Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

Struggling to connect to Genshin Impact due to the Network Failure 105 error? If Yes, then you won’t be able to play the game as game servers will not be accessible due to this error. Luckily, this article will guide you on what does Genshin network failure 105 mean and fix the issue to continue playing the game.

Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

How to Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

We would like to take a moment to explain what Genshin network failure 105 means and why it may have occurred before we move on to the fixes. This issue is mainly due to internet connection problems that affect the game load and maintain a connection with its servers. Ultimately, this online game fails, and the user wins frustration in the end.

Quick Answer

Try to troubleshoot your internet connection to fix Genshin network failure 105 error. Here are the steps below:

1. Restart your Wi-Fi router.

2. Use an ethernet cable if having a poor wireless connection.

3. Disable VPN server.

4. Change the DNS server address on your PC.

Reasons that Cause Network Failure in Genshin Impact

  • Server issues
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Incompatible game files
  • Outdated game client
  • Antivirus and firewall applications interfering game server
  • High server traffic

We hope we are clear about what does Genshin network failure 105 mean. Following this article, we will learn various effective methods that you can follow to fix Genshin network failure 105 issue.

Method 1: Relaunch App

If there is no issue with the internet, the next possible reason could be a minor glitch that often fixes up by allowing the game to load again. You can exit the game, then wait for a minute and start the game again.

Method 2: Reboot PC

Before moving towards any multistep solution, restart your PC once. In most cases, just giving the PC a chance to boot itself once again solves most of the minor issues with its programs.

1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard.

2. Click on the Power icon and select Restart.

Click on Power icon and select Restart

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Method 3: Re-establish Internet Connection

Online games rely entirely on network connections. Now that the game Genshin Impact has a network failure, the first step to fixing this error is to attempt to revive your internet connection. The poor network connection can either not run the game at all or may load it improperly, leading to a less than optimal gaming experience. The first method will be to reboot your internet source and establish a connection again.

1. Disable Wi-Fi connectivity from the PC.

Disable Wi-Fi. Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

2. Completely power off the Wi-Fi router/modem you use as your internet source.

3. Wait a few seconds before booting it up again. Enable Wi-Fi on the PC and reconnect to the router.

Note: After you are connected to the internet, ensure the connection is established with the 5GHz band of the router.

Enable Wi-Fi

4. Check the speed of the internet on


Method 4: Switch to Wired Connection

If you still find issues with the speed, this might be due to the router not up to the mark. In such cases, these are the additional ways you can improve the internet speed on the PC.

  • Installing a Wi-Fi signal booster amplifies the existing signals and creates a stronger connection with improved speed.
  • You can install an ethernet cable or a LAN into your PC and connect to the internet using one of them instead of Wi-Fi.

ethernet cable

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Method 5: Turn Off VPN

If you know how VPN (Virtual Private Network) works, it enables a jump in the IP address of your device in order to keep your device safe and secure. But the issue arises when the device cannot establish a strong connection with the game’s server because you might be connected to a server far away from your location. Fixing this takes the user to disable the VPN connection.

1. Launch Settings on the PC and click on Network & internet.

2. Click on the VPN option in the right pane.

Click on Network & internet and select the VPN option

2. Slide the toggle off to disable these options under Advanced settings for all VPN connections:

  • Allow VPN over metered networks
  • Allow VPN while roaming

Slide the toggle to disable these options under Advanced settings. Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

Method 6: Close Background Application

Online applications typically run in the background and use an internet connection to maintain a constant connection with their respective servers without disrupting other tasks. This ensures that users receive timely notifications and stay connected even when they are not actively using the app. But the issue arises when the bandwidth of the connection is divided between multiple apps and Genshin Impact does not receive the appropriate amount of it needed to load. So, you need to shut down these background processes and relaunch Genshin Impact to fix the issue.

