9 Ways To Fix Snapchat Connection Error

We all use Snapchat for clicking stunning photos as well as sharing them with our family and friends. Snapchat is popular for providing amazing filters. Snapchat is also considered the fastest way to share a moment. You can share your pictures with your contacts in no time. Moreover, you may also capture small videos with Snapchat and share them with your friends. You may share Snapchat stories or view what others add to their stories.

One thing that makes us frustrated is the Snapchat connection error. There are plenty of reasons for this problem. Maybe your mobile network is not working properly or Snapchat’s servers are down. If you are someone facing the same problems, we are here with a guide that will help you fix Snapchat connection error. Therefore, you must read till the end to get your issue resolved.

How to fix Snapchat Connection Error

9 Ways to Fix Snapchat Connection Error

There are many reasons for Snapchat connection error. We have done some research and brought you this ultimate guide that will prove to be a lifesaver when you are trying to fix Snapchat connection error.

Method 1: Fix Network Connection

One of the possible reasons for the Snapchat connection error could be your slow network connection. A network connection is one of the primary requirements for connecting to the Snapchat servers. If you are facing network issues, you may try the below-mentioned steps:

a) Turning On Airplane Mode

Sometimes, your mobile network connections get poor and your phone can’t connect to the internet. Airplane mode helps you resolve any network issue. When you switch on your Airplane mode, it will turn off your mobile network, Wifi connection, and even your Bluetooth connection. Although, Airplane mode was built for flight travelers to stop communication with plane’s equipment. 

1. Go to your Notification panel and tap on the “Airplane” icon. To turn it off, again tap on the same “Airplane” icon.

Go to your Notification panel and tap on the Airplane icon | How to fix Snapchat Connection Error

b) Switching to a Stable Network

In case, the “Airplane mode” trick doesn’t work for you, you can try switching to a more stable network. If you are using your mobile data, try switching to a Wifi connection. In the same way, if you are using Wifi, try switching to your mobile data. This will help you figure out if the network connection is the reason behind Snapchat connection error. 

1. Switch off your mobile data and go to “Settings” and tap on “WiFi” then shift to another available Wifi connection. 

Open Settings on your Android device and tap on Wi-Fi to access your Wi-Fi network. 

If you are using an iPhone, go to Settings > WLAN and turn it on or shift to another available Wifi connection. 

Method 2: Close Snapchat app and Launch it Again

Sometimes, waiting for the app to respond is the best option for you. All you need to do is close the Snapchat app and delete it from the recently used apps. It could be possible that Snapchat is facing some issues at a particular time and it could get fixed automatically after opening the app again.

Exit the Snapchat app and clear it from the recently used applications window.

Method 3: Restart Your Smartphone 

It may sound stupid but restarting your phone instantly resolves many problems. For example, if your phone is not working properly, restarting your phone will do the work for you. In a similar way, you may be facing the same problem when you see Snapchat connection error.

To restart your phone, long-press the power button till you get options such as Power Off, Restart, and Emergency mode. Tap on the “Restart” icon and launch Snapchat again after the Smartphone turns ON.

Tap on the Restart icon | How to fix Snapchat Connection Error

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Method 4: Update Snapchat 

You must be aware that not every small update brings a lot of changes to the app. But certainly, these small updates bring bug improvements that help you get your issues resolved after updating to the latest version. You need to go to your App Store or Play Store and check if the Snapchat app has got an update or not.

Tap on the Update button to upgrade to the latest version of the application. 

Method 5: Disable Power Saver & Data Saver Mode

Power Saver modes are built to save your battery life and provide you with an amazing experience even when you are running low on battery. But this mode also restricts background data which means it will restrict other applications to use your mobile data. Data saver modes also cause the same problem. So, you need to disable these modes to get the best out of your smartphone. 

To Disable Power Saver mode:

1. Go to the Settings of your mobile phone.

2. From the list, tap on “Battery and Device Care“.

Battery and Device Care | How to fix Snapchat Connection Error

3. On the next screen, tap on “Battery“.

tap on Battery.

4. Here, you can see “Power Saving Mode“. Make sure to turn it off.

you can observe Power Saving Mode. Make sure to turn it off. | How to fix Snapchat Connection Error

To Disable Data Saving mode:

1. Go to Settings and tap on “Connections” or “WiFi” from the available options and tap “Data Usage” on the next screen.

Go to Settings and tap on Connections or WiFi from the available options.  Now, tap Data Usage on the next screen.

2. Here,  you can see the “Data Saver” option. You must switch it off by tapping on “Turn On Now“. 

you can see the Data Saver option. You must switch it off by tapping on Turn On Now. 

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Method 6: Turn Off VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and this amazing option lets you hide your IP address from everyone and you can surf the internet without letting anyone trace you. This is a very commonly used option to maintain privacy. However, using a VPN to access Snapchat may also cause hindrance getting connected to its servers. You must disable your VPN and try opening the app again. 

Method 7: Uninstall Snapchat 

You may even consider uninstalling the Snapchat application and installing it again to get its connection error fixed. Moreover, this will let you solve your other problems with the Snapchat application as well. You just need to long-press the Snapchat icon and tap on “Uninstall“. You can download it again from the App Store or Play Store.

Open Snapchat app on your device

Method 8: Uninstall Third-party Apps

If you have recently installed a third-party app on your smartphone which also has access to Snapchat, this app may also cause your Snapchat to work slow. You must uninstall third-party apps that have access to Snapchat. 

Method 9: Contact Snapchat Support

In case you are facing Snapchat connection error for a very long time, you can always contact Snapchat support for assistance and they would let you know about the possible reason for your connection error. You can always visit support.snapchat.com or report your problem on Twitter to @snapchatsupport.

Snapchat twitter | How to fix Snapchat Connection Error


We hope that this ultimate guide will definitely help you fix Snapchat connection error on your smartphone. Don’t forget to give your valuable feedback in the comments section.

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