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How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S8+

When your Samsung Galaxy S8+ functions abnormally, you are recommended to reset your mobile. Such issues usually arise due to the installation of unknown or unverified software. Therefore, resetting your phone is the best option to get rid of them. You can proceed with either a soft reset or a hard reset.

Factory reset of Samsung S8+

Factory reset of Samsung Galaxy S8+ is usually done to remove the entire data associated with the device. Hence, the device would require the re-installation of all the software thereafter. It would make the device function fresh like it is brand new. Factory reset is usually carried out when the device setting needs to be altered due to improper functionality or when a device’s software updates.

Factory reset of Samsung Galaxy S8+ will delete all the memory stored in the hardware. Once done, it will update it with the latest version.

Note: After every Reset, all the data associated with the device gets deleted. It is recommended to back up all files before you undergo a reset.

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S8+

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S8+

The soft reset of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is similar to restarting the device. Many might wonder how to reset Galaxy S8+ when frozen. It can be done in 3 simple steps:

1. Tap on Power + Volume down for about ten to twenty seconds.

2. The device turns OFF after a while.

3. Wait for the screen to reappear.

The soft reset of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ should be completed now.

Method 1: Factory Reset Samsung S8+ using Android Recovery Screen

1. Switch OFF your mobile.

2. Hold the Volume Up button and Bixby button together for some time.

3. Continue holding these two buttons and simultaneously hold the power button, too.

4. Wait for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ logo to appear on the screen. Once it appears, release all the buttons.

5. Android Recovery screen will appear. Select Wipe data/factory reset as shown.

Note: Use volume buttons to go through the options available on the screen. Use the power button to select your desired option.

select Wipe data or factory reset on Android recovery screen

6. Here, tap on Yes on the Android Recovery screen as depicted below.

Now, tap on Yes on the Android Recovery screen | How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S8+

7. Now, wait for the device to reset. Once done, tap the Reboot system now.

Wait for the device to reset. Once it does, tap Reboot system now |How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S8+

Factory reset of Samsung S8+ will be completed once you finish all the steps mentioned above. Wait for a while, and then, you can begin using your phone.

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Method 2: How to Factory Reset Samsung S8+ from Mobile Settings

You can even achieve Galaxy S8+ hard reset through your mobile settings too:

Note: Before proceeding with a Factory reset, it is advised to backup and restore your data.

1. To begin the process, navigate to General Management.

Open your mobile settings and tap on General management from the menu.

2. You will see an option titled Reset in the Settings menu. Click on it.

3. Here, tap Factory data reset.

Tap on Factory Data Reset | How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S8+

4. Next, tap Reset device.

Note: You would be asked to type in your pin code or password to confirm it’s you. 

5. Finally, select the Delete all option. It will ask for your Samsung account password to confirm again.

Once done, all your phone data will be erased.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to reset Samsung Galaxy S8+ easily. Let us know which method worked for you best. If you have any queries/comments regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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