5 Ways to Fix GTA 5 Game Memory Error

Are you experiencing GTA 5 game out of memory error, making it impossible for you to play the game? Keep reading. Through this guide, you will learn detailed solutions to fix GTA 5 game memory error.

What is the GTA 5 Game Memory or Social Club Error?

This error appears to users when they try to play GTA 5 on their computer. The error is labeled “ERR MEM MULTIALLOC FREE.” It generally indicates that GTA 5 operating memory is either full or has reached an error state.

This error message usually appears when players are utilizing modifications and add-ons to improve or modify their GTA 5 experience. The issue with third-party add-ons is they are troublesome cause they can have a memory leak or conflict with other game settings.

Fix GTA 5 Game Memory Error

Fix GTA 5 Game Memory Error

What is the cause of the GTA 5 Game Memory Error?

This error message appears mostly when you use add-ons or mods in your game. However, you might be experiencing this for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the most likely causes of GTA 5 crashes and error messages.

  • Improper mods/add-ons
  • Outdated or corrupt graphics drivers
  • Old or outdated DirectX version
  • Error state in OS

Here’s a comprehensive list of the six methods you can use to fix GTA 5 crashing on startup as well as Game Memory Error.

Method 1: Power Cycling

It’s usually a good idea to power cycle your system.  Power cycling the computer means shutting it down and restarting it after its total power/battery life has drained out. This clears the RAM entirely and compels the system to recreate all temporary configuration files. Here are the steps to do the same:

1. Turn off your computer and remove the battery from your computer.

Note: In case you have a PC, then make sure to remove the power supply cord and any external devices connected to your PC.

Power Cycling | Remove battery

2. Now press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. This will flush out all static charges and surplus power.

3. Wait for few minutes and switch everything back on.

Try launching the GTA 5 game again to verify if the issue is resolved.

Method 2: Change the GTA 5 command line

GTA 5 contains a command-line option that allows you to add commands that can be executed when the game starts up. The game will not start if you have added incorrect commands in the command line. 

1. Navigate to the directory on the computer where GTA 5 is installed. 

2. Now, look for the commandline.txt text file. 

3. If it isn’t already there, right-click on an empty spot and select New and choose Text Document.

Double Click on Text Document to open the Notepad document

4. Name this text file as commandline.txt and save the file. 

5. If the file is already present on your system then open the command-line text file and search for this command:


6. Delete it if the above command exists in the file.

7. Save the text file and restart your PC to save changes. 

Now relaunch the game to see whether the GTA 5 could not load DLL or game memory problem is fixed. If not, continue with the next method. 

Method 3: Rollback DirectX Version

Users have reported that they were able to fix GTA 5 game memory error by uninstalling DirectX 11 and installing DirectX 10 or 10.1. To be honest, this doesn’t make sense since DirectX 11 is the latest version which is supposed to fix bugs in the previous version (DirectX 10 and earlier). Still, it’s worth a shot to try this fix. 

1. From Programs and Features, uninstall DirectX 11 and make sure to install DirectX 10

2. Now launch GTA 5 then navigate to Graphics > DirectX Version from the GTA 5 menu

3. Here, alter the MSAA settings and choose the DirectX version from there.

4. Restart the game and PC to save changes. 

If this doesn’t help rectify the issue, try modifying game configuration file as explained in the next method.

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Method 4: Alter Game Configuration

If you’re using third-party modifications or add-ons then the game config file is most likely corrupted or incompatible with the operating system. Use the following steps to fix GTA 5 game memory error:

1. Navigate to GTA5 Mods website in your browser.

2. Now from the upper right section of the website click on the Search icon. 

3. In the Search box that opens, type gameconfig and click on the Search button. 

Now, go to the upper portion of the Mod window and click the search button

4. Select the file version of gameconfig depending on the version of the game which is installed.

5. Download the gameconfig file and extract the rar file.

6. Navigate to the following location in the File Explorer:

GTA V > mods > update > update.rpf > common > data

7. Copy the gameconfig file from the extracted rar file to this directory. 

8. Reboot your PC to save changes. 

If the GTA 5 Game Memory Error still persists, try reinstalling the game and device drivers as explained in the next method.

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Method 5: Reinstall Drivers and use DDU

If none of the previous approaches work, your computer graphics drivers are likely to be corrupted or outdated. In this method, we’ll reinstall the graphics drivers, but first, we will uninstall NVIDIA drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU). 

1. Download the latest NVIDIA drivers from the NVIDIA website.

Note: For AMD graphics cards, you can download the latest drivers from the company website.

2. After you’ve downloaded the drivers on your computer, download the DDU utility.

3. Run the DDU utility and click on the first option: Clean and restart. This will completely uninstall the Nvidia drivers from your system. 

Use Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall NVIDIA Drivers

4. Reboot your PC and Windows will automatically install the default drivers. 

5. Before reinstalling the Graphics drivers, try to run the game and see if it works. 

6. If it still doesn’t work, install the drivers which you’ve downloaded in step 1  and restart your computer.

Method 6: Reinstall GTA 5

If none of the above methods work, it means that the game is not installed properly. We’ll try reinstalling it and see if it resolves the issue.

Note: Make sure you have saved your game progress on the cloud or to your GTA 5 account. If you don’t have a backup of the progress file, you will have to start the game from the very beginning.

1. Click on the Start menu button, type control Control Panel and open it from the search result. 

.Hit the Start menu button, type control Control Panel and select it | Fixed: GTA 5 Game Memory Error

2. Now Select Program and Features.

Note: Make sure the “View By” option is set to Large icons.

Now Select Program and Features.

3. Right-click on the game and select Uninstall.

Right-click the game option and select Uninstall | Fixed: GTA 5 Game Memory Error

4. Once the game is uninstalled, reboot your PC to save changes. 

5. You may now either re-download the complete game or, if you already have a downloaded copy, install it from there.

This should definitely fix the GTA 5 game memory error. 

Q. I have an Intel graphics card. Can I increase its dedicated Video Memory?

You can’t specify a value for your VRAM; you can only limit the amount of memory it can carry. The graphics processing unit (GPU) does not have its own memory; instead, it makes use of shared memory that is assigned to it automatically.

The BIOS usually can change the maximum RAM; however, it may not be available on all PCs.

If you want to set the VRAM according to the installed graphics, the parameters can usually be set to 128 MB, 256 MB, and maximum DVMT.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix GTA 5 game memory error. If you have any queries/comments regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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