Fix Google Meet Disconnecting Frequently on Android

Experiencing frequent disconnections during a Google Meet session on your Android device can be a major hindrance, disrupting your virtual meetings and conversations. If you find yourself grappling with this issue, you’re not alone. In this guide, we’ll delve into practical solutions to address the challenge of Google Meet disconnecting frequently on your Android device.

Fix Google Meet Disconnecting Frequently on Android

How to Fix Google Meet Disconnecting Frequently

Here, we have explained the troubleshooting methods to fix Google Meet disconnecting problem on Android device.

Why is Google Meet Disconnecting Frequently?

Google Meet is a conferencing tool that is used for meetings. These meetings can be joined by anyone who receives an invitation. However, these meetings can get interrupted due to several reasons listed below:

  • Incompatibility of the device with the Google Meet app.
  • Server outage of the Google Meet application.
  • Unstable or weak internet connection.
  • Outdated version of Google Meet.
  • Wrong meeting code.
  • Corrupt Google Meet cache and data.
  • Corrupt installation files of the Google Meet app.

Quick Answer

Try to fix internet connection issues or clear cache data for Google Meet app to resolve the error. Also, try limiting data usage on Google Meet:

1. Launch the Google Meet and tap on the hamburger menu.

2. Tap on the Settings option and then Meeting settings.

3. Finally, toggle on the option for Limit data usage.

How to Fix Google Meet Disconnecting Problem on Android

You can get dropped out of Google Meet meetings out of nowhere due to network issues or other possible reasons. If something like this happens, you can fix the issue by following some troubleshooting methods given below:

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Before jumping onto advanced fixes, it is time to try out some troubleshooting fixes to resolve you are offline go back online to use Google Meet message error.

1A. Check Minimum Requirements of Google Meet

The first step as a solution to resolve the mentioned issue is to check your device for minimum requirements that are essential to run the Google Meet app. It is always recommended to use the Google Meet app on a mobile phone as using a browser instead of an app is not always reliable. You can download Google Meet from the Play Store of your device and avoid disconnection issues. To run the app on your Android phone, you need Android 5 or the latest version. If you have a mobile phone with a version older than Android 5, the Google Meet app on your device won’t work.

1B. Wait for Server Uptime

For Google Meet users who are operating the application on the browser of their Android phone, it is advised to check its servers. Therefore, you should wait for the server time up and regularly check for live updates of Google Meet servers on the Downdetector website.

Wait for Server Time Up

1C. Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues

Inability to connect to Google Meet meetings can also occur if there are some internet connectivity issues with your device. Android users can check their mobile data network or try connecting to Wi-Fi again. If you have issues with your data connectivity, then check our guide on How to Boost Internet Speed on Your Android Phone for more.

Resolve Internet Connectivity Issues

1D. Verify Meeting Code

If there are no internet connectivity issues or nothing wrong with the device you are running the Google Meet app on then you must once check if the meeting code you are trying to enter is correct or not. Sessions on Google Meet are usually organized using links rather than entering a meeting code. But sometimes, there can be a possibility of slip-up. Therefore, you must communicate with the meeting’s host and verify the code for the meeting you are trying to join and avoid Google Meet disconnecting frequently problem.

Method 2: Restart Google Meet App

If you are wondering, why do I keep disconnecting from Google Meet, then a plausible answer to this can be some minor glitches or bugs. To fix this issue, you must close the app completely and not just flip away from it. You can do so by closing it from the background as well by following the steps given below:

1. Close the Google Meet app from your device and go to the home screen.

2. Now, tap on the task view icon present at the bottom.

3. Next, tap on Close all to end all background processes on your phone, including the Google Meet app.

Tap on Close all

4. Finally, restart Google Meet and check if the disconnection issue has been resolved.

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Method 3: Update Google Meet App

Every app on your Android phone needs regular updates, including Google Meet as its older version can interrupt you from using most of the app’s features. Therefore, to fix Google Meet disconnecting problem Android, update the app to the latest version with the help of our guide on How To Automatically Update All Android Apps At Once.

Update Google Meet

Method 4: Clear Google Meet App Cache

You are offline go back online to use Google Meet is an error message that is encountered due to a corrupt Google Meet app cache and data as well. The cache stored in the app should therefore be cleaned regularly. To perform this method effectively, you can check our guide on How to Clear Cache on Android Phone (And Why Is It Important).

Clear Google Meet App Cache. Fix Google Meet Disconnecting Frequently

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Method 5: Limit Data Usage

Google Meet app has an additional feature of limiting data usage. This feature is extremely helpful as it can help you save your mobile data if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network and also helps run the app even in a bad network zone. You can enable this feature in your Google Meet app as well by following the steps below and get rid of the disconnecting error message:

1. Launch the Google Meet app on your Android phone.

2. Now, tap on the hamburger menu icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap on the hamburger menu icon

3. Next, tap on the Settings option from the left pane.

Tap on Settings. Fix Google Meet Disconnecting Frequently

4. Next, tap on Meeting settings.

Tap on Metting settings

5. Finally, toggle on the option for Limit data usage.

Toggle on Limit data usage. Fix Google Meet Disconnecting Frequently

Method 6: Reinstall Google Meet App

Finally, to fix Google Meet disconnecting frequently, you can opt for reinstalling the app on your phone. This is to resolve any error that previously occurred while installing the app files on your phone. To do so, you must first uninstall Google Meet for which you can refer to our guide on How to Uninstall or Delete Apps on your Android Phone.

Uninstall Apps

Once the Google Meet app has been uninstalled, follow the steps below to install it again:

1. Launch the Play Store application on your Android.

Launch Play Store

2. Next, search Google Meet from the search bar.

3. Tap on the Install button to download the Google Meet app.

Once it has been downloaded, run the app and check if the disconnection issue has been resolved.

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Additional Method: Use Google Meet on Browser

While your Android phone can easily access the Google Meet app from Play Store, if you are having issues while using the app, then you can try using the browser version. Try to use Google Meet online from your browser to avoid disconnection issues if the above methods do not work.

open Google Meet website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I fix Google Meet issues?

Ans. You can fix most of the Google Meet issues by turning your device data on again, restarting your router or modem, relaunching the Google Meet app, updating the app, clearing its cache, and finally reinstalling Google Meet.

Q2. How can I improve the Google Meet connection?

Ans. You can improve the Google Meet connection by making sure Google Meet traffic has a short path to the internet.

Q3. What internet speed is the best for Google Meet?

Ans. For Google Meet, your device must meet a 3.2 Mbps bandwidth requirement.

Q4. Does the Google Meet application use a lot of Wi-Fi?

Ans. Google Meet application’s usage can spend at least 2.6 GB of data per hour in HD quality video settings. This means that it can consume 0.9 GB of internet quota every hour.

Q5. Is there a limit on using Google Meet?

Ans. On your desktop, you can host one-on-one calls on Google Meet for up to 24 hours. However, you can host calls only for up to 3 or more participants for up to 60 minutes.


This brings us to the end of our guide on Google Meet disconnecting frequently. We hope that our doc answered all your queries about this error while using Google Meet and you were able to fix it using one of the methods given above. If you have some other questions to ask, please leave them in the comments section below.

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