Halo Infinite Weapon Tier List

Get ready to wield power and dominate the battlefield with these Halo weapons.

In the highly anticipated game, Halo Infinite, weapons play a crucial role in defining one’s success on the battlefield. As players engage themselves in fast-paced action, having a full understanding of each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses becomes vital. That’s where a weapon tier list comes into play. In this article, we will dig into the Halo Infinite weapon tier list, exploring the top-tier weaponry that will surely give you an edge in your battles.

Halo Infinite Weapon Tier List

Halo Infinite Weapon Tier List

Whether you’re an expert or new to the game, this all-inclusive Halo Infinite multiplayer weapon tier list will provide valuable insights on which weapons to wield for ultimate victory. It will serve as a guide for you to make informed decisions about which weapons to prioritize and master. By understanding the rankings and characteristics of each weapon, you can strategically choose the load-outs and adapt your playstyles accordingly.

Halo Infinite

1. S-Tier Weapons

These weapons in Halo Infinite are incredibly powerful and highly recommended for players aiming to dominate the game. They are not overly complicated to master, making them even more appealing choices to stay at the top. Let’s have a look at them.


The M41 SPNKr, a long-standing favorite in the Halo series, is a double-barreled rocket launcher that packs a serious punch. With its immense power, it has become the go-to power weapon in the game. Securing control over the area where the rocket launcher spawns is crucial, as it guarantees you significant kills. While the splash damage and area-of-effect may appear slightly smaller compared to previous games, it remains the top choice for players.

Energy Sword

The Energy Sword makes a triumphant return, proving to be better than ever. Its high placement in our multiplayer Halo Infinite weapon tier list is primarily due to the shotgun no longer guaranteeing a one-shot kill at close range. Consequently, the energy sword’s lunge attack has gained greater potency. Unless your adversary wields the Repulsor, countering the Energy Sword is not a concern. Its usual spawn on smaller maps in ranked matches makes it ideal for recapturing points or securing easy kills.

S7 Sniper

The S7 Sniper rifle is a favorite among players, often sought after as the first weapon of choice. As an excellent team support weapon, it not only eliminates opponents with a headshot (a one-hit kill) but also strips their shields, enabling your teammates to finish them off. Additionally, it inflicts significant damage on aerial vehicles, making it a versatile asset.


The Battle Rifle, a versatile weapon, takes the spotlight as the standard firearm in Halo Infinite. It boasts no significant drawbacks, making it suitable for various combat scenarios. While its optimal effectiveness lies in mid-range encounters, its adaptability allows it to hold its own at almost any distance.

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Gravity Hammer

Although the Gravity Hammer may not make an appearance in ranked matches, it still holds considerable power as a non-power multiplayer weapon in Halo Infinite tier list. Capable of dealing devastating damage to both vehicles and players, it possesses a small area of effect, enabling you to eliminate multiple targets. However, its wind-up time is relatively slow, leaving it susceptible to being outmatched by the Energy Sword. Consequently, it falls just short of the energy sword’s ranking in our top weapons list.


When it comes to the Skewer, you can’t go wrong. This weapon is exclusive to Big Team Battle and game modes that randomize weapons. It boasts a one-hit kill capability and deals substantial damage to vehicles. What sets it apart is the impressive speed of its projectiles, surpassing that of the M41 SPNKr. However, keep in mind that it requires a reload after each shot, so precision is key.

2. A-Tier Weapons

These are also among the best options available in Halo Infinite. Some players might even consider placing a few of them in the S-tier based on personal preference. These guns offer a mix of enjoyable gameplay and significant firepower, although they do have their limitations and drawbacks. Here are the ones that lie in this tier.

Mangler Weapon

The Mangler is a formidable non-power multiplayer weapon in Halo Infinite tier list, but its dominance may soon be tempered with an upcoming nerf in Season 2. Currently, it boasts good accuracy and requires just two body shots or one headshot to eliminate opponents. However, many players have taken advantage of its potential for a deadly one-shot, one-punch combo by shooting an enemy and swiftly following up with a melee attack. As the game evolves, changes to the Mangler’s effectiveness are expected, so make the most of it while you can.

VK78 Commando

The Commando Rifle, another commendable all-purpose firearm, delivers respectable damage and stands as a competitor to the Battle Rifle. However, it ranks lower on the list due to its higher bloom and slower rate of fire. For a more comprehensive understanding of how to effectively utilize the Commando Rifle in Halo Infinite, consider consulting our detailed guide.

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The MA40 Assault Rifle, a longstanding staple in the Halo series, excels in close to medium-range combat. Its commendable damage output, accuracy, and generous magazine size make it a reliable choice. In the vast world of Halo Infinite, you can hardly go wrong with this dependable assault rifle.

