the SimCity series offers players a more detailed and realistic city-building experience.


  • Zone-based city-building
  • Realistic transportation
  • Advanced weather and disaster simulation
  • Multiplayer support

6. Cities: Skylines

Official Webpage of Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a modern take on city-building, offering players a detailed sandbox to design and manage their cities.


  • Advanced transportation systems
  • In-depth policy making
  • Customizable maps
  • Districts and policies for specialized areas

7. Frostpunk

Official Webpage of Frostpunk

Frostpunk is a city-building game set in a frozen post-apocalyptic world where you can balance the survival and well-being of their citizens.


  • Resource management
  • Frostpunk Endless Mode offers various maps and challenges for continuous play
  • Balance current needs and long-term progress with advanced infrastructure
  • Dynamic weather system
  • Endurance, Builders, and Serenity offer diverse gameplay experiences

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8. Surviving Mars

Official Webpage of Surviving Mars | free city building games online

Surviving Mars is a city-building game set on Mars in which you must establish and maintain a human colony on the red planet. Let’s see some of the features this game offers:


  • Advanced resource management
  • Research and technology tree
  • Terraforming and infrastructure
  • Unpredictable events

9. Cities: Cities XXL

Official Storepage of Cities: Cities XXL

Cities XXL presents a contemporary approach to the classic city-building game, SimCity. It provides you with an expansive and intricately detailed sandbox for crafting and overseeing your cities.


  • Multiplayer support
  • Contains huge maps
  • Advanced transportation system
  • Customizable buildings and landmarks

10. Banished

Official Storepage of Banished

Banished is a city-building game with a focus on survival and resource management where players must build and maintain a small community in a harsh wilderness.


  • Health, happiness, and food are crucial for town growth and prosperity
  • No skill trees; any structure can be built with collected resources
  • Town success hinges on managing risks and resources effectively
  • Twenty diverse occupations are available, from farming to teaching and healing
  • Trade vessels provide resources and introduce livestock and crops

11. Two Point Hospital

Official Webpage of Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is a game that involves managing and simulating a hospital. Your task in this game is to design, construct, and oversee the hospital while ensuring the satisfaction of both patients and staff.


  • Expand across buildings to accommodate more patients effectively
  • Customize corridors, rooms, and waiting areas to specifications
  • Enhance hospital prestige with decorative and functional items
  • Lower patient boredom and boost happiness with thoughtful placement
  • Advanced medical equipment and treatment
  • Staff management and hiring
  • Humorous storyline and events

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12. Tropico 6

Tropico 6 on Steam | free city building games online

Tropico 6 is a political-themed city-building game where players are the dictator of a tropical island, balancing the needs of the people and the military while expanding the nation’s power.


  • Lead as a visionary leader during political turmoil in Tropico
  • Manage archipelagos and build bridges
  • Enhance transportation and infrastructure
  • Raid to steal wonders of the world like the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower
  • Customize the palace, and deliver speeches to win people’s favor in Tropico
  • Multiplayer support
  • Advanced infrastructure and utility management

13. Anno 1800

Official Webpage of Anno 1800

Anno 1800 is a real-time strategy game that combines elements of city-building and economic management, set in the 19th-century industrial revolution.


  • Anno 1800 offers classic gameplay in this rich setting
  • Build grand cities, strategize logistics, and explore new continents
  • Conduct global expeditions and exert influence through diplomacy, trade, warfare

14. TerraTech

Official Webpage of TerraTech

TerraTech is a futuristic city-building and exploration game. In this game, players gather resources and construct bases on various planets.


  • Open-world sandbox adventure with crafting, combat, and exploration
  • Design vehicles using a library of blocks, scavenging, crafting, and buying
  • Build Techs using blocks, guns, wheels, and wings from corporations
  • Procedurally generated infinite worlds with diverse biomes to explore
  • Defend against rival miners; equipable blocks and items are destructible
  • Gather and process resources to create storage, refining, and crafting bases
  • Different Mining Corporations offer unique mining technologies and blocks

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15. Planet Zoo

Official Webpage of Planet Zoo | free city building games online

Planet Zoo is a management and simulation game that tasks players with designing, building, and overseeing a zoo, all while ensuring the contentment of both animals and visitors.


  • Create intricate habitats, manage your zoo, and interact with animals
  • Ultimate Edition includes all released DLC packs
  • Over 40 additional species and 1000+ scenery pieces in total
  • New animals, enrichment items, foliage, pathways, and decorations
  • Dive underwater with the Aquatic Pack
  • Explore Australia with the Australia Pack
  • Experience Africa’s beauty with the Africa Pack
  • Embrace the Arctic with the Arctic Pack and more

16. Megaquarium

Official Storepage of Megaquarium

Megaquarium is a simulation and management game. In the game, players create, construct, and oversee an aquarium. Their tasks include drawing visitors and maintaining the animals’ well-being.


