Fix Android Stuck in a Reboot Loop

Android reboot loop is one of the most challenging issues encountered by any Android device. You cannot use your phone when it is stuck in a reboot loop, as it puts the device in an inoperable state. It happens when an unknown application installed in the device changes a system file accidentally. If you are also dealing with the same problem, you are at the right place. We bring a perfect guide that will you help you to fix Android is stuck in a reboot loop. You must read till the end to learn about the various tricks that will help you fix it.

Fix Android is Stuck in a Reboot Loop

Fix Android is Stuck in a Reboot Loop

Here are some methods to bring your Android phone back to its normal functional state from a reboot loop.

Method 1: Try to Restart your Phone

The soft reset of an Android device is essentially a reboot of the device. Many might wonder how to restart a device when it’s stuck in a loop. Simply follow the given steps: 

1. Simply press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.

2. Your device will restart automatically. 

3. After some time, the device will restart again to normal mode.

Method 2: Force Restart Your Device

If reset of the Android device does not give you a fix, then try a force restart of your phone. The following steps can accomplish this.

1. Tap on the Power + Volume down buttons simultaneously for about 10 to 20 seconds.

2.  On holding the button simultaneously, the device will turn off.

3. Wait for the screen to reappear.

The Android stuck in a reboot loop issue should be fixed now. If not, then you can proceed with the Factory Reset of your Android phone.

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Method 3: Factory Reset Your Android Device

Note: Before proceeding with Factory Reset, back up all the data stored on your mobile.

1. Switch OFF your mobile, now hold the Volume up button and Home button/Power button together. Don’t release the buttons just yet.

Note: All devices don’t support similar combinations to open Android recovery options. Please try different combinations. 

2. Once the device logo appears on the screen, release all the buttons. By doing so the Android Recovery screen will appear.

3. Here, select Wipe data/factory reset as shown below.

Note: You can use volume buttons to navigate and use the power button to select your desired option.

select Wipe data or factory reset on Android recovery screen

4. Now, tap on Yes on the Android Recovery screen as shown here.

Now, tap on Yes on the Android Recovery screen | Fix Android Stuck in a Reboot Loop

5. Wait for the device to reset. Once it does, tap Reboot system now.

Wait for the device to reset. Once it does, tap Reboot system now

Once you finish all the above-mentioned steps, the factory reset of your Android device will be completed. If the Android reboot loop issue still persists, try the next methods.

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Method 4: Remove SD Card From Android Device

Sometimes unwanted or corrupted files on your Android phone can cause a reboot loop to occur. In this case,

1. Remove the SD card and SIM from the device.

2. Now power off the device and boot it again (or) restart the device.

See if you’re able to fix Android stuck in a reboot loop issue. If you’re able to resolve the issue then the reason behind the error is the SD card. Consult a retail seller for a replacement.

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Method 5: Wipe Cache Partition in Recovery Mode

All the cache files present in the device can be deleted using the Recovery Mode.

1. Reboot the device in Recovery Mode as you did in Method 3.

2. From the list of options select Wipe Cache Partition.

Wipe cache partition | Fix Android Stuck in a Reboot Loop

Wait for your Android phone to reboot itself and then check if the reboot loop has been fixed or not. 

Method 6: Enable Safe Mode in Android

1. Reboot the device with which you are facing the reboot loop issue.

2. When the device logo appears, press and hold the Volume down button for some time.

3. The device will automatically enter the Safe mode.

4. Now, uninstall any unwanted application or program that might have induced rebooting loop problem.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix  Android is stuck in a reboot loop issue. If you have any queries/comments regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section.

13 thoughts on “Fix Android Stuck in a Reboot Loop”

  1. Avatar photo
    Hussein Flaicha

    Hello guys
    I have a problem with my galaxy note 9 after trying to unroot the device is stuck on a quick booting loop so I can’t even reach the reach recovery mode I tried all the methods to go to the recovery mode but I couldn’t and it stays doesn’t connect to the computer because the device is turning off before booting. sorry for the long explanation and thanks for the help.

  2. I faced Boot Loop problem thrice this year till Aug’22.

    1. Redmi Note 6 Pro: Boot loop problem occurred in Dec’21. Took the phone to MI service centre. After checking they said that the motherboard and the battery of the phone to be replaced costing a hefty amount (12,000/- INR). They returned me a dead phone. It was not in the boot-loop anymore and it doesn’t start also. Took it to a local Mobile repair shop. they checked and said that a chip needs to be replaced costing 3,500/- INR. They repaired my phone and it was working ok until today 20th Aug’22.

    2. Samsung Galaxy M42 5G. Bought phone in July’21. just after the warranty period of one year was over, I faced Boot Loop Problem in Aug’22. At times the phone was able to boot (very rarely, possibly after 100 cycles of Boot Loop). Took phone to the Samsung service centre. They asked to deposit the phone, and declared that all the data will be wiped off during testing. Had second thought. Meanwhile once the phone booted and I did a factory reset after backing up the settings etc. Even after the factory reset, the problem persisted. Went to the local Mobile repair shop. This time the technician said that the main chip needs to be replaced and the cost will be 5,500/- INR. He repaired the phone and the phone is still working. he also said that the data wouldn’t have wiped off during this repair.

    3. Redmi Note 6 Pro: today my Redmi phone again went to the Boot Loop mode. I tried to fiddle with the switched and nothing happened. Once I pressed the Power and Vol low button without releasing, and suddenly the Fast boot Screen appeared. I had no idea what to do in fast boot mode and even tried to reboot by pressing the power button, but nothing happened. I left the phone in the fast boot mode (?) and after sometime the phone went to power off mode. I tried to power on it by pressing the power button, and it powered on and did a clean boot. Now it is working. No idea what comes next.

  3. My old phone has reboot loop several times, that I’m getting used to the first method. Now this is the fourth time and I try to use the second method AND IT’S ALSO WORKING!!! OMG I NEVER THOUGHT THAT CAN WORK ON A PHONE WHERE THE POWER BUTTON IS ON THE TOP AND THE VOLUME BUTTON IS ON THE BACK OF THE PHONE!!! Now I’m going to do the second method again when the 5th bootloop of my Asus ZenFone Go.

  4. Avatar photo
    sailor starlight

    none of these work if your phone keeps rebooting by itself lmao I’m failing to find a method that works on a phone that doesn’t turn on or off and is just stuck rebooting when the second logo shows up. like ACTUALLY stuck.

  5. i m having same issue in redmi note 9S… i flashed stock rom and the problem remains…. then i find the solution that it is the battery circuit… because when i plugged in then device working fine and when i remove charger phone reboots within few seconds causing bootloop… then i went to mobile repair shop and told them the problem they can fix it… it is due to battery or battery circuit… in few hours i will get my phone from mobile repair shop so lets hope mobile will be fixed soon…

  6. Won’t fix with any of these .cleared cashe five times . Nothing works tried all reboot choices .took out cards nothing it stays stuck on tracphone logo .won’t open any farther . This is called a BLUE .THE PHONE NAME . I LOVE THIS PHONE PLEASE HELP …THANK YOU

  7. its just stuck in the restart window not even starting now i.e. not even lock screen is appearing just keeps on restarting again and again

  8. welp how unlucky am I my phone stuck in boot loop and my volume down button broke some of this method doesn’t work still don’t know about the other method that required a volume down button.

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