Fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Echo Dot

Alexa is Amazon’s AI which is based on the cloud service; it is a voice service that is used by many people to control Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot. However, sometimes users face Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1. There are many Alexa Error codes but the Echo Do error 10 2 17 5 1 means that the user was unable to register their Amazon device to the server. In other words, Alexa’s server has forbidden the user to register their echo device. If you are wondering how to troubleshoot this issue, read more to find out how to effectively solve the issue. So, Let’s get started!

Fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Echo Dot

How to Fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Echo Dot

Before we dive into the fixes, let us first see some of the reasons for Alexa Error codes.

  • Amazon Echo Dot is already registered
  • Network Overlapping Issues
  • Device Incompatibility
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Outdated software in Amazon Echo Dot

Method 1: Restart Device

The First troubleshooting step for fixing any device error is to first simply restart it. To restart your Amazon Echo Dot device, unplug the power adapter from the power outlet and wait for 15 to 30 seconds. Connect the power adapter back in, and a light on the device will start which indicates the device is successfully started.

Method 2: Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity

The Echo Dot error 10 2 17 5 1 can also be due to an unstable internet connection. Make sure the internet speed of your connection is good. Also, the frequency range for the internet must be between 2.4 and 5.0 GHz. These are minimum bandwidth requirements. In case you have a problem with your network connectivity, you can restart your router or modem to fix network connectivity issues. Follow these steps to restart the internet router.

1. Press the Power button at the back of your router/modem to turn it Off.

2. Now, disconnect the Router/Modem power cable and wait until the power is entirely drained from the capacitors.

3. Then, reconnect the power cable and switch it on after a minute. Wait until the network connection is re-established and try signing in again.

Finally, make sure both of the devices namely, the router and the Amazon Echo Dot are in the same room and are within 8 feet of distance.

Method 3: Fix Network Overlapping

In case you have many network devices that can connect with the Amazon echo dot device then there might be conflicts with connecting to the internet for the Amazon echo dot device. Due to this, the device may get Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1. The solution to this issue is to turn off all the network devices except one which you are using for the Amazon echo dot registration process.

Method 4: Verify Device Compatibility

Make sure your device is compatible with the Amazon Echo Dot, sometimes Echo Dot error 10 2 17 5 1 can occur if the device used with Amazon Echo Dot is incompatible. The list of compatible devices is mentioned below.

  • Amazon Fire TV: FireOS version 5.3.3 or higher
  • Android: Version 6.0 or higher.
  • iOS and Mac OS: Version 11.0 or higher.
  • PC: Latest version of Google Chrome browser.

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Method 5: Update Amazon Echo Dot Software

If you have an old Amazon Echo Dot which is unused for some time, you can try to update the software in it. Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 can occur due to outdated software. You can update Amazon Echo Dot by just saying to check for software updates to the device. If this do not work then, follow these steps to update Echo Dot from the Alexa app.

1. Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone.

2. Go to the Devices menu.

tap on Devices in Amazon Alexa app

3. Tap on the Amazon Echo Dot device you are using.

tap on echo and alexa device. Fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Echo Dot

4. Swipe and tap on the software update button to update your Amazon Echo Dot.

Method 6: Deregister Amazon Echo Dot Device

If you place an order for the Amazon Echo dot device from the Amazon website, the device will be registered to your account before the delivery. So after turning on the device for the first time, you may need to register the device, and you may need to enter the Amazon account details. This is true in the case of a new Amazon Echo dot device. If you bought a refurbished version of the Amazon Echo Dot then the seller should deregister his account from the Amazon Echo Dot device. It is usually deregistered before selling but in case the owner forgot to deregister, then they need to do the deregistration. Ask the seller to deregister his account from his account for the Amazon Echo Dot device. In case you are the original owner of the device, then follow the below steps to de-register from your old account to fix Alexa Error codes.

1. Visit Amazon and click on the Hello, (Username) Account & Lists and select Manage Your Content and Devices.

select Manage Your Content and devices. Fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Echo Dot

2. Select Devices from the top menu.

Select Devices from the top menu

3. Select Settings from the left pane and click on Echo dot device to de-register.

4. Confirm the prompt by selecting Deregister button again.

5. After the de-registration, sign-in with your account & Register device to fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1. Read Amazon guide here to do so.

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Method 7: Contact Amazon Customer Support

If none of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, you can try to contact Amazon customer support for your problem. The customer representative will ask for details about your DNS number and they will try to reset your credentials. You can log in again with the information they have provided you. This will fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1. Follow the steps below to contact Amazon customer service to fix Alexa Error codes.

Option I: Call Customer Support

1. Click on Hello (username) Account & Lists and select Your Account.

Note: Username is your name entered in the Amazon Account.

click your account

2. Click on Contact Us to contact Amazon.

click contact us. Fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Echo Dot

3. Then, click on Call me button to request a call from a service representative.

click on call me option

4. Then, click on the Select an issue dropdown to select Installation process option as depicted below.

click on select an issue dropdown and choose installation process. Fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Echo Dot

5. Enter the issue you are experiencing in Enter short summary of issue text box.

enter the summary of issue

6. Select the Language dropdown and select your preferred language for a callback, Finally, click on Phone.

click on phone

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Option II: Chat with Customer Support

1. Click on Hello (username) Account & Lists and select Your Account.

click your account. Fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Echo Dot

2. Then, click on Contact Us to contact Amazon.

click on contact us

3. Click on the Start chatting button to start a customer support chat.

click start chatting option. Fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Echo Dot

4. A new Window will be opened for a chat, click on Help with a Kindle Fire, or Amazon device.

click help with a kindlre fire or amazon device

5. Now, click on the Device help option.

click device help

6. Select Echo device.

click on Echo device. Fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Echo Dot

7. Finally, click on OK, thanks to request customer support specifically for Amazon Echo Dot device.

click ok thanks option

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Echo Dot error 10 2 17 5 1?

Ans. The error means that the Amazon Echo Dot cannot be registered on the Amazon Server. There are various causes and solutions to fix it, read the above guide to learn more.

Q2. How to reboot Alexa Echo Dot?

Ans. There are no separate buttons available on the device to restart the device. It can be turned on or off through the device by switching the AC power on or off.


We hope the above article on how to fix Alexa Error 10 2 17 5 1 in Alexa Echo Dot was helpful to you and you were able to fix Alexa Error codes problem. Let us know which one of the methods worked for you well. If you have any suggestions and/or queries please mention those in the comment box below.

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