Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

Android is a widely used Operating System with millions of users across 190 countries. Its features and abundance of applications have resulted in its domination of the mobile market. Android users are fully aware of texting. We all have sent messages to our friends and family via SMS. But sometimes, you may face Error 98 SMS Termination Denied when sending SMS via Android mobile. If you are also dealing with the same problem, you are at the right place. We bring to you a perfect guide that will help you fix SMS error 98.

Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

Here is a list of the most common reasons that may cause SMS error 98 in your Android device.

  • Network issue.
  • Glitch causing SIM detection problems.
  • Outdated or incompatible Android
  • SIM inserted incorrectly.
  • Receiver number is incorrect or discontinued.
  • Presence of bugs and malicious content.
  • Corrupt message logs.

Firstly, identify the potential reason for Error 98 SMS Termination Denied and then follow the troubleshooting methods accordingly. It will save you time and fix your issue quickly.

Note: Since smartphones don’t have the same Settings options, the steps demonstrated here to fix SMS error 98 may differ according to the mobile and version you use. Users are advised to follow the instructions as per their mobile phone settings. In this guide, OnePlus 9R is taken as an example.

Method 1: Restart Phone

If you think you are facing SMS Termination Denied error due to any temporary glitches or bugs in your device then simply restart your device and check if fixes the issue. Follow the guide to Restart or Reboot Your Android Phone.

Method 2: Reinsert SIM Card

Your SIM card may not be inserted properly on your phone causing multiple carrier-related issues. If you recently removed/changed your SIM card and faced the discussed error, reinsert it as instructed below.

1. Turn OFF your device and remove SIM card from its slot. Handle it carefully.

Sim Card slot in phone. How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

Note: Never blow air into SIM card slots as it introduces moisture and can damage them easily.

2A. If your mobile has open SIM card slot, use a dry earbud, microfiber cloth and smooth fabric to clean its dust and dirt.

2B. If your mobile has hollow SIM card slot, use compressed air to clean it.

3. Reinsert SIM card and make sure it sits firmly in its slot.

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Method 3: Use Correct Number

If you have typed an incorrect receiver number, your message will not reach the opposite carrier network leading to SMS error 98. Always make sure that the number of your receiver is correct and working.

Note: Don’t try to send SMS to a landline number, you may face the discussed error.

1. Make sure your receiver number is not discontinued from the carrier network. Sending messages to a discontinued network will lead to SMS error 98.

2. Confirm that your number is working and has no pending dues or bills.

3. Verify phone number of your receiver by using online validation tools.

Note: As an example, we are using TextMagic verification tool.

Phone number validation tool webpage

3A. In the online phone number verification tool page, type the receiver phone number in the Phone number field.

3B. Select Country from the drop-down menu and check the CAPTCHA box.

3C. Tap Validate Number option as shown.

Validate Number option

3D. Wait for verification and the result to be displayed on the screen. If it is not a valid number, it means your receiver number is out of service.

Result of verification of a valid number. How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

Method 4: Top Up SIM Balance

If your phone does not have enough balance to send text messages, you may face SMS Termination Denied error.

Here are some numbers to check the current balance of commonly used carrier networks.

1. To check the Airtel main balance information dial *123#

Airter balance check number in dial pad

2. Dial the given number as per your SIM manufacturer given below.

  • For  BSNL main balance information dial *123# OR *124*1#
  • For Idea main balance information dial *141# OR *199#
  • For Vodafone main balance information dial *141# OR *199#
  • For Jio main balance information dial 1299.

Jio balance information number in dial pad

If you don’t have enough balance, recharge your sim and try sending messages again.

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Method 5: Reduce Message Length

Nowadays, many carrier networks split your lengthy messages. If your message crosses the maximum character limit and your carrier does not split them into multiple texts, you will receive Error 98 SMS Termination Denied.

1. Make sure your messages are within 160 characters. If your message exceeds this limit, split and send them as multiple messages.

