Top 9 Black-Owned Social Media Sites and Apps

Social media plays a crucial role in bringing people together and fostering communities. While mainstream platforms dominate the digital landscape, there’s a growing recognition of the importance of supporting Black-owned social media sites and apps. These platforms not only provide spaces for social interaction but also empower diverse voices and perspectives.

Top 9 Black-Owned Social Media Sites and Apps

Top Black-Owned Social Media Platforms

Here are some of the top black-owned social media apps and sites designed to foster economic cooperation among Black people. These apps contribute to a more diverse and representative social media landscape.

Apps/Sites Features Rating
Black Planet Offers matchmaking, job postings, and forums for political and social issues. 4.6
Fan Base Unique focus on helping black creators monetize their work. 4.6
AfroTech Connect A strategic tool for black professionals navigating the tech industry. 4.7
Spill An invite-only platform. Often referred to as the “Black Twitter,” 4.5
MelaninPeople Safe digital space for Black people to share short-form videos, pictures, and e-magazines. 4.6

1. Black Planet

Screenshot of Black Planet Home Page

BlackPlanet is a social networking service for African Americans that offers matchmaking, job postings, and forums for political and social issues. It’s the world’s largest niche social online community with over 20 million members. BlackPlanet is free to join and use. It’s intended for everyone to have fun, find out more about their friends, and about their community. It was created in 1999 by Dr. Wasow and Benjamin Sun. The partnership set the tone and bar for future social sites. BlackPlanet is also a popular email service commonly used for personal account creation.

2. Jamii

Screenshot of Jamil webpage

Jamii is not just a social platform but a marketplace with a purpose. Focused on supporting black-owned businesses, Jamii connects users with a diverse array of products and services. From handmade crafts to innovative tech solutions, users can explore, purchase, and contribute to the growth of a thriving economic ecosystem. It tries to bridge the gap between consumers and entrepreneurs for individuals to make informed choices while actively participating in the support of black-owned businesses.

3. Fan Base

Screenshot of Fan Base a black owned social media app website Homepage

Launched in 2018 by Isaac Hayes III, the son of the legendary musician Isaac Hayes, Fanbase is a social media platform with a unique focus on helping black creators monetize their work. Fanbase offers a special way to make money online. You can follow others for free, but there’s a cool option to subscribe to your favorite creators’ exclusive content for $4.99/month or unlock individual posts. This helps creators earn money, and users get access to unique content, making it a win-win.

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4. AfroTech Connect

Screenshot of Afrotech Connect Homepage

AfroTech Connect is a strategic tool for black professionals navigating the tech industry. By providing a space for networking, mentorship, and career opportunities, this app addresses the underrepresentation of black talent in technology. Here users can connect with like-minded professionals, share insights, and explore avenues for growth. AfroTech Connect is a pivotal platform in the pursuit of diversity in the tech world.

5. Spill

Screenshot of Spill Homepage

Spill is an invite-only black-owned social media platform which was established in 2023 and founded by former Twitter employee Alphonzo Terrell and DeVaris Brown, CEO of Meroxa. While it operates on an invite-only basis, interested users can join a waitlist to be a part of this innovative digital space. Often referred to as the Black Twitter, Spill places a strong emphasis on Black culture and contributions. By celebrating and amplifying Black voices, Spill contributes to creating a more inclusive and diverse digital landscape.

6. MelaninPeople

Screenshot of MelaninPeople Homepage which is one of black owned social media apps

MelaninPeople is a social media platform that connects Black and brown people from around the world. The platform uses short-form videos, pictures, an e-magazine, marketplace, and messaging application. The app was created by Adeyinka Adegoke to create a safe digital space for Black and brown people to interact and support one another. MelaninPeople is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

7. Melaninterest

Melaninterest is a melting pot of creativity and culture. Beyond the typical social media features, it is a hub for showcasing talents, discovering emerging trends, and supporting black-owned businesses. From fashion and art to lifestyle and innovation, this platform seamlessly integrates culture into the social experience, making it a go-to destination for those seeking a vibrant online community.

8. Blitter

Blitter is a digital stage dedicated to amplifying black voices. With features that encourage thoughtful discussions and content sharing, Blitter creates a space where users can engage in meaningful conversations. The emphasis here is on fostering a community that celebrates diversity, educates, and uplifts, making it a standout platform for those seeking more than just casual interactions. Though the platform is currently in dormant stage, it is bound to make a comeback soon, according to its Threads account.

9. Movespot

Movespot is a black-owned social networking app that combines social media and social networking sites into one platform. It allows users to share their daily activities while expressing themselves socially. Movespot is different from other social media platforms because it has substance. Users can connect and create, and also plan and throw events for the collective to attend. The app also allows users to connect with travel agents or vacation buddies who want to explore new adventures.

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By supporting black-owned social media apps and platforms, users not only connect with others but also actively participate in building a digital landscape that amplifies the voices and experiences of the Black community. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section below.

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