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Halo Infinite: A Complete Guide on How to Use Hydra Launcher

Find out how you can win big in Halo Infinite with the infamous Hydra Launcher

The Halo Infinite Hydra launcher is a formidable weapon that brings a new level of intensity to the battlefield. It fills fears into the hearts of your enemies. Hydra Launcher will revolutionize your gaming experience with its advanced technology that supports its devastating power.

Halo Infinite: A Complete Guide on How to Use Hydra Launcher

Halo Infinite Hydra: Review

The Hydra in Halo Infinite is a game-changer. This versatile weapon comes with rocket-propelled projectiles that can be used for taking down vehicles and infantry. Moreover, the Hydra Launcher features customizable ammunition types, so that you can make your strategy on the fly.

What does Hydra do in Halo Infinite?

Hydra is a rocket launcher that fires small missiles at your Spartan enemy. In one load it has a total of six shots which means after firing them all it’s important to reload the Hydra. There are two types of shots in Hydra. In the default shots, you will be able to throw the rocket in a straight line. The trajectory of the rocket will not change. Moreover, it will not lose its power. This mode requires a total of three hits to kill the enemy spartan. Hydra Launcher looks like a thick Assault Rifle but, it is a launcher that fires small missiles. The gun gives you the flexibility to switch between two modes by acting as a hybrid between the grenade launcher and the rocket.

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Where is the Hydra in Halo Infinite?

Players can find Hydra rocket launchers in the common Weapon Racks on various maps of Halo Infinite. Behemoth and Launch Site are the common locations where it can be found.

How to use the Hydra Launcher in Halo Infinite

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Hydra launcher in the Halo Infinite game.

1. First find the Hydra Launcher in common Weapon Racks on Launch Site or Behemoth maps.

2. Now that you have the hydra launcher, lock on to the target and wait for a few seconds.

Note: When the launcher will lock the target, you will hear a sound and a red mark on the enemy.

3. Now, to continue automatic shooting you can hold down the fire button.

4. Press the reload button to switch between rocket and grenade launcher modes.

Points to remember while using Hydra Launcher

  • For killing a fully shielded enemy using the Hydra you must hit them directly with a total of four missiles. The reticles will help you with the aim by showing you where the missiles are going to land.
  • The splash damage of Hydra is very effective against the group of enemies. Moreover, it is the easiest to pick up and manageable rocket launchers in Halo Infinite.

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The Hydra in Halo Infinite offers unparalleled firepower and tactical flexibility. Sleek design and cutting-edge features make the Hydra Launcher a popular choice among fans. Brace yourself for an epic journey armed with the inspiring power of the Halo Infinite Hydra. Stay tuned for more gaming guides

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