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How to Remove SIM Card from Samsung S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ models offer AMOLED display, Octa-core Processor, 64 GB RAM; all in addition to its stylish looks in 6 different colors. If you are looking to buy one, click here to read detailed specifications. If you have recently bought one, and need help setting it up, read this guide. We have explained how to insert and remove SIM card from Samsung Galaxy and how to insert & remove an SD card from Galaxy S8+ as well. So, let us begin!

How to Remove SIM Card from Samsung S8+

How to Remove SIM or SD Card from Samsung Galaxy S8+

Follow our step-by-step instructions, explained with diagrams, to learn to do so, safely.

Points to Remember

  • Whenever you insert or remove your SIM/SD card from your mobile phone, make sure that it is powered OFF.
  • The SIM/SD card tray must be dry. If it is wet, it may cause damage to the device.
  • Ensure that the SIM/SD card tray completely fits into the device. Otherwise, you may face connectivity and overheating issues.

Note: Samsung Galaxy S8+ supports Nano-SIM card.

1. Power OFF your Samsung Galaxy S8+.

2. During the purchase of your device, you are given an ejection pin tool inside the phone box. Insert this tool inside the small hole present at the top of the device. This loosens the tray.

Insert this tool inside the small hole present at the top of the device | How to Remove SIM Card from Samsung S8+

Pro Tip: If you do not have an ejection tool to follow the procedure, you can use a paper clip.

3. When you insert this tool perpendicular to the device hole, you will hear a click sound when it pops.

4. Gently pull the tray outwards.

5. Remove the SIM Card/SD Card from the tray.

Remove the SIM Card or SD Card from the tray

6. Gently push the tray inwards to insert it back into the device. You will again hear a click when it is fixed properly on your Samsung phone.

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How to Unmount SD Card

It is always recommended to unmount your memory card before you remove it from the device. This will prevent physical damage and data loss during ejection. Unmounting an SD card ensures its safe removal from your phone.

1. Go to the Home screen. Tap on the Apps icon.

2. Open the Settings app from the list displayed here.

3. Tap Device Maintenance, as shown.

samsung s8 settings device maintenance

4. Next, tap on Storage > SD card.

5. Finally, tap on Unmount SD Card, as highlighted.

unmount SD card.

The SD card will be unmounted, and now it can be safely removed.

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How to Insert Samsung Galaxy S8+ SIM Card or SD Card

1. Use the ejector pin to loosen the tray as explained earlier.

Insert this tool inside the small hole present at the top of the device |

2. Pull out the SIM card tray.

3. Place SIM card or SD card into the tray.

Note: Always place the SIM with its gold-colored contacts facing the earth.

Push the SIM card into the tray | How to Remove SIM Card from Samsung S8+  

4. Gently push the SIM card to ensure it is fixed properly.


We hope this article was helpful and you were able to insert or remove SIM Card or SD Card from Samsung Galaxy S8+. If you have any queries regarding this article, reach out through the comment section.

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