Facebook Group Admin vs Moderator: Roles Explained!

Explore the pivotal roles shaping the Facebook group experience.

Facebook groups have become vibrant community hubs where people with shared interests, hobbies, or goals can connect and interact. Two key roles in maintaining the health and engagement of these groups are the group admin and the moderator. While both roles contribute to the group’s success, they have distinct responsibilities and functions. In this article, we’ll delve into the differences between Facebook group admin vs Moderator, clarifying their roles and responsibilities.

Facebook Group Admin vs Moderator: Roles Explained!

Facebook Group Admin vs Moderator: Roles Explained!

The main difference between admins and moderators on Facebook is the amount of control they have over the group. Admins have the most control, while moderators have less control.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between admins and moderators:

Responsibilities Admin Moderator
Who can appoint an admin/moderator? Group’s creator or another admin Only the group’s Admin
What powers do they have? Edit almost all group’s settings Edit and remove posts that violate the group’s rules
Who can remove them from their role? Only another admin Only the group’s admin

If you want to learn more about each role in detail after going through these important differences, keep reading!

What is an Admin on Facebook?

A Facebook admin is the user who creates a Facebook group. They have the most control over the group, including the ability to:

  • Add or remove members
  • Edit the group’s settings
  • Approve or reject posts
  • Remove posts that violate the group’s rules
  • Ban members from the group

Facebook admin | Facebook Group Admin vs Moderator roles

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What is a Facebook Moderator?

A moderator is someone who helps the admin keep the group running smoothly. They have some of the same powers as admins, but their powers are more limited. Moderators can:

  • Remove posts that violate the group’s rules
  • Answer questions from members
  • Help to resolve conflicts

Is Facebook Admin Higher Than Moderator?

Yes, an admin is higher than a moderator in the hierarchy of roles within a group. Admins have more control over the group than moderators with the powers that we mentioned earlier.

Facebook Group Admin vs Moderator: Roles and Duties

There are abundant roles in a Facebook group, but some actions are only to be taken by admins. So here is a complete list of actions and who is allowed to do them between the two.

Actions Admin Moderator
Pin or unpin a post Yes No
Remove an admin or moderator Yes No
Exclude individuals from the group and institute bans when necessary. Yes Yes
Delete both posts and comments on posts within the group. Yes Yes
Grant or reject membership and participant requests. Yes Yes
Adjust group settings, such as modifying the group’s name, cover photo, or privacy preferences. Yes Yes
Accept or reject posts in the group Yes Yes
Make another member an admin or moderator Yes No

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Which Facebook Role is Better for You: Admin or Moderator?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best role for you will depend on your interests and skills.

If you want to have the most control over a group, then you should become an admin. However, if you are not interested in having a lot of responsibility, then you might prefer to be a moderator.

How to Become an Admin or Moderator on Facebook?

If you are interested in becoming an admin or moderator for a Facebook group, the first step is to join the group. Once you are a member, you can contact the group’s creator or current admins and ask if they are looking for moderators. If the group’s creator or admins are interested in having you as a moderator, they will send you an invitation to accept the moderator role.

 Refer to our guides on How to Add Moderator to Facebook Group and How to Add Admin on Facebook Page on Desktop to understand the processes to become an admin and moderator on Facebook.

Invite as moderator

By understanding the differences between Facebook group admin vs moderator roles, you can become well-informed about their respective responsibilities. It will assist you in guiding your group towards a harmonious and engaging environment for all members. Should you have any queries or suggestions, please drop them in the comments section below. Keep exploring our website, and we’ll see you in our next guide!

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