  • Sandbox mode with customization and challenge generator
  • 97 unique livestock species with specific care needs
  • 10-level ‘Learn the Game’ campaign
  • Extensive theming and decoration options
  • Over 100 objects for placement, from filters to decorations
  • Gift shop and guest facilities available

17. Jurassic World Evolution

Official Webpage of Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution is a simulation and management game that draws from the Jurassic Park series. You are tasked with constructing and overseeing a dinosaur-themed park in this game.


  • Manage operations on Muertes archipelago’s legendary islands
  • Choose Science, Entertainment, or Security interests in an uncertain world
  • Bioengineer intelligent dinosaurs with unique behaviors and appearances
  • Profit from dinosaurs to fund global search for lost DNA
  • Deep management tools or hands-on approach for challenges
  • Expand islands and embark on a new narrative with iconic characters

18. Industries of Titan

Official Webpage of Industries of Titan

Industries of Titan is a cyberpunk city-building and strategy game. In this game, players construct and oversee an industrial city on the planet Titan.


  • Industrial city building sim/strategy game on Saturn’s moon, Titan
  • Compete with rival corporations for dominance over Titan’s industries
  • Construct roads, residences, and power sources using ancient artifacts
  • Refine resources and create a thriving economy within your factories
  • Grow your corporate empire sector by sector in Campaign Mode
  • Face varying challenges, rivals, and victory conditions
  • Design battleship interiors with weapons, shields, and engines

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19. Oxygen Not Included

Official Web page of Oxygen Not Included | free city building games online

Oxygen Not Included is a survival and management game set in a distant future, where players must manage a colony of Duplicants on an alien planet.


  • Scarcities threaten survival: oxygen, warmth, sustenance in Oxygen Not Included.
  • Build extensive bases and manage resources
  • Choose power sources and manage the grid for seamless colony operations
  • Monitor Oxygen Overlay and ensure oxygen generation for a deep-space oasis

20. The Colonists

The Colonists

The Colonists is a city-building and strategy game set in a sci-fi realm. Here, you’re responsible for overseeing and growing a robot colony.


  • Campaign missions with diverse challenges
  • Randomly generated maps for unique gameplay
  • Compete on player-designed maps
  • Unlimited creativity in sandbox mode
  • Command a team of self-replicating robots
  • Develop road, boat, and train systems
  • Harvest resources and set up farming
  • Explore new lands and technologies

21. Kingdoms and Castles

Official Webpage of Kingdoms and Castles

Kingdoms and Castles is a city-building and strategy game created by Lion Shield. In this game, you’ll construct and oversee your medieval kingdom, all while fending off raiders and dragons.


  • Construct churches for hope and taverns for joy
  • Hold festivals with a built town square for celebration
  • Collect wood, quarry stone, and farm efficiently
  • Defend against Viking invasions with strategic castle-building
  • Use versatile castle blocks, towers, and walls for protection
  • Experience dynamic seasons and procedural cloud system

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22. Transport Fever 2

Official Webpage of Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 focuses on transportation and city-building. Players are responsible for creating and managing transportation systems in a virtual city.


  • Build transport infrastructure for profitable custom transport services
  • Operate trains, buses, trucks, ships, and planes across the globe
  • Drive city growth, deliver goods, and challenge logistics from 1850
  • Spanning three continents, there are three campaigns, offering over 20 hours of gameplay
  • Interactive rail tools, modular stations for easy expansion, and diverse strategies
  • Map editor allows for endless world creation and terrain adjustment
  • Extensive modding support for integrating new creations from Steam Workshop

23. The Guild 3

Official Webpage of The Guild 3

The Guild 3 is a game that combines city-building and RPG elements, set in medieval Europe. In the game, players are tasked with managing both a medieval dynasty and a city.


  • Set in the year 1400 in Europe’s dark middle ages
  • NPCs with independent decisions reshape the world around you
  • Showcase your skills in crafts, trading, social events, politics, and more
  • Guide your avatar’s family to wealth and influence
  • Attain titles, council positions, and join guilds
  • Explore 13 authentic historical scenario maps in Central and Northern Europe
  • Compete against AI dynasties or friends in multiplayer mode

24. Citystate

Official Webpage of Citystate | free city building games online

Citystate is a political city-building game that lets you construct and oversee your own city-state while navigating the intricate realm of international politics.


  • Plan, build, and govern a micro nation from scratch
  • Customize map, flag, and state name
  • Set policies and experiment with political orientations
  • Realistic growth patterns and land value dynamics
  • Residential buildings: low, middle, and upper-income
  • Various road types, monorail, airport, and seaport
  • Manage demand bars per social class
  • Trade capacity and infrastructure management

25. Parkitect

Official Webpage of Pakitect

Parkitect is a game focused on managing a theme park. Players are tasked with designing, constructing, and overseeing their own parks, all while drawing in visitors and ensuring their satisfaction.