2. Ask your Service Provider and whether they split longer texts into multiple smaller ones or not.

Method 6: Update Android

If you are using an outdated Android mobile, you will face many errors along with SMS error 98. It is advised that you update your Android mobile by following our guide on How to Manually Update Android to the Latest Version

Method 7: Run Antivirus Scan

Any malicious or incompatible files in your Android mobile may lead to SMS error 98. Uninstall any application or APK downloaded from an external source. Check if the error is resolved. You can also use any antivirus app from our guide of 10 Best Free Antivirus Software for Android to detect and remove corrupted or malicious files. After installing it, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Play Store on your Android mobile.

Play Store app. How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

2. Search for any antivirus software in the search field as shown.

3. Tap Install button.

4. Wait for the installation to be completed and tap Open to launch app.

Avast Antivirus app

Note: The steps to scan your Android device may vary depending upon the app you use. Here, Avast Antivirus – Scan & Remove Virus, Cleaner is taken as an example. Follow the steps according to your app.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose either Advanced protection (needs subscription) or Basic protection (free). We will go with basic protection as an example.

Basic protection option highlighted. How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied


Start scan option

7. Allow access prompts, if any pop-up.

Note: In this app, if you deny access permissions, only apps and settings will be scanned which may leave corrupt files unscanned.

Access prompt. How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

8. Wait for the scan to complete and once done, resolve the risks found by following on-screen instructions.

After scan screen with results

This method should remove corrupt files or threats from your Android phone and fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied error.

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Method 8: Delete All Messages and Call History

If you have no space to store your messages and your call history is full, new messages will not be displayed which may cause SMS error 98. In that case, you can delete all messages and call history as instructed below.

1. Open Messages app on your phone and select any random text message.

Messages app. How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

2A. Now, in the top right corner of the screen, you may see a tiny box to select all messages.

2B. If an option to select all messages does not pop up on the screen, you will have to manually select them.

3. Tap trash icon present at the top right corner of the screen to delete all messages. This will remove all messages from your phone.

Trash icon highlighted

4. Open the Phone app and tap the three-dotted icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Three dotted icon highlighted

5. Tap Call history option.

Call history option. How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

6. Again, tap three-dotted icon at the top right corner.

Three dotted icon highlighted. How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

7. Tap Clear call history option.

Clear call history option

Now you have removed all the messages and call history, check if it resolves the issue.

Method 9: Clear Cache of Messages App

Removing messages does not remove temporary cache and storage data in messaging app which is used to make it load faster. Any corrupt cache within the Messages app may lead to Error 98 SMS Termination Denied. You can remove cache by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to Settings in your Android phone by tapping on gear icon as shown.

Setting option. How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

2. Tap Apps & Notifications.

Apps and Notifications option

3. Tap See all apps.

Note: You can also tap Messages directly if the RECENTLY OPENED APPS option pop-up on your device.

Messages app in RECENTLY OPENED APPS section

4. Scroll down the screen and tap Messages.

Messages app. How to Fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied

5. Tap Storage & cache option.

Storage and cache option

6. Tap trash icon within Clear storage and Clear cache options.

Clear storage and Clear cache options

Note: You can follow the same steps to delete storage and cache data of the Phone app too. It may fix Error 98 SMS Termination Denied.

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Method 10: Factory Reset Android

If none of the above methods works then you have to try a factory reset of your Android phone. Only use this method if it is necessary and you have no other option. You can factory reset your phone by following our guide below.

Note: Factory resetting your mobile will erase all of your data and restore it to its factory settings. Therefore, you are advised to back up all necessary data before following the procedure. Read our guide to Back Up Your Android Phone Data. Then, after backing up your data, follow our guide on How To Hard Reset Any Android Device

Method 11: Contact Service Provider

If you are still facing the issue then contact your Carrier or Network Service Provider to analyze the root cause of the problem. Follow the instructions provided by the support team and the issue will be resolved.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix error 98 SMS Termination Denied. Let us know which method worked for you the best. If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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