Shock Rifle

Functioning as a slightly less potent version of the S7 Sniper, the Shock Rifle exhibits the capability to eliminate opponents with a single headshot. Body shots, on the other hand, may require approximately three rounds. Its firing speed is marginally slower than that of the Sniper, and the electric jolts it emits can bounce off surfaces, making it a useful tool for hindering enemy shield regeneration and providing team support.

Mk50 Sidekick

The Mk50 Sidekick pistol mirrors the performance of the Assault Rifle, serving as a reliable starting weapon and an effective backup choice. Its swift firing speed and ease of scoring headshots make it a versatile tool in combat.


While the Cindershot holds its ground as a decent grenade launcher, it falls short when compared to other power weapons. Its downfall lies in requiring multiple shots to take down an opponent. Direct hits can dispatch foes in just two shots, but the area-of-effect damage might necessitate up to four. Additionally, the Cindershot causes a noticeable screen shake and knockback.


The Heatwave wields considerable power as a shotgun-type weapon. It propels multiple projectiles either horizontally or vertically, capable of bouncing off surfaces to reach adversaries behind the cover. However, it secures an average ranking due to the generally underwhelming performance of shotgun weapons in Halo Infinite at present.

CQS48 Bulldog

The Bulldog shotgun, though no longer capable of one-shot kills at close range, still holds its own with a faster fire rate and a tighter spread compared to older shotgun iterations. It proves helpful for landing a shot and swiftly following up with close-quarters engagement tactics.

Sentinel Beam

The Sentinel Beam reigns supreme in shredding opponents, particularly once their shields have been depleted. Its headshot damage is notably devastating, guaranteeing an instant kill when shields are down. However, the Sentinel Beam in Halo Infinite comes with limited range and significant recoil. Consistently maintaining a beam on an opponent within range leads to a swift demise.

Stalker Rifle

The Stalker Rifle in Halo Infinite strikes a balance between the Commando Rifle and a Sniper, offering a unique blend of capabilities. However, this weapon requires more finesse to wield effectively, and the absence of reloads adds to its appeal. By skillfully managing heat levels, players can unleash a constant barrage of shots upon their adversaries.


The iconic Needler returns to Halo Infinite, although its impact isn’t as profound as it once was. Its tracking ability has seen a decrease in effectiveness, often necessitating almost an entire clip to eliminate a target. Nevertheless, the Needler’s rapid fire rate still provides a satisfying and enjoyable gameplay experience, making it a weapon worth taking along for the journey.

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3. B-Tier Weapons

While the B-tier weapons may possess considerable power, they are often challenging to wield effectively or are best suited for specific situations. However, it doesn’t mean you should completely disregard them. With practice and the right circumstances, they can still prove to be valuable assets. The ones that lie in this tier are as follows.

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol has made its return, but unfortunately, it falls short compared to its previous iterations. It no longer possesses the ability to stun vehicles when fully charged. Additionally, the tracking on the charged shot is subpar. Nevertheless, if you manage to land a charged shot, a headshot will be enough to deplete their shields.


The Hydra launcher can find its utility in Big Team Battle, particularly due to its lock-on alternate mode, even though it inflicts minor damage. However, as an explosive weapon, its damage output and firing speed leave much to be desired.


Similar to the Plasma Pistol, the Disruptor is designed to deplete shields and prevent their regeneration. Unfortunately, it requires too many shots to apply the damage-over-time debuff. By the time you apply it, you could have eliminated your target with another weapon in Halo Infinite. Therefore, we do not recommend relying on the Disruptor, except for specific niche scenarios.

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4. C-Tier Weapons

On the other hand, the C-tier weapons are generally the weakest in the game. The Ravager stands out as a relatively decent choice from this category, but there are still superior alternatives available. These weapons might offer useful perks, but the trade-offs in terms of damage make them less desirable choices overall. Here are the ones that lie in this tier.

Pulse Carbine

The Pulse Carbine falls toward the lower end of the weapon tier list. While it does offer decent damage, its projectiles suffer from slower travel time and lackluster tracking abilities. In Halo Infinite multiplayer, it’s challenging to secure kills with the Pulse Carbine unless you manage to catch an opponent in a straight line at the optimal distance.


The Ravager, unfortunately, finds itself at the bottom of the tier list. Once considered somewhat viable during the beta, it has now become practically useless. Among all the weapons in Halo Infinite, the Ravager ranks last. Its overall damage output is disappointingly low. Although it can deplete shields effectively, its charged shot fails to inflict substantial damage over time. It comes as no surprise that many players opt to skip challenges involving this underwhelming weapon.

This was all Halo Infinite weapons ranked from best to worst. Personal preferences and playstyles may vary, but the tier list provides a general overview of weapon effectiveness.

Arms list serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to optimize their gameplay experience. There is a wide range of options to suit various combat scenarios. We hope this Halo Infinite weapon tier list expanded your knowledge and answered all your queries. Do leave us feedback in the comments section below. 

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