1. Launch the Task Manager on the PC.

2. Move to the Processes tab to view the programs actively running on the PC.

Processes tab. Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

3. Identify the programs except for Genshin Impact that use the internet and other system resources from the background.

4. Right-click on a program, and from the drop-down menu, select End task.

select End task. Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

5. Repeat the same for each program.

6. Close Genshin Impact and restart the game.

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Method 7: Change DNS Server

Domain Name System (DNS) translates domain names to IP addresses. Follow our guide on How to Change DNS Server on Windows 11 to change the DNS server and see if that resolves the issue.

Custom DNS server setting

Method 8: Allow Genshin Impact Through Firewall

Windows Firewall filters two-way network traffic for a device and disallows any sort of unauthorized and risky network traffic that tries to build a connection with the device. Although this is good for security purposes, this also can be why the Genshin Impact game on your device might not be able to use the internet and establish a connection with its server. We do not suggest you disable Windows Firewall protection completely, but you can add it as an excerpt to ensure that the error Genshin network failure 105 is fixed.

1. In the Settings of the Windows PC, click on Privacy & security.

2. Now, click on Windows Security in the right pane.

click on Privacy & security and select Windows Security

3. Click on Firewall & network protection.

Click on Firewall & network protection. Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

4. Select Allow an app through firewall.

Select Allow an app through firewall

5. In the new window that opens up, click on Change Settings.

6. Click Allow another app option at the bottom.

Click Allow another app option

7. Select Browse and search for the .exe file of the game. 

Select Browse and search for the .exe file of the game

8. Select the file and click on Add.

9. Save the changes by clicking on OK.

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Method 9: Disable Windows Firewall (Not Recommended)

We do not recommend our readers to disable Windows Defender on their PC as the default antivirus of Windows protects device from any kind of malware or viruses. But it’s sometimes the security framework that prevents the game from a smooth connection to servers and obstructs downloading updates for the game.

1. Press the Windows key, type Windows Security and click on Open.

open Windows Security. Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

2. Click on Firewall & network protection.

Click on Firewall & network protection. Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

3. Navigate and click on the option – Private Network and Public Network whichever is mentioned to be active.

Public Network

4. Toggle off the Microsoft Defender Firewall.

turn off the Microsoft Defender Firewall

5. Click on Yes and save the settings

Method 10: Reset Network Settings

You can reset the network settings on your PC to default factory settings. This ensures that any discrepancy caused to the network settings from the user’s end resolves as the device gets back to its default network state.

1. Launch Windows Settings on the PC.

2. Click on Network & internet.

3. Select Advanced network settings in the right pane.

Click on Network and internet and select Advanced network settings

4. Now, click on the Network reset option.

click on the Network reset option. Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

5. Select Reset now next to Network reset.

Select Reset now. Fix Genshin Network Failure 105 Error

6. Click on Yes to confirm.

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Method 11: Update Genshin Impact

We know that the issue caused refers to a network problem, but we did it all and tried to even revive the internet connection. If it still does not resolve despite that the connectivity is stable and speed is optimal, this might be the hint of a bug or improper installation of the game files. Updating the app optimizes the files again and resolves the issue if there was any bug earlier that is now fixed by developers with the new update. The game on a PC automatically searches for updates when the launcher is launched.

1. Launch Genshin Impact game, click on the Gear icon.

2. Select View Information in the left panel.

3. Click on Game Update under Game Version.

select Game Update in Genshin Impact settings

4. Click on Confirm at the bottom-left corner.

Method 12: Use Genshin Impact Community Forum

If none of the above solutions work for you, the last thing is to reach out to the Genshin Impact dedicated community page and contact other users to inquire if they faced a similar problem and how they fixed it. If you are able to find any other alternate solutions, you can follow them.

Genshin Impact dedicated community page

Method 13: Contact Internet Service Provider

In the event that you do not wish to install a cable connection for internet connectivity on your PC, you should at least contact your internet service provider. They might resolve speed issues with your router and boost signal strength. Moreover, check your internet provider’s official website to verify if they are having server issues at that time.


We conclude our article here with the hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix Genshin network failure 105 issue. Let us know which method worked for you the best. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below. We are happy to help you, always.

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