How to EMP Vehicles in Halo Infinite

Find out how to destroy enemy vehicles and reign supreme at Halo Infinite!

Enemy vehicles are major threats for you while playing Halo Infinite. These vehicles are able to completely destroy your campaign while chasing your enemies. If you play Halo Infinite often, you might wanna figure out how to destroy vehicles to win in the game. Don’t worry, we are here with some solutions for you. In this guide, we will discuss how to EMP vehicles in Halo Infinite. 

How to EMP vehicles in Halo Infinite

How to EMP Vehicles in Halo Infinite

To take down the vehicle-based threat in Halo Infinite, there are ways and using EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapons is the most effective one. This method disables the vehicles making them more vulnerable to attack and easier to demolish. We have explained some methods that can be used to EMP vehicles in Halo Infinite.

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Method 1: Disable Vehicles Using Disruptor

Halo Infinite Disruptor

Disruptor is a new addition to the Halo Infinite weapon line-up. It fires EMP projectiles that have the power the disable the turrets and vehicles. Once the vehicles get disabled, destroying them becomes easy. You simply must aim at the vehicle and fire but aim carefully as it comes with a charge-up time.

Method 2: EMP Vehicles Using Plasma Pistol

Plasma Pistol

Plasma Pistol is a classic weapon that can be used effectively to EMP enemy vehicles. Moreover, it is used for destroying shields and therefore it is considered a versatile weapon. Follow the steps given below to use Plasma Pistol.

1. Hold down the Trigger to charge up the Plasma Pistol.

2. To disable the vehicle, aim and fire.

Method 3: Disarm Vehicles Using Shock Rifle

Shock Rifle

Shock Rifles can also be used to EMP vehicles by firing a beam that disables turrets and vehicles. Aim and fire at the vehicle using the shock rifle to disable them. Moreover, this weapon helps in chaining the lightning between the enemies which helps the players in many ways.

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Method 4: Destroy Vehicles Using Dynamo Grenades

Dynamo Grenades

Dynamo Grenades is a new class of grenades in Halo Infinite. They can be used in EMP vehicles when thrown. Now, whenever a Dynamo Grenade is thrown it emits an EMP blast that disables the vehicles. Aim and then throw the grenade at the vehicle, but aim carefully because it has a small fuse.

Can You Summon Vehicles in Halo Infinite?

Vehicles can be summoned in Halo Infinite. There are some ways to do it that we have mentioned below.

  • Call in vehicles: The players can use the Call in Vehicles feature in Halo Infinite to summon the vehicles to their location. Just open the vehicle menu and choose the vehicle you wish to call.
  • Interact with FOBs: FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) are the capturable locations on a map. Once the players capture these locations, they can summon the vehicles that have been unlocked.
  • Find vehicles on the map: The vehicles do not appear at the beginning of the match but they’re situated inside the map. The vehicles do not have a particular spawn point but you can find them throughout the map at different locations.
  • Respawn Vehicles: In multiplayer mode, the vehicles reappear at the spot where they were destroyed after some time. Players can wait for a while and then grab the vehicles the moment they respawn at the location.

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In conclusion, EMP weapons work greatly in Halo Infinite if you wish to disable the vehicles. In this guide, we also explained how can you summon vehicles in Halo Infinite. Stay tuned for more gaming guides.

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