How to Get Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver

How to Get Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver

Destiny 2 is an action-packed first-person shooter video game that has taken the gaming world by storm. It was developed by Bungie, it puts players in the role of a Guardian, a mighty protector of humanity who wields impressive weapons and abilities to take on various missions to save the solar system. Before going to how to get seventh seraph officer revolver, we should know what is seventh seraph officer revolver.

How to Get Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver

How to Get Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver

In this article, you will get to know about seventh seraph officer revolver god roll on Destiny 2 in detail.

What is Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver?

Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver, a legendary hand cannon. This particular weapon was added to the game during the Season of the Worthy update and it was the only weapon which quickly became popular among fans due to its impressive damage output and accuracy.

With a magazine capacity of eight rounds which generally can be upgraded too, the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver is a hand cannon that utilizes a precision frame. It has a moderate rate of fire, good range, and stability, which makes it a solid choice for both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) game modes. The weapon can also come with highly desirable perks can be known as god rolls too, further enhancing its effectiveness.

How to Get Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver

In the gaming community, the seventh seraph officer revolver is renowned for its remarkable range, formidable damage output, and exceptional perks that are indispensable for avid players. Our article is dedicated to explaining the acquisition process of this weapon and providing insights on the measures you can take to fully unleash its potential, which will also give you an overview of seventh seraph officer revolver stats and what is seventh seraph officer revolver god roll.

Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver Destiny 2

1. Unlock Seventh Seraph Bunker

  • To get your hands on the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver, you must first gain access to the EDZ Seraph Bunker by completing Zavala’s, A Warmind’s Protection quest. Here, EDZ stands for European Dead Zone. Once you’ve gained access, you’ll need to invest around 1000 Warmind Bits, which can be earned by completing various activities or purchased from Rasputin.
  • After upgrading the bunker, you can begin completing Rasputin’s daily and weekly bounties to earn more Warmind Bits and Seraphite, which will allow you to purchase additional bunker upgrades. The Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver is a random drop obtained by opening Seraph Bunker chests with Encrypted Warmind Bits earned by completing the weekly Seraph Tower public event or purchased from Rasputin with Seraphite.
  • If you don’t succeed in getting the weapon on your first try, you can try again by completing more bounties and Seraph Tower events to improve your odds of success. The more you will try, the more you will have a high chance of getting Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver. The Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver is a potent hand cannon that can be a valuable addition to your Destiny 2 collection, even though it can require some money and work.

2. Complete Seraph Tower Public Event

  • You must take part in the annual Seraph Tower Public Event in Destiny 2 to get the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver. By looking for the Seraph Tower emblem on the map, you can find this event at a number of places on several planets.
  • As soon as you sign up for the event, you must activate and work with your team to protect the Seraph Tower from waves of enemies until it is fully constructed. A chest with a potential to contain the weapon will surface after the Seraph Tower has fully charged, though the likelihood of this happening is not guaranteed.
  • Continue taking part in the event if you don’t succeed in getting the weapon on your first attempt.

3. Farm Legendary Engrams

  • There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver through mining Legendary Engrams. You must first acquire Legendary Engrams, which can be done in-game through various tasks or bought from merchants. As soon as you have a number of Legendary Engrams, you can go see Master Rahool, the Cryptarch in the Tower, to have them decoded and possibly obtain the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver.
  • There are multiple choices, another choice is to farm particular activities where the weapon has a chance to drop, such as Nightfall: The Ordeal, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner. You can raise your chances of acquiring the weapon by repeatedly playing these games, submitting tokens, and accomplishing bounties. To improve your chances of finding Legendary Engrams, you can also use luck modifications like the Fortune Finder and Treasure Hunter modules.
  • It’s crucial to remember that earning the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver is completely dependent on luck, and it can take several tries to succeed. But, following these instructions will increase your chances of obtaining the weapon.

