23 Games Like Mario Kart for PC

Mario Kart is one of the most beloved games from Nintendo, if you really are into this genre you must know about some of the best games with similar gameplay.

Nintendo created and released the Mario Kart racing game series in 1992. Since the initial version, various additions and upgrades have been added. When utilizing a variety of power-up goods, players compete in go-kart races. But there are video games like Mario kart pc that you ought to play since they provide more entertainment and features that Mario Kart does not. As you continue on, we’ll provide you with a list of Mario kart alternatives. You’re going to enjoy it, we guarantee.

Games like mario kart pc

Games Like Mario Kart for PC

Now, if you are someone looking for a different racing experience, then you should definitely consider the alternatives listed below. Although Mario Kart is a fun and well-liked game, some players could prefer other gameplay elements, difficulties, or aesthetics. Other kart racing games may be of interest to gamers because they offer unique gameplay elements or plotlines.

1. Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure

Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure | Games Like Mario Kart for PC

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a good substitute for Mario Kart a 3D racing game. It’s a fun game for the whole family with gaming principles and experiences that are comparable to those in Mario Kart. For those looking for a similar Pc gaming experience to Mario Kart, though it is a paid game, some reviews have suggested Beach Buggy Racing 2 as a less expensive substitute. You may consider it as Mario kart alternatives.


  • Kart racing that is chaotic and action-packed.
  • Competition in split-screen.
  • Modifying game rules.
  • Create your own absurd game rules and keep them for your pals’ crazy fights.
  • Amazing racetracks.
  • Oddball characters.
  • Numerous unlockable.

2. Meow Motors

Meow Motors

In the go-kart racing game Meow Motors, you take on the role of one of a dozen vibrant cats and compete on exciting tracks to gain stars and win championships. The cats can utilize a variety of strategies, including drifting, passing other vehicles, and using explosives and mines as weapons to get around obstructions on the rails. It’s a paid game but can be considered as another alternative to Mario kart.


  • Twelve playful cats in various colors, each with their own personality and traits.
  • Tracks that are exciting to race on and have difficult obstacles.
  • A single-player campaign option with a narrative, 10 championships, and more than 40 different tracks to compete on.
  • A four-player limit for local multiplayer on a single device
  • Gameplay for kart racing that includes drifting, passing other drivers, and employing weaponry like mines and bombs.
  • Many competition formats, such as race, time trial, and championship modes.

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3. Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix

Since it is a kart racing game with comparable gameplay elements and power-ups, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix is frequently contrasted with games like Mario kart pc. Characters from popular Nickelodeon animated television series including SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are available for players to select from, and they can race through a number of courses modeled after these programs. With 30 playable characters from various Nickelodeon animated television programs and 70 crew member characters to pick from, it is the follow-up to Nickelodeon Kart Racers.


  • Characters from different Nickelodeon episodes can be customized by players to form their own teams.
  • Each character in the game has a set of special skills that can be used to outperform rival racers.
  • Grand Prix, Time Trial, and Free Race are just a few of the game’s many game modes. Each mode presents a unique challenge and experience.
  • In local split-screen or online multiplayer modes, players can compete in races against up to three other players.

4. Garfield Kart – Furious Racing

Garfield Kart - Furious Racing

Garfield Kart: Furious Racing has received praise for its enjoyable gameplay, vibrant graphics, and inventive track layouts even if it may not be as well-known as Mario Kart. The game’s more than 16 circuits are dispersed among a variety of settings, including the city, a farm, a beach, and the mountains. By gathering coins and winning races, players can unlock different karts and characters. Overall, Garfield Kart: Furious Racing is an entertaining and enjoyable game for the whole family that provides a different take on Mario Kart. Although it shares many characteristics with Mario Kart, it may be taken into consideration for games like Mario kart online as it has its own special twists and features.


  • Characters from the Garfield comic strip, such as Garfield, Jon, Odie, and others, are playable.
  • There are over 16 circuits spread out over a variety of settings, including the city, a farm, a beach, and the mountains.
  • During races, you can use items and power-ups to your benefit or to slow down other racers.
  • Up to eight people can participate in local or online modes.
  • There are various karts to find and utilize, each with their own stats and features.
  • Creative track designs and colorful graphics.

5. Wacky Wheels

Wacky Wheels | Games Like Mario Kart for PC

The arcade kart racing video game Wacky Wheels, released by Apogee in 1994, is frequently cited as a different option for games like Mario kart online substitute. Although Wacky Wheels does not have a distinct cast of characters like the Mario Kart series, it does allow players to select the same character, with the game just altering the character’s color.

Ultimately, Wacky Wheels is a noteworthy alternative kart racing game for anyone looking for a zany and eccentric racing game, even though it may not have seen the same level of success or popularity as the Mario Kart series.


