Fix Valorant Error Code 29

Valorant is an online multiplayer FPS game so, it needs servers to manage the data. However, you might face errors when playing the game and feel frustrated. Sometimes, servers are down and you can do nothing but just wait for them to come up online. Additionally, we will discuss how to troubleshoot Valorant error code 29 issue.

Fix Valorant Error Code 29

How to Fix Valorant Error Code 29

Valorant error code 29 is typically caused by connectivity issues between your computer and the game servers possibly due to conflict between the Windows Firewall and Riot server. It could also be due to interference of VPN or proxy and antivirus suite on your PC.

Quick Answer:

Try to troubleshoot your internet connection and disable the VPN or proxy software to fix Valorant error code 29.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

1A. Wait for Server Uptime- How to know if the servers are down? Follow the steps below,

1. Open the official site of Riot game and choose Valorant from the other options.

Open the official site of Riot game and choose Valorant from the other options.

2. Select the region and language and click Continue.

Select the region and language and click Continue.

3. Scroll down and see if the server is down or not.

Scroll down and check if the server is down or not. Fix Valorant Error Code 29

If there is an error then you can wait for it to resolve. If the screen shows no error then you can try out the other methods given in this article.

1B. Increase Internet Speed – As we mentioned, a poor internet connection can also cause this problem, so read our article on How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 11. 

1C. Relaunch Riot Client – When the game is running, then it can gather cache files, and those cache files can hang the game. If you relaunch the Riot, then those temporary files get deleted.

1D. Close Other Programs – If you are using a lower-end computer with low RAM then you can close other background tasks via task manager.

1E. Turn Off VPN – As error code 29 is a network-related issue, we will advise you to Disable VPN and Proxy on Windows 10/11

Method 2: Update Valorant

If Valorant is not updated, then it can also cause problems like this. New updates come with enhanced security and bug fixes along with the new features.

  • The good thing is whenever there is a new version then if you open the game it will show that there is an update available. You just need to download it from that option.
  • However, if the update is not showing after opening the game, then it might not be available in your region.

Follow these steps to check for and update Valorant.

1. Open the Riot Client app on your PC.

2. Sign in to your Riot account.

3. Under My Games, look for Valorant and under it click on the Update button.

Under My Games look for Valorant and under it click on the Update button

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Method 3: Update Windows

If your device is outdated, then that can cause issues with the latest software in the market. Follow the steps below for updating your device.

1. Open Settings, by typing in the Windows search bar.

2. Then, select Windows Update and then click on Check for updates.

select Windows Update then click Check for updates. Fix Valorant Error Code 29

3a. If a new update is available, click on Install Now and follow the instructions to Update.

3b. If not, then you will get You’re up to date message.

Method 4: Relaunch Vanguard

Sometimes minor hiccups lead to this issue. So, in that case, it is best to force quit Vanguard and then relaunch it. In order to know how to force quit a program, read our guide on how to force quit a program on Windows 11. If the problem still persists, then follow the next method.

Type tasklist in the Command Prompt window and press Enter on the keyboard to execute it.

Method 5: Disable Antivirus Temporarily (If Applicable)

Anti-viruses can save your system from harmful apps or programs that may contain a virus. That’s why you must use an antivirus. However, you have to also see if it is causing the problem, as sometimes it can. Read our article on How to disable antivirus temporarily on Windows 10 for turning off the antivirus.

Method 6: Allow Valorant in Windows Firewall

If the Windows firewall is not allowing Valorant, then getting error 29 is normal. So you can allow Valorant to bypass the firewall and fix Valorant error code 29. To do so, you can read our guide on How to Block or Unblock Programs In Windows Defender Firewall.

Allow Apps in Windows 10 Firewall. Fix Valorant Error Code 29

Method 7: Update Graphics Driver

If you want to play games, then one component that you need is a graphics card. So if your graphics card is outdated, then the experience might get hampered. So we will recommend you to update the graphics driver.

update nvidia geforce driver

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Method 8: Reinstall Vanguard

Sometimes just relaunching Vanguard won’t suffice so in that case consider reinstalling. Follow the steps below to reinstall.

1. Search Add or remove programs in the Windows search bar and click on Open.

Search Add or remove programs and click on Open the application. Fix Valorant Error Code 29

2. Now, search Vanguard from the list and click on Uninstall.

3. Open any Riot game that you want to play.

4. Now the Vanguard will be automatically installed.

5. Restart the computer after the installation.

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Method 9: Contact Valorant Support

If the methods that we mentioned above are not working, then you have to contact the Valorant team. You can either contact them from their official support page.

  • If you are contacting them from Twitter, then tag the official account and the team will reply to you.
  • If you are contacting them from the official page, then you can submit a request and the team will look after the matter and give you a solution.

1. In your web browser, navigate to the Valorant Support page.

2. From the drop-down menu, select a REQUEST TYPE.

select a REQUEST TYPE. Fix Valorant Error Code 29

3. Fill out the form with the necessary information and click on the SUBMIT button.

Fill out the form with the necessary information and click on the SUBMIT button

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We hope after reading the article your issue about Valorant Error code 29 is now solved. If you still have any questions, then don’t forget to ask them in the comment section and our team will look after them. You can also suggest us a new topic and we will try to write a dedicated article on it. Save our site in your bookmarks for future reference. Thank you for reading.

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