Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

Despite being over ten years old, Modern Warfare 2 remains a widely enjoyed first-person shooter game, but you may experience difficulties with error code 2901. This error can impede access to certain elements of the game and result in crashes. This article will explore everything you need to know about error code 2901 in Modern Warfare 2, including its definition, appearance within the game, causes and fixes. Additionally, we will offer practical advice to help you fix Modern Warfare 2 error code 2901 and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

Error code 2901 in Modern Warfare 2 is a common issue that occurs when the game fails to connect to the matchmaking server.

Quick Answer

Here are the some steps you can try and resolve the error:

1. Troubleshoot your internet connection.

2. Reset Network.

3. Contact Activision Support.

What Causes Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901?

Error code 2901 is an issue encountered by most players when they try to play MW2 on their respective devices due to internet connectivity issues. This prevents users from connecting to the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 servers. Other than that, the following reasons are now to trigger this error code:

  • Server outage or other technical issues.
  • Outdated version of the game.
  • Windows Firewall or antivirus application interfering with the game servers.
  • Corrupt files in the installed game files.

What Does the Error Code 2901 Mean in Modern Warfare 2?

Error code 2901 in Modern Warfare is usually triggered by internet connectivity problems and disturbs the players by interrupting in between playing. This error comes up whenever the players try to start the game or when they are in the match. To know more about what causes error code 2901 in MW2, check out the reasons listed below.

How this Error Code 2901 in MW2 Looks Like

2901 error is a prompt message that comes up on the screen as Error Code 2901 when players of MW2 try to launch the game or are in between their gameplay. When this error pops up, the game gets stuck, the computer crashes, freezes, or the game does not work correctly.

Even though there is no official fix for error code 2901, considering the reasons that trigger it, there are some fixes that you can try and figure out what suits the best for you. Let us look at these fixes one by one below:

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Before you jump on to some elaborative tips and tricks, try out some basic troubleshooting methods that we have put together as a solution to get rid of error code 2901 once and all:

1A. Restart Game

Restarting MW2 is one of the simplest and most convenient methods to try out in order to fix the 2901 error code. Performing this method helps users to get rid of temporary glitches that might be behind the error. You can simply exit and reopen the title on your device attempt this method.

1B. Wait for Server Up-Time

Now that you are well aware of what causes error code 2901 in MW2, it is also possible that the said error is occurring by no fault of your own and instead due to server issues. Server outage on Activision’s end can stop you from playing the game as well, further resulting in the error code. Therefore, you can visit the official Online Services page of Activision and check for any server downtime. If there happens to be one, wait for the up-time.

Wait for Server Up-Time. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

1C. Ensure Strong Internet Connection

As you know by now, an internet connection is of utmost importance to play MW2. If you have unstable or weak internet connectivity, there is a chance that error code 2901 may occur. Therefore, check your data connectivity and if it is found to be weak, read our guide on Slow Internet Connection? 10 Ways to Speed up your Internet! and fix the issue.

Change DNS address. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

1D. Reboot Console

If restarting the game is not of any help, you can also try rebooting the console you are playing MW2 on to fix error code 2901. Rebooting your device will fix minor bugs instantly without much effort. PC users can read our guide on 6 Ways to Reboot or Restart a Windows 10 Computer to learn about some new ways of performing this method.

Restart PC

Method 2: Run Game as Administrator

Not granting necessary authorities to MW2 can also result in the Modern Warfare 2 error code 2901. Therefore, give the game all admin settings and fix the said error code with the help of the following steps:

1. Right-click on the MW2 icon on your desktop screen and select Properties from the menu.

2. Now, open the Compatibility tab and click on the box besides the Run this program as an administrator option.

Click on the box besides Run this program as an administrator

3. Next, click on Apply and then OK to save the changes.

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Method 3: Update Game

After learning about what causes error code 2901 in MW2, you should know that an outdated version of MW2 can also lead to conflicts in operating it properly. Therefore, if you seem to encounter error code 2901, try updating the game to its latest build and fixing the issue.

1. Open the Steam application on your system and access its LIBRARY.

Open LIBRARY. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

2. Now, select HOME from the drop-down menu and search Modern Warfare 2.

Select HOME. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

3. Next, right-click on the game and select the Properties… option from the menu.

Select Properties...

4. Then, switch to UPDATES from the left panel and follow the on-screen instructions to update the game.

Switch to UPDATES. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

Finally, when the game has been updated, launch it and check if the said error has been fixed.

Method 4: Verify Integrity of Game Files

Corrupt game files or incorrect installation of game files can also be a reason behind the error code 2901. Therefore, to fix the error, try verifying the integrity of game files with the help of our informative guide on How to Verify Integrity of Game Files on Steam.

verify integrity of game files. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

Method 5: Temporarily Disable Antivirus (If Applicable)

Third-party applications on your PC like an antivirus program can also block the game’s responses from its servers. Therefore, to fix Modern Warfare 2 error code 2901, disable your system’s antivirus software and enjoy playing MW2 without any issues. Learn more about this method by going through our guide on How to Disable Antivirus Temporarily on Windows 10.

click the Turn off button

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Method 6: Disable Windows Firewall (Not Recommended)

Just like a third-party antivirus program on your PC, there is in-built security software that protects your PC from threats and viruses. This program is known as Windows Firewall that can unknowingly block MW2 and stop it from working and thereby answering your question, what causes error code 2901 in MW2. So, to avoid this situation, disable Windows Firewall on your device. You can make this possible with the help of our guide on How to Disable Windows 10 Firewall.

Turn off Windows Defender Firewall

Method 7: Reinstall Game

If Modern Warfare 2 error code 2901 persists on your device, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game to fix the issue. This will help you fix corrupted files that are not working correctly and leading to the mentioned error. You can reinstall MW2 by following the steps below:

1. Open the Settings app on your computer by pressing the Windows + I keys together.

2. Now, click on the Apps setting.

Click on Apps. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

3. Next, locate and click on Call of Duty MW2 game and select Uninstall.

Select Uninstall. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 2901

4. Click on the Uninstall pop-up to confirm the process.

5. Now, reboot your PC.

6. Next, go to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II official website and login to the your account.

call of duty modern warfare 2 login

7. Now, download the game on your PC and launch it to check if the Diver error code has been resolved.

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Method 8: Contact Activision Support

Finally, if you still have not been able to fix the error code 2901 on your PC, try to contact Activision Support through its official website. This will help you get in touch with professionals who can further assist you regarding the error code and fix it as soon as possible.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II MW2 support page


This brings us to the end of our informative guide on Modern Warfare 2 error code 2901. We hope that the doc helped you out with some prominent causes behind the error, its meaning, and different methods of fixing it. To share your valuable suggestions and more queries with us, leave your comments below.

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