  • Construct coasters and design immersive parks in campaign and sandbox modes
  • Play solo or with up to 8 players online in cooperative mode
  • Custom scenery from Steam Workshop or mod your own
  • Choose from 70+ roller coaster ride types
  • Monitor finances, guest satisfaction, and park operations
  • Pay attention to staff areas and resource routing for immersion
  • Generate landscapes quickly with the landscape generator

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26. Project Highrise

Official Webpage of Project Highrise

Project Highrise is a game centered around building and managing your own skyscraper. You need to design, construct, and oversee the tower while also drawing in tenants and ensuring their contentment.


  • Build iconic skyscrapers that blend art and engineering seamlessly
  • Coordinate the entire construction process, from breaking ground to completion
  • Keep tenants satisfied and rent payments consistent as the building owner
  • Make strategic decisions as a developer to ensure profitability and growth
  • Reap the rewards of a prestigious address or face tenant exodus
  • Choose between luxury apartments, exclusive offices, or lucrative tenements
  • Mold the building’s destiny with your choices, impacting its success

27. Stonehearth

Official Storepage of Stonehearth

Stonehearth is a game that combines city-building and survival elements within a fantasy world. In this game, players are tasked with both overseeing a small settlement and protecting it from monsters.


  • Blend city building, management, and combat in procedurally generated terrain
  • Experience dynamic AI encounters and infinite building opportunities
  • Foster a unique city through choices – conquer, trade, or nurture spirituality
  • Customize settlers’ roles and levels; each job has unique capabilities
  • Collaborate to bring depth and creativity to the evolving game world

28. RimWorld

RimWorld | free city building games online

RimWorld is a science fiction game centered on building colonies. In the game, you are tasked with managing a colony on a remote planet and dealing with diverse challenges and events.


  • RimWorld generates narrative-rich stories through controlled random events
  • Colonists are crash-landed survivors with unique backgrounds and skills
  • Diverse planet areas offer distinct challenges, climates, and resources
  • Form caravans to explore, trade, attack, or complete quests
  • Tame, train, and utilize a variety of animals for different purposes
  • Colonists react to situations, stress, and environments realistically
  • Prosthetics range from primitive to advanced, altering abilities significantly

29. Foundation

Official Storepage of Foundation

In this game, Foundation, players manage a medieval kingdom and city, navigating the politics and conflicts of feudal Europe.


  • Develop gridless, medieval-inspired cities that grow naturally
  • Villagers create paths and houses as they work and move
  • Balance inhabitants’ needs, skills, resources, and goods production
  • Complex interactions drive growth and prosperity
  • Design Taverns, Keeps, Churches, and more with free-form buildings
  • Craft characters, quests, terrains, and tweaks with Lua and mod.io
  • Customize structures with interlocking building parts

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30. Surviving the Aftermath

Official Webpage of Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath is a game set in a post-apocalyptic world. In this game, you are assigned to manage a colony of survivors and overcome a range of challenges and events.


  • Construct 130+ buildings in a dangerous, harsh world
  • Prepare for natural disasters and environmental catastrophes
  • Recruit 80+ unique specialists to manage resources
  • Explore a procedurally generated world beyond the colony
  • Trade or compete with rival colony leaders
  • Make vital decisions impacting the colony’s happiness and future
  • Discover mysteries while exploring, revealing apocalypse secrets

31. Rise of Industry

Official Webpage of Rise of Industry

Rise of Industry is a city-building game with an industrial theme. In the game, players are tasked with managing and expanding industries and supply chains while also competing against rival companies.


  • Tailored experience for players: Specialize in trading, production, or gathering
  • Manage 150+ products, overseeing the entire production chain from raw materials to end products
  • Build a transportation network with trucks, trains, and airships
  • Face intelligent competition with advanced town AI
  • Adapt strategies for each town’s unique personality
  • Procedurally generated maps for expanding your empire
  • Contracts and events keep you adaptable and cash-flowing
  • Immerse in a dynamic world where imagination shapes your success

32. Factory Town

Official Storepage of Factory town

Factory Town is a game focused on building and automation, where players design and manage their factories while optimizing production and efficiency.


  • Explore 8 distinct campaign maps with individual objectives
  • Design custom maps with gates, triggers, and filters for resource flow
  • Use Steam Workshop for rule customization and item creation
  • Enhance production with magical technology for high output rates

33. Builders of Egypt

Official Storepage of Builders of Egypt | free city building games online

Builders of Egypt serves as a city-building simulation that unfolds in the historical backdrop of ancient Egypt. Players are tasked with the dual challenge of developing and expanding their own urban center while skillfully navigating the complexities of politics and religion in that era.


