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3 thoughts on “[SOLVED] Windows 10 Freezes Randomly”

  1. Had the same problem over and over again, after a Google crash and new re-installation, , I forgot to enable my Google Ad blocker extensions. Since then my PC is not freezing n WiN 10 !

    Check it out

  2. Great post Aditya! I have summarized the post.
    When dealing with Windows 10 Freeze, you start to get annoyed by wild glitches, lags, and system brakes.
    Here are some cases and solutions-
    1. Use Effective Antivirus For The System
    2. Update your drivers with various programs—popular driver update software DriverPack and Driver Booster.
    3. Disable unnecessary programs in the task manager in the Startup tab.
    4. Change the thermal paste on the processor or video card.
    5. If you use your PC under heavy load, more than it should be according to the technical definition, the computer will freeze.
    6. Among other problems, BIOS modification can cause the computer to freeze. When you overclock your system processor or RAM, you can quickly run into stability problems. Try to avoid making any changes (if you haven’t already). Resetting the BIOS to default can fix your freeze problem.
    7. Remove all USB devices, flash drives from the ports of your computer or laptop.
    8. Remember which application you installed last. Try to find and remove it.
    9. Remove unnecessary, unreliable programs.

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