Fix PayPal Unable to Process Request

PayPal is an online payment application that provides an easy and secure method to transfer and receive money online. Debit and credit cards, or associated bank accounts, are used to process payments. PayPal is a preferred online payment method in many countries. This electronic way of processing money while shopping or for other activities has become quite popular in recent days. But this payment method has been facing some issues in processing customer requests. One such error is PayPal unable to process request which we are going to discuss in this guide. If you are someone dealing with the same issue, you can check the quick fixes provided in this guide and try to implement them to resolve the issue. So, let us begin with the methods to fix PayPal were unable to process request issues right away.

Fix PayPal Unable to Process Request

How to Fix PayPal Unable to Process Request

The reasons behind why PayPal is unable to process your payment request can vary from PayPal servers being down to issues with your PayPal account. Let us have a look at some of these reasons briefly below:

  • Unverified account
  • Unconfirmed bank account
  • Unverified credit or debit card
  • Insufficient money in the account
  • Issues with the browser
  • Enabled VPN
  • Weak internet connectivity

The first method to attempt while trying to fix payment processing issues with PayPal is to check its server status page. Sometimes, all the issues related to transferring money occur because PayPal operational functions are down. Therefore, you can check the official website of PayPal status page or check third-party uptime-checker websites like DownDetector that help in providing details about if there is an issue with the servers of PayPal or not.

Check PayPal Server Status. Fix PayPal Unable to Process Request

There is no certain method that can help you get rid of processing issues on PayPal. But you can try to attempt the troubleshooting methods given below to check which one suits you the most in settling this problem.

Method 1: Verify Credit or Debit Card

If PayPal servers are working fine and you are still struggling with PayPal unable to process request then you should check if cards saved in PayPal, whether credit or debit, are verified or not. Unverified cards can interfere with processing payments and sometimes block them, therefore, it is essential that you check if the saved cards are verified.

1. Visit PayPal official website in your browser.

Open PayPal

2. Log In to PayPal by entering your credentials.

Log In to PayPal. Fix PayPal Unable to Process Request

3. Now, click on the Settings Gear icon.

Click on the Settings Gear icon. Fix PayPal Unable to Process Request

4. Open the Payments tab and confirm your saved card(s) in it.

Open the Payments tab

Once your credit or debit card is confirmed, process the payment again to check if the unable to process request issues have been resolved.

Method 2: Link Bank Account

The next important method is to confirm your bank details in your account, in case, PayPal were unable to process this request of payment that you made. Sometimes, the reason why PayPal doesn’t work fine is if it has not verified your bank account which results in PayPal not authorizing your transactions. In such a case, follow the steps mentioned below to confirm your bank:

1. Open your PayPal account on the web and go to your Wallet.

2. Click on Link a bank account option.

link a payment method paypal

3. Now, select your Bank Account.

4. After that, choose your bank account type and provide the necessary data, and click on Agree and Link.

Now that your bank account is confirmed in PayPal, you can process your payment and check if the issue is settled now.

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Method 3: Use PayPal Balance

If on making a transaction, PayPal can’t process request error occurs on your device then you can try using your PayPal balance to process the payment. It is possible to face this issue because of your card or bank payments, therefore, instead of using these, you can use your PayPal money which can get the application working again. If you do not have money in your PayPal account, you can add money using the steps mentioned below:

Note: The steps mentioned below can be followed in case you have not linked your card or bank account already.

1. Sign in to your PayPal account and select Manage at the top of the page.

 Click on Manage. Fix PayPal Unable to Process Request

2. Select Link a Card or Bank from the menu.

Click on Link a card or bank

3. Select a preferred option between Link a debit or credit card and Link a bank account.

Select Link a debit or credit card or Link a bank account

4. After entering your information, click Link Card.

Click on Link Card. Fix PayPal Unable to Process Request

5. Now, open Wallet on your PayPal account page.

6. To send money from your bank account to PayPal, click Add Money

Now that you have added money to your PayPal balance, you can make further transactions using the same without having a need to use a card or bank account.

Method 4: Try Another Payment Method

If none of the above payment methods have made it possible to resolve PayPal unable to process request issue then you can try another payment method to make your transaction. This can be done using an alternative card or a different bank account as the main culprit can be your saved bank account in PayPal.

1. Open your account in PayPal on the web, hit the Manage option, and then launch the application.

 Click on Manage. Fix PayPal Unable to Process Request

2. Now, click on Link a card or bank to add a new bank account.

Click on Link a card or bank

Follow the on-screen instructions further to add a new card or a bank account to your PayPal.

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Method 5: Use Different Browser

For PC users who like to make payments through PayPal on the web, if you are experiencing issues with processing your payment, you can try using a different browser. Sometimes, using a specific browser can be the reason behind the problem because of issues with the online services of that browser. In such a case, if you are using Google Chrome for the payments on PayPal, you can try using other web browsers instead. Change of browsers has been seen to settle the issue of PayPal can’t process request for many users. Following are the list of popular web browsers apart from Google Chrome.

Use a Different Browser

Method 6: Disable VPN and Proxy Server

In case you are using a VPN or a proxy service on your system to hide your identity online, it can hinder the payment process while making transactions via PayPal. Hence, it is important for you to disable any such service while you are trying to use PayPal for transactions. You can read our guide on How to Disable VPN and Proxy on Windows 10 and get help from it to disable it on your PC.

 Disable your VPN

Method 7: Try Different Device

Apart from all the issues with your PayPal account, saved cards, and bank account, it is possible that PayPal were unable to process this request can occur due to issues with the device that you are currently using to make payment. If this is the case, then you can try changing your device, a different PC or laptop, or a different mobile phone. Run a transaction from a different device, if possible and see if the problem is resolved.

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Method 8: Contact PayPal Support

If none of the above mentioned methods seem to work for you then the last resort left to overcome unable to process request issue is to contact PayPal support. PayPal support provides a lot of troubleshooting information that can be of great help to you. You can chat with PayPal professionals or even talk to them on the phone to resolve the error.

Contact PayPal Support. Fix PayPal Unable to Process Request

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why does my PayPal keep showing unable to process payment?

Ans. The most common reasons for PayPal repeatedly showing unable to process payment error due to the funding source of the customer or issues with the PayPal account.

Q2. Why am I facing issues while making a transaction through my debit card on PayPal?

Ans. If you are facing issues while making transactions via debit card, they can occur due to the unverified card. Not only this but exceeding the card limit with the PayPal system could also be behind the problem.

Q3. How can I accept payment on PayPal?

Ans. Once you have received payment on PayPal, you can manually claim each payment by accessing the Summary option and accepting pending payments received in your account.

Q4. Can I send an email to PayPal support?

Ans. You cannot send an email to PayPal support but you can have a chat with the officials or even comment on your social accounts by tagging the official social account of PayPal.

Q5. What type of cards are accepted on PayPal?

Ans. All types of major debit and credit cards are accepted on PayPal, including, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.


Online transactions have indeed made everyone’s lives easier. Paying or receiving money online is very efficient and not to mention extremely safe too. But sometimes, payment errors can occur while making online transactions on platforms like PayPal which is used by millions of users, due to manifold reasons. We hope that our guide helped you thoroughly in resolving PayPal unable to process request issue. Tell us which of the aforementioned techniques you used to accomplish this successfully. Leave your valuable suggestions and further queries in the comments section below.

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