  • Skillfully manage street grids, building placement, and city relations
  • Well-designed cities boost economic efficiency and income
  • Balancing requests, threats, and cultures in a diverse environment
  • Construct mastabas, obelisks, Karnak, pyramids, and more
  • Defend cities, plan attacks, and join forces as conflicts arise

34. The Settlers

Official Webpage of The Settlers

The Settlers is a city-building and strategy PC game set in medieval Europe. Players need to oversee and grow their medieval settlement while contending against rival kingdoms.


  • Deep infrastructure and economy gameplay for creating armies and defeating opponents
  • Features 3 distinctive playable factions: Elari, Maru, and Jorn
  • Each faction has a unique look and play style for diverse experiences
  • Focus on gaining resources, building the economy, recruiting settlers, and controlling armies
  • Research upgrades and recruit support and siege units to strengthen your army
  • Enjoy various online multiplayer modes with up to 8 players
  • Engage in skirmish battles against players or AI for lasting enjoyment
  • Immerse in a story-driven campaign that explores the world of the game

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35. Rise of Nations: Extended Edition

Rise of Nations Extended Edition

Rise of Nations is a real-time strategy game that melds together elements of urban development and historical warfare. Players are entrusted with constructing and expanding their own civilization.


  • Gather resources, build infrastructure, and research technologies
  • Construct Wonders like Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower for bonuses
  • Expand the military with bombers, battleships, and tanks
  • 18 Nations, each with unique abilities and units
  • 100+ military units on land, sea, and air
  • Upgrade buildings and advance through the ages
  • Diverse map types from Rainforest to Nile Delta
  • Conquer the World campaign with linked scenarios

36. My Time at Portia

Official Webpage of My Time at Portia | free city building games online

My Time at Portia is a city construction and RPG game set in a fantasy world. In the game, players are responsible for managing their own workshop and farm, all while embarking on exploratory journeys and completing quests.


  • Craft and gather resources, complete commissions, and fulfill villager requests
  • Cultivate crops, raise animals, and create your farm
  • Decorate your house and workshop with craftable furniture
  • Enjoy stat boosts with each piece, adding a personal touch
  • Venture into ancient ruins, mine resources, and unearth treasures
  • Face monsters and bosses, wielding weapons for defense

37. Project Hospital

Official Webpage of Project Hospital

Project Hospital is a simulation game that lets players build and manage a hospital. They also need to run the hospital effectively, ensuring the satisfaction of patients and staff.


  • Customize with diverse objects, materials, and colors for personalization or quick use of prefabs
  • Manage a well-functioning team, from doctors to janitors, ensuring job satisfaction
  • Assist doctors and guide them through complex cases or monitor patients

Modes in Project Hospital:

  • Tutorial: Learn patient treatment basics and hospital management
  • Sandbox: Build clinics or large hospitals from scratch or use pre-built options
  • Ambulance Service: Manage emergencies and events, and run ambulances
  • Campaign: Save hospitals in crisis as a skilled manager
  • Challenge Levels: Test department-specific skills and details

38. Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is a simulation game that lets players design and manage their own theme parks. It offers a unique twist on the city-building genre.


  • Design paths, scenery, and rides uniquely
  • Use over a thousand building components
  • Reshape the land for mountains, lakes, etc
  • Create above-ground and underground coasters
  • Build, name, and share your creations
  • Join a global community of creators

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39. Aven Colony

Official Webpage of Aven Colony | free city building games online

Aven Colony is a game by Mothership Entertainment that combines city-building and survival elements. In the game, players are tasked with creating and managing a human colony on the alien planet known as Aven Prime.


  • Construct, customize, and manage settlements
  • Resource management and citizen care are key
  • Encounter diverse alien life forms and challenges
  • Thrive in an unfamiliar solar system environment
  • Uncover mysteries as settlers adapt and prosper on Aven Prime

40. Cities: Skylines – Green Cities

Official Webpage of Cities: Skylines - Green Cities

Cities: Skylines – Green Cities serves as an expansion pack for the well-liked city-building game Cities: Skylines. This expansion introduces fresh eco-friendly buildings and choices like electric cars and green power to the game.


  • Adds new specialization buildings and alternative service buildings
  • Includes new unique buildings and electric cars
  • Incorporates 350 new assets for a unique visual experience
  • Offers new specialized options for all city zones
  • Introduces leveled-up specializations for the first time
  • Explores new bus systems, including Intercity Bus Service

To sum up, these paid and free city building games online for PC city-building games have something for everyone, whether you like classic SimCity or new favorites like Cities: Skylines. This list helps you find great free online options, guiding you to create and manage your dream cities while having fun. Choose wisely and enjoy building your virtual cities!

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