Free Speech Ethical Alternatives to Twitter (2024)

Tweet your uninhibited ideas, but not on Twitter!

As we roll into 2024, the online world is flooded with alternatives for almost every popular app. Users often look for platforms such as Twitter, now X that value open dialogue, unrestricted discussions, and respect for diverse opinions. We’ve got your back. In today’s blog, we will introduce you to some of the best free speech ethical alternative apps to Twitter that go beyond the limitations of the mainstream platform. With no further delay, let’s begin.

Free Speech Ethical Alternatives to Twitter for 2024

Best Ethical Alternatives to Twitter

People are looking for social media sites that are honest, private, and have real interactions online, and over time, Twitter has attracted new competitors. It’s all about breaking free from the norm. Whether it’s email newsletters or places that let creativity shine, these Twitter alternatives will fulfill all your needs.

1. Reddit


Reddit could become a new home for people who are leaving Twitter for good. With over 50 million active users, the platform lets you share text, pictures, post videos, and links. And one cool thing about Reddit is its subreddits, which are like smaller communities focused on different topics. You can join many of these based on what you like. You can vote on posts. While Twitter prioritizes your profile and is all about content, Reddit focuses on community building.

2. Bluesky


Built on AT Protocol BlueSky has been getting a lot of attention online, especially now that it lets users browse without having to create an account and login. Its idea came from Jack Dorsey, who designed it to work like Twitter but with some differences. Similarities with Twitter include its feed, posts, likes, block lists, a mute option, and more. Even though it’s still in beta testing, it already has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store, over 3 million users, and more than a million still on the waitlist.

3. Threads


Threads is Meta’s new app connected to Instagram and the new Twitter competitor that shows you posts from people you follow and also suggests other content. You have the option to make your profile visible to everyone or just select people and can also decide who can comment on your posts. Additionally, Threads lets you post text updates with a limit of up to 500 characters and you can also post photos and videos up to 5 minutes long.

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4. Substack


Substack provides help and advice for people who write and those who read. It’s designed for bloggers, podcast makers, financial writers, food writers, comic artists, and local news reporters. Moreover, as your content goes directly to your followers through email, they most likely won’t miss it. Plus, it is a free speech ethical alternative to Twitter where you can even earn money from your subscribers for your creative work.

5. Mastodon


Mastodon is a decentralized social network made up of independent servers around specific genres, topics, and interests. Here, you can set up your own space, called Instances, using its open-source system. Mastodon servers can be run by individuals, groups, or organizations, and members of one can interact with the members of other servers. It’s popular because it offers features similar to Twitter, like posts, comments, saved posts, hashtags, and sharing. 

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6. Spill


Spill is like a spin-off of Twitter, a black-owned social media app. Like they say, it aims to become the de facto platform to discover and discuss culture worldwide. Even though the interface is quite similar to the latter, it’s got its unique style. Posts are referred to as spills and when you share something on Spill, it says it’s brewing your tea. Instead of a typical news feed, there’s a spill board and it focuses more on photos, videos, and GIFs instead of text-based posts.

7. Post News

Post News was launched in late 2022 and was designed mainly for journalists and people who love reading news. Although it doesn’t have all the features that Twitter offers, it’s still a good place for people to discover, read, watch, discuss, and share premium news content without subscriptions or ads. The interface of Post matches with X and other microblogging services, so it will be easy for you to get the hang of it.

8. Discord

While Discord and Twitter have very different features, both are good for specific groups of people. On Discord, you can talk with others using text, voice, or video, join group chats, or even stream together. While initially, it became popular among gamers, over time it has expanded to diverse communities. 

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9. Cohost

Cohost brings in elements of blogging, Twitter, and Tumblr. It’s simpler than Twitter but has familiar features like posting, liking, sharing, using hashtags, and commenting. Moreover, they’ve set up protections to avoid spam. You have a 500-character limit per post and with a Cohost Plus subscription at $5/month (or $50/year), you get more benefits.

10. Bastyon

Bastyon says it’s the first social network that can’t be easily censored, thanks to using blockchain tech. People who share videos get rewarded with something called PKOIN. When you first see Bastyon, it reminds you a lot of Twitter with its layout and hashtags. As they say, it’s hard to censor stuff there, you might find content that’s a bit iffy.


You already know Twitter as a micro-blogging platform. Now, if you’re into the challenge of saying a lot in a few words, check out as an alternative. With a 280-character limit, it’s like having your tiny blog. You can post text, pictures, and videos for others to see and comment on, or just keep it all private for yourself. 

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12. Counter Social

Counter Social is a great option if you want an X-like platform without ads, mean comments, and extra privacy. It’s unique and stands out because it’s run by someone named The Jester, who aims to fight fake news, outside influences, and online bullies. You can write posts up to 500 characters and even add photos and polls. Plus, the dashboard shows you what your friends are up to.

13. T2

T2 is stepping up gradually as a new social media app like X. Founded by former Twitter employees Sarah Oh and Gabor Cselle, it is currently in the early development stage. As a simple version of Twitter, without features like Communities, Bookmarks, Lists, Trends, and more, T2 wants to offer a place for quick updates and friendly chats. Moreover, it is only a web-based app at present. 

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As more folks look for better online spaces, these ethical alternatives to Twitter, now X show that the future of social media can be more honest and user-friendly. We hope you liked our recommendations. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to Techcult for more such articles.

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