Fix You Are Being Rate Limited Discord Error

Are you facing the Discord Rate being limited error and are unable to fix it? Read on…. In this guide, we are going to fix You are being Rate Limited error on Discord. 

What’s unique about Discord?

Discord is basically a free digital communication platform. Unlike any other gaming communication program where communication modes are limited, Discord offers its users various communication channels such as texts, images, videos, gifs, and voice chat. The voice chat component of Discord is extremely well-known and enjoyed by gamers worldwide during gameplay.

What is the Discord ‘Rate Limited’ error?

Discord has various channels that require mobile verification via text messages. This error usually occurs when a mobile verification process fails, and the user keeps trying again.

What causes the Discord Rate Limited error?

This error occurs when the user attempts to re-enter the authentication text, and the app refuses to accept it. This is a precautionary feature of Discord that guards against unauthorized entry by guessing the text verification code.

Fix You are being Rate Limited Discord error

How to Fix the Discord Rate Limited Error?

Method 1: Use Incognito Window

In this method, we will launch the Discord app in the browser Incognito Mode to see if this fixes the Discord rate being limited error.

1. Launch any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., on your computer.

2. To enable Incognito mode in any browser, simply press Ctrl + Shift + N keys together.

3. In the URL field, type Discord web address and hit Enter.

4. Login using your credentials to use the Discord app.

Use Incognito Window to access Discord

5. Finally, click the gear icon placed beside the username and complete the activity that Discord had previously prevented.

Method 2: Use a VPN

If the problem is caused by an IP block, using a VPN is the best solution. A VPN is used to change your IP address temporarily, to access certain features that are blocked for your current IP address due to privacy or regional restrictions.

Use a VPN to Fix You are being Rate Limited Discord error

It is recommended that you purchase an authentic VPN service such as Nord VPN which provides excellent streaming speed, quality, and security.

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Method 3: Reset Router

Resetting the router can help fix minor glitches with the device and the internet connection. This is the safest and the quickest way to fix Discord you are being rate limited error. You can Reset your router either with the help of the Power button or the Reset button.

Option 1: Using the Power button

Resetting the router to its original setting with the power button is the easiest way to quickly get rid of any network issue.

1. Disconnect the router from all connected devices.

2. Press-Hold the power button on the router for at least 30 seconds.

3. This will return the router to its factory/default settings.

4. Remove the router from the power outlet and reconnect it after a few minutes.

Restart Router

5. Power on the router and connect it to your computer.

Note: The default password for the router can be found in the router user manual or on the official website.

Option 2: Using the Reset button

Reset buttons are generally located on the backside of the router. All you need is a safety pin to make use of this tiny button.

1. Unplug all the connected devices from the router.

2. Take the router and stick a pin through the pinhole behind it. The router will now reset

Reset Router Using Reset Button | Fix You are being Rate Limited error on Discord

3. Now plug in the router and connect your device to it.

4. To reconnect, you will need to enter the default password as instructed earlier.

Your IP address will change immediately after you restart the router, and you will be able to use Discord. Check if the error still persists. If it does, try the next fix.

Method 4: Use Mobile Hotspot

You can use a mobile hotspot to fix Discord unknown network or rate limited error. This method serves the same purpose as using a VPN because it will avoid blocked IP address issues.

Follow the given steps below to get started:

1. Disconnect your mobile and computer from the Internet and restart.

2. Open your phone, connect to mobile data as shown.

connect to mobile data | Fixed: Discord Error ‘You are being Rate Limited’

3. Now, turn on the Hotspot feature from the Notification menu. Refer given picture.

turn on the hotspot facility

4. Connect your computer to the hotspot created by your phone.

5. Log in to Discord and see if you’re able to fix the Discord rate limited error. 

Note: You can switch to the Wi-Fi network once you are logged in successfully.

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Method 5: Contact Discord Support

If you haven’t been able to address the Discord ‘You are being rated limited’ problem using the solutions listed above, you should contact Discord support.

1. Log in to the Discord app or website using your login details. 

2. Now navigate to Submit a request page

3. From the drop-down menu, choose the support you require and complete the form to submit the request.

Contact Discord Support

4. Now, click on the Submit Request button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Indicate the rate-limited problem in the support ticket, as well as the action you performed that caused this error to display on the screen.

The Discord support will look into this issue and will try to resolve the issue for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How long does rate limit error remain?

A rate restriction indicates that there have been too many attempts in a brief period of time. Therefore, you will need to wait around 15 minutes before trying again.

Q2. What does the error 1015 you are being rated limited mean?

When a user reports that they have encountered error 1015, it means Cloudflare is slowing down their connection. For a brief period, the rate-limited device is prevented from connecting. When this happens, the user will be unable to access the domain temporarily.

Q3. What is rate-limiting?

Rate limitation is a network traffic management approach. It limits how many times someone is allowed to repeat an action in a fixed interval of time.

For example, attempting to log in to an account or trying to check a result online.

Certain types of harmful bot activity can be blocked by rate limitation. It can also help lessen the load on web servers.

Q4. Are bot management and rate-limiting the same?

Rate limitation is quite limited, though effective. It can only prevent certain sorts of bot activity.

For example, Cloudflare Rate Limiting guards against DDoS assaults, API abuse, and brute force assaults, but it doesn’t always prevent other types of malicious bot activity. It cannot differentiate between good and bad bots.

Bot management, on the other hand, can detect bot activity in a much more comprehensive way. Cloudflare Bot Management, for example, employs machine learning to detect suspected bots, allowing it to stop a wider range of bot attacks.


We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to fix you are being rate limited error on Discord. Let us know which method worked for you. If you have any queries/suggestions, drop them in the comment box.

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