Fix Discord Images Not Sending

Discord is a fully-fledged app where you can share media and interact with people, but there are times when you face difficulty in sharing images.

Worried about why is Discord not allowing sending pictures? This issue do happen due to image size limit or if you do not have permission. In this guide, we will guide you to solve Discord image not sending issue once for all.

Fix Discord Images Not Sending

How to Fix Discord Images Not Sending

One of most commonly occurring issues on Discord is images not sending problem. And if you face the same, then keep reading this article to know about why is Discord not sending pictures and the effective solutions to resolve it.

Quick Answer

Try clearing Discord cache data to fix discord images not sending issue. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Launch the AppData Roaming folder.

2. Locate the Discord file and open it.

3. Here, delete the Cache folder.

Why is Discord Not Sending Pictures?

There can be a reason that leads to the problem. So before knowing the solution, let’s see what causes the problem. According to the experts, probable causes for Discord not sending pictures are:

  • Image file being too large which may not be loaded properly in discord
  • Having an unstable internet connection
  • Firewall blocking the resource link
  • Client-side discord settings prohibit image download
  • Discord’s server is down
  • BT parental controls
  • Discord’s corrupted cache files

To know how you can fix Discord images not sending, you can look at the several ways discussed here.

Method 1: Troubleshoot Network Connectivity

Discord is a VoIP social communication platform for which you require a stable connection. So, if your Discord images are not sending or troubling you, just check your network for any hiccups like speed fluctuation or high ping issues. If the network is not stable, you may face issues other than sending images like widgets, etc. Read out our guide to Troubleshoot Network Connectivity.

Run the troubleshooter for Network adapters. Fix Discord Images Not Sending

Method 2: Change DNS servers

There are different ways in which you can fix discord images. If the problem is improper network settings so changing the local network settings can be a solution. However, if the DNS server you are using is slowing down your internet connection or is unreliable, you can easily change the DNS servers on Windows. Here is our guide on 3 Ways to change DNS settings on Windows 10.

Change DNS address.

Method 3: Change Privacy Settings

As discussed above, sometimes the privacy settings of the Discord server can also be the reason which prevents the users from opening the image to protect their device from unauthorized files. But adjusting Discord’s privacy settings can help you solve this problem.

If the problem is caused by a particular member of the current server, then follow the steps below:

1. Open Discord and then the open server.

Open Discord and then open a server. Fix Discord Images Not Sending

2. Right-click on the server to open the respective Privacy Settings.

Privacy Settings

3. In the new pop-up menu, open Direct Messages. From the available options, turn on Allow direct messages from other members in this server.

allow direct messages. Fix Discord Images Not Sending

If the error is due to any discord server, then adjust the privacy setting in the following way

1. Open Discord and click on the gear icon to open User settings.

click on the gear icon to open User settings.

2. From the left panel, select Privacy & Safety.

select Privacy and Safety. Fix Discord Images Not Sending

3. On the right side of the drop-down menu, navigate to Server Privacy Defaults. From the new drop-down menu, select Allow direct messages from server members.

allow direct messages from server members

4. To check if the server is working now, just try visiting any server and try to load an image.

Method 4: Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall (Not Recommended)

In the above-mentioned causes, one was that browser blocked the resource link so how to resolve this so to turn off Windows Defender Firewall which is preventing discord images from loading. The reason behind blocking the image source can be that the firewall has scanned it as dangerous or suspicious. Now to solve this problem, you can simply turn off the Firewall settings. Here is our guide on How to Disable Windows 10 Firewall.

turn off Windows Defender Firewall

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Method 5: Enable Link Preview

Once a user asked the support guy why he is not able to send the images or load the images on Discord, he asked to enable the link preview to fix the issue in reply. And for him, the problem is resolved. Here are the steps you can follow to enable the Link preview on the PC Discord app:

1. Open Discord and click on User Settings.

2. Navigate into Text & Images.

Navigate into Text & Images

3. Now, toggle on the Show embeds and preview website links pasted into chat under Embeds and Link Previews.

Show embeds and preview website links pasted into chat

Method 6: Change Server Region

Another solution to fix discord images not sending is to change the server region and you can do so in just a few simple steps.

1. Open the discord server and right-click on the left side.

discord server

2. A drop-down menu will pop up. Select Server Settings.

select Server Settings. Fix Discord Images Not Sending

3. A drop-down menu will open and select Overview.

select Overview. Fix Discord Images Not Sending

4. Look at the right-side panel and select the server region according to your preference (you can choose a region closest to your location).

Discord server overview

5. Now, finally relaunch the discord app and check if the problem has been solved.

Method 7: Clear Cache Data

Cache memory can eat up a lot of space on your drive partitions, which are also usually irretrievable if you try to delete them manually. Cache memory folders are also hidden among non-clearable memory in our system partition drives. Sometimes, cache files do also cause trouble in sending images if the file starts to consume a lot of space. Here is our guide on to Clear Cache in Windows 10.

Clear cache

Also, you can clear the Discord app cache data by following these steps:

1. First, exit from Discord and press the Windows key.

2. Now, type %appdata% and select Open.

open appdata folder. Fix Discord Images Not Sending

3. Open the discord folder.

Open the discord folder. Fix Discord Images Not Sending

4. In the Discord folder, right-click on the Cache folder and click on the trash icon.

right click on the Cache folder and click on the trash icon

Method 8: Compress Image Size

You can also try compressing the image size because when the image size is too large, then also it makes Discord images not sending troublesome. So, try sending images up to 8 MB and if the image is larger than this, then use any online compression tool to compress the image, once done with compressing try sending it now.

Method 9: Update Discord App

The problem can also be that you are using the old version of Discord so try the other solution mentioned above and still if nothing works, then look for the updated version of Discord. When you will restart Discord, it will search for updates and it will automatically install them if one is needed.

1. Go to the Windows taskbar and right-click on the Discord icon.

Note: You may also have to click on the up arrow icon to find the Discord icon.

right click on the Discord icon. Fix Discord Images Not Sending

2. Click on the Check for updates option.

check for updates discord

Method 10: Use Discord Web Version

There can be times when either the Discord web will have issues sending the images or the Discord app. So, if you are trying sending images from the Discord app and it doesn’t work, then you can try sending the images using Discord Web. If you tried using everything and still nothing proved to be working, then reach out to Discord support for help.

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Method 11: Contact Discord Support

When nothing works, the issue can be the fix is out of your control and you require Discord to help you with the problem. So, connect to Discord support.

Discord Support

We hope that these solutions have helped you solve Discord images not sending. So, if you ever encounter this problem ever, try to use these fixes. Let us know about any of your queries or suggestions in the comments section below.

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