  • There are eight playable animal characters, each with a special go-kart.
  • Cartoonish animations and graphics.
  • You can slow down opponents or damage their karts by using power-ups and weapons such as the oil slick, homing missiles, and flame throwers.
  • A kart racing game called Wacky Wheels offers a variety of features, such as:
  • A beach, a jungle, and an ice level are among the eight diverse raceways.
  • The game’s entertaining and jovial soundtrack goes well with its amusing gameplay.

6. Super Indie Karts

Super Indie Karts

Super Indie Karts is a Mario Kart-like kart racing game that uses indie favorite characters in place of the traditional Nintendo cast, and it includes several well-known video game characters from independent games. For people who enjoy independent games and wish to play a kart racing game with their favorite indie game characters, Super Indie Karts offers Mario kart alternatives. It is a well-liked choice for individuals who enjoy independent gaming and wish to discover new kart racing personalities.


  • Super Indie Karts is a well-known karting game in the retro 16- to 64-bit format.
  • Also, it includes more than 30 characters from different independent games, like Shovel Knight, Commander Video, and Carol from Freedom Planet.
  • Another notable aspect is the artwork design.

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7. Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing | Games Like Mario Kart for PC

Sega launched the kart racing video game Team Sonic Racing in 2019. It is a Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off that lets players control any of the 15 series characters, each of whom has unique skills and driving techniques. One distinctive feature of the game is that it is solely a Sonic affair, hence Team Sonic Racing’s lineup does not include any non-Sonic racers. This was an intentional design choice meant to maintain the emphasis on the Sonic franchise, according to conversations with the game developers. Though it is on the expensive side you may consider it as a substitute games like Mario kart online.


  • There are three different character types: Power, Technique, and Speed.
  • It’s a form of racing where teams of three racers work together and compete against one another.
  • Up to 12 players per race can participate in split-screen and online multiplayer.
  • Characters and vehicles can be customized in a variety of ways.
  • Players can earn credits for in-game purchases in Team Adventure Mode’s single-player campaign.

8. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection

Competing in high-tech vehicles that can change to fit the terrain or the surroundings adds an added degree of strategy to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection is recognized as one of the best games like Mario kart pc and is a strong rival to the series, despite the fact that it is difficult to precisely reproduce the Mario Kart experience.


  • Advanced vehicle types that may change to suit the climate or the terrain.
  • It has several different well-known video game characters, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, and AiAi.
  • Obstacle-filled, power-up-filled, and item-filled challenging tracks.
  • Players can compete against one another in races and battles in both local and online multiplayer modes.
  • It has numerous game modes, including Grand Prix, Time Attack, Battle Arenas, and others.


9. Hotshot Racing

Hotshot Racing

For the Nintendo Switch, there is a retro-style racing game called Hotshot Racing that has fast-paced, high-speed racing action. It is nonetheless a fun and difficult racing game in its own right, despite lacking Mario Kart’s comical aesthetics or power-ups. The game’s sensation of speed and the expertise required to master it has received accolades from several critics. Hotshot Racing might be worth checking out if you’re seeking a different style of racing games like Mario kart pc.


  • The game types available in Hotshot Racing include Grand Prix, Time Trial, Cops and Robbers, and more.
  • Players can select their chosen racing style from among the game’s 8 different characters and vehicles, each with their own special abilities.
  • Gamers can alter their races by selecting the number of laps, opposition, and level of difficulty.
  • Cross-platform play in the game allows users to compete against a larger audience on PC and several platforms.

10. Inertial Drift

Inertial Drift | Games Like Mario Kart for PC

A racing game like Inertial Drift might be thought of as a Mario kart alternatives. Mario Kart is a game that is more fun and fanciful, whereas Inertial Drift takes racing more seriously. Twin-stick controls in Inertial Drift enable driving maneuvers based on drifting. As a result, the gameplay demands even more expertise because success depends on making precise rotations and having rapid reflexes. Inertial Drift is a fantastic alternative for those seeking a racing game with more emphasis on skill and seriousness, but it might not be appealing to those seeking Mario Kart’s whimsical and chaotic environment.


  • The drifting mechanic in Inertial Drift is made to stand out from other racing games.
  • To become the top racer in the city, players in narrative mode must defeat nine other drivers.
  • There are several different automobiles in Inertial Drift, and each one has distinctive handling and drifting traits.

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11. Skydrift Infinity

Skydrift Infinity

A fast-paced arcade game called Skydrift Infinity concentrates on the sensation of flying and aerial warfare. A variety of planes are available for piloting, and players can engage in high-speed races and dogfights with human or artificial intelligence (AI) opponents. Skydrift Infinity has garnered praise for its frantic gameplay, appealing visual aesthetic, and engaging multiplayer options.