4. Crucible and Focus on Weapon Perks

  • You must finish the Season of the Worthy Season Pass in order to obtain the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver, a legendary hand cannon in Destiny 2. The loot pool for this season includes this revolver, which may be obtained through various tasks like quests, bounties, and engrams.
  • You should concentrate on gaining Seventh Seraph weapons and utilising them frequently in order to boost your chances of receiving the Seventh Seraph perk, which accelerates reload time and creates a Warmind Cell when you defeat a combatant with a Seventh Seraph weapon.
  • Instead, after completing Ana Bray’s Inside the Mindlab quest, you can get the weapon from the Tower dealer. By enhancing the stats of the weapon with upgrade modules and enhancement prisms, you can also get the weapon perks that best suit your playing style.

5. Mod the Weapon

  • In Destiny 2, you need a mod that you may either find in your inventory or buy from the Gunsmith in order to modify a weapon. Go to your character screen and choose the weapon you want to change once you have the required mod.
  • Find the mod slot on the weapon’s detail screen, then select the mod you want to use. When you confirm your choice, the mod will modify the weapon’s characteristics, such as increasing stability, accuracy, or adding an elemental damage type.
  • Remember that some changes could need particular supplies or materials, so think carefully about what you want to change and what you already have. Modifications can help make firearms more combat-effective.

6. Masterwork the Weapon

  • The Season of the Worthy’s final task, the Prophecy dungeon, Legendary Engrams, or Banshee-44’s Weapon Engrams must all be completed before you can obtain the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver through Masterworking in Destiny 2.
  • The next step is to collect Enhancement Cores by disassembling high-level equipment or finishing bounties that offer them. Once you have the weapon and enhancement cores, level it up to 10 by fusing it with more advanced equipment.
  • After that, you can begin the Masterwork procedure by choosing the appropriate weapon from your inventory, moving your cursor over the Masterwork slot, and then clicking the appropriate button. The weapon’s power and effectiveness will increase as you achieve particular missions, and they’ll all be unlocked once.

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What is Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver God Roll?

The Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver is a hand cannon that players can acquire in Destiny 2. The gaming world refers to a certain set of advantages as a god roll. Nonetheless, a player’s own playstyle may influence the precise advantages that make up a god roll. So, the main query arises as what is seventh seraph officer revolver god roll.

For the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver, a popular god roll includes perks like Chambered Compensator or Fluted Barrel for better recoil control and stability, Accurized Rounds for increased range, and Fourth Time’s the Charm or Killing Wind for improved handling and stability on precision kills. Other perks like Vorpal Weapon or Rampage can increase damage against bosses and major enemies, while Outlaw or Surplus can provide faster reloads. Dragonfly or Explosive Payload may also be considered for additional crowd control.

It’s crucial to remember that success in Destiny 2 doesn’t require a god roll, and players can still have fun without one. Depending on a player’s tastes and playstyle, they will be able to determine the best set of benefits.

What is Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver Stats?

From the Season of the Worthy, Destiny 2 has had access to the renowned Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver. Its performance is determined by its base stats, which include;

  • impact of 84,
  • range of 44,
  • level of 50 for stability,
  • handling score of 69,
  • reload speed of 63,
  • firing rate of 180 rounds per minute,
  • magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

Players can, however, alter the performance of the weapon by putting on certain perks. These bonuses can improve the weapon’s range, stability, handling, or speed of reloading, among other features. Additionally, they may offer special advantages like greater damage against particular enemy kinds or better accuracy for precision kills. Finally, by selecting the perks that best suit their requirements, players can modify the weapon to fit their desired playstyle and these were seventh seraph officer revolver stats.

Due to its potent bonuses and damage output, the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver is a must-have weapon in PvE battles. Despite the difficulty in obtaining it, the effort is worthwhile because it has significant advantages. To increase their chances of obtaining this deadly weapon, players should focus on participating in Rasputin-related activities throughout the Season of the Worthy.


We hope that this document could guide you about how to get seventh seraph officer revolver, if you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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