  • There are several single-player game modes, including a career mode with a plot and customizable planes.
  • There are several multiplayer game types, including racing, dogfights, and team-based competition.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.

12. Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound

The racing video game Need for Speed Unbound was created by Criterion Games and released by Electronic Arts. The setting for the game is Lakeshore Valley, a made-up open-world location with a range of settings like cities, highways, and mountain passes. Critics and players gave the game varying ratings; some praised the open-world setting and racing gameplay, while others questioned the shallowness of the plot and characters.


  • A system of advancement where users advance by completing challenges and winning races to gain money and reputation points.
  • The option to buy upgrades and modify autos.
  • Grand Challenge, a weekly contest in which participants compete against one another.
  • There are more than 140 vehicles to pick from, including vintage Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other automobiles.
  • An immersive gaming experience is made possible by stunning graphics and acoustic effects.

13. F122

F122 | Games Like Mario Kart for PC

A comparable racing experience is provided by the fan-made PC game F122, which draws inspiration from Mario Kart. But it is not a Nintendo-licensed game and was created by a group of fans. You may consider it for games like Mario kart online, F1 22 is probably going to appeal to people who appreciate realistic racing simulators, whereas Mario Kart is more of a casual, enjoyable arcade-style racing game.


  • Race day has been redefined by new rules and redesigned vehicles.
  • A fresh track for the Miami International Auto drome.
  • Teams, drivers, and tracks from the current 2022 season are all represented.
  • A list of upgraded tracks with redesigned circuits.
  • Support for extra features like the headphone jack and inbuilt speaker.
  • Optional sprint format (An element that stood out in the previous game by it lack)

14. Super Woden GP

Super Woden GP

A new isometric rally racing game called Super Woden GP is being promoted as a Mario kart alternative. With a concentration on rally racing and isometric graphics, Super Woden GP is an alternative to Mario Kart since it offers a new gameplay experience. While both games feature racing in a vibrant and enjoyable setting, Super Woden GP stands out by providing special features like customizable cars and tracks as well as various camera perspectives.


  • Isometric visuals.
  • Gameplay options include rallying and circuit racing.
  • Customized tracks and vehicles.
  • Action split-screen for four players.
  • To advance and develop as a racer through career mode.
  • Connectivity between the Xbox and Nintendo Switch online.
  • Inspired by isometric racing video games from the 1990s, including Micro Machines.
  • Arcade-style competition.

15. Crash Drive 3

 Crash Drive 3

A possible substitute for Mario Kart is the racing game Crash Drive 3. While Crash Drive 3 is less well-known than Mario Kart, it features comparable gameplay elements, such as picking a character and racing in a kart against other players. Karts are not the only vehicles that may be driven in Crash Drive 3. Moreover, Crash Drive 3 lacks power-ups that may be collected during the race, in contrast to Mario Kart. To win the race, one must have good driving skills and make calculated moves.


  • Free-range gaming.
  • The capacity to operate a variety of vehicles (including monster trucks and tanks).
  • Characters and vehicles that can be upgraded and customized.
  • For competitive play, a boss system.
  • Players must use their driving prowess and cunning maneuvers to prevail because there are no power-ups available during the race.
  • Wacky boosts, antennae, and personalized license plates with your in-game name on them.

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16. SRX: The Game

SRX: The Game

A racing game that might be thought of as an alternative to Mario Kart is SRX: The Game. It was created by Monster Games and offers a variety of cars and racetracks, allowing users to take part in a number of other competitions. For those who like racing games, it offers a similar experience, even though it does not have Mario Kart’s fun and cartoonish aesthetic. If you like playing racing games and are searching for games like Mario kart pc, we highly recommend The Game.


  • In the game, you can race on a variety of real-world tracks, including asphalt and dirt tracks.
  • Some of the greatest drivers in the history of motorsports, including Tony Stewart, Bill Elliott, and Ernie Francis Jr., are available for players to race as and against.
  • The Superstar Racing Experience series, after which the game is titled, is one of many racing series included in the game.
  • In the game’s career mode, players can advance to the level of racing superstar.

17. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 | Games Like Mario Kart for PC

Open-world racing game Forza Horizon 5 emphasizes immersive and realistic gameplay. It includes a variety of racing competitions, such as street racing, off-road racing, and others. Even though Forza Horizon 5 is not a kart racing game, some gamers who are seeking an enjoyable and interesting racing experience may still view it as games like Mario kart pc.


  • It has the broadest map and most extensive automobile list yet.
  • Revealed a thorough list of the game’s featured cars, which totaled over 400.
  • It occurs in a fictitious version of Mexico.
  • Features the Event Lab, which has tools for creating unique races.
  • Forza Horizon’s first game to include a Living Desert.

18. Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Milestone S.r.l Hot’s Wheels Unleashed is an arcade-style racing game that has been compared to games like Mario Kart online. A variety of officially sanctioned Hot Wheels vehicles are included in the game, and they can be raced on a variety of unique and creative tracks. The racing mechanics are arcade-style and mainly emphasize drifting, boosting, and using power-ups to outperform your rivals. A skate park, a lab, and a garage are just a few of the real-world settings that Hot Wheels Unleashed uses to bring the distinctive orange tracks to life.


  • A variety of officially-licensed Hot Wheels vehicles are included in the game, and they may be personalized with unique skins and liveries.
  • The tracks in Hot Wheels Unleashed are made to look like actual places like a garage, a skate park, or a science lab.
  • It is an arcade-style racing game with a focus on drifting, boosting, and using power-ups.
  • In a single-player Career Mode, players can race to gain new vehicles and upgrades.

19. DIRT 5


Codemasters created the racing game DIRT 5, which is very unlike Mario Kart. Mario Kart is an arcade-style kart racing game, whereas DIRT 5 is a more conventional racing game that focuses on realistic physics and driving mechanics. Both titles are racing games. In the game’s career mode, players can advance through a series of competitions and races to win the title of champion.


  • A variety of racing surfaces, including ice, snow, and dirt tracks.
  • Liveries that players unlock as they advance in the game.
  • Has a career mode where players can advance through a number of competitions and events to win the title.
  • A camera function that enables users to capture images of their autos in various environments.
  • Online competition amongst players is made possible by multiplayer modes.
  • Players have access to upgrades and tuning choices that let them alter the performance of their automobiles.
  • Many locales and ecosystems, such as cities, woodlands, and arctic regions.

20. Motor Strike: Racing Rampage

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage

On the PC, games like Mario kart online can be replaced by the arcade-style racing game Motor Strike: Racing Rampage. Players battle against Computer opponents in the game’s single-player campaign mode to earn rewards and unlock new content. For those looking for a PC version of Mario Kart, Motor Strike might be a fun option even though it lacks instantly recognizable characters from the Mario brand.


  • Power-ups to give you an edge in races.
  • Various tracks for racing.
  • Has a variety of cars available.
  • Internet multiplayer and split-screen modes.
  • Campaign mode for a single player.
  • Campaign mode rewards and content must be unlocked.
  • Ruins of habitats.
  • Game mode with insane shooting and racing.

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21. Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

Video game Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 is very dissimilar to Mario Kart. While racing is present in both games, Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 emphasizes monster trucks rather than karts. Based on actual monster truck racing competitions, Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 has realistic physics and damage mechanics. Mario Kart cannot compare to the realistic and difficult gameplay of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2. It’s a fantastic substitute for games like Mario kart online for fans who desire a more rough and realistic gameplay experience.


  • 38 of the finest trucks in Monster Jam history are represented on the truck lineup, among them Higher Education, Sparkle Smash, and Grave Digger.
  • Greater outside vistas to discover.
  • Damage mechanics and realistic physics.
  • Enhanced exploring component.



Due to the similarity in their gaming mechanics and racing philosophies, FLASHOUT 3 and Mario Kart are frequently contrasted. FLASHOUT 3 is a futuristic, anti-gravity racing game. Using high-speed hovercraft, players of FLASHOUT 3 race against one another while avoiding obstacles and navigating through a range of race tracks, making it in the list of Mario kart alternatives.


  • Future hovercraft racing at high speed and without gravity.
  • Many maps and game modes in a challenging campaign mode.
  • To utilize during races, a selection of different weapons and power-ups.
  • Options for upgrading and personalizing your hovercraft.
  • Renowned demo scene musicians make upbeat electronic music.
  • Accessible across a variety of systems, including Windows.
  • DLC bundles including a soundtrack and extra materials

23. Moorhuhn Kart

Moorhuhn Kart | Games Like Mario Kart for PC

A Mario kart alternatives for the PC is the kart racing game Moorhuhn Kart. Cartoonish chickens compete against one another in races on imaginative courses while driving a variety of bizarre automobiles. The game spawned multiple follow-ups, including Crazy Chicken Kart 2 and Moorhuhn Kart 3. It was first released in 2002. Although it may not be as well-known as Mario Kart, Moorhuhn Kart is nonetheless a popular game that provides a fun substitute for those looking to play kart racing on their computer.


  • There are 4 racing modes and 8 new tracks.
  • The game also supports single-player and multiplayer play offline.
  • 10 racing bonuses and weaponry are available to gather.
  • Two players are supported.
  • Pleasant music and vibrant graphics.


As we come to the end of the blog, we hope we could help you with Games like Mario Kart PC. We understand it’s tough to choose one from all the alternatives, but here are our top 3 games you can give a shot at, Beach Buggy Racing 2, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix, and Team Sonic Racing. Do let us know in the comments which one you prefer.

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