Does IMVU Delete Inactive Accounts?

IMVU is an online virtual world and an avatar-based social networking site. IMVU users can create their 3D avatars, meet, chat, and play games with other users. IMVU has over six million active users around the world. If you already had an IMVU account but haven’t been using it for some time now, stay tuned till the end to learn what happens to such accounts. Does IMVU delete inactive accounts? How to create an IMVU account? How can you permanently delete your IMVU account? Let’s find out!

Does IMVU delete inactive accounts

Does IMVU Delete Inactive Accounts?

You can access and use your IMVU account on your browser, Android, and iOS app. To use IMVU, you need to fill up some information and set a username, password, and 3D avatar. Now, you can use your IMVU account to connect with your friends virtually. Keep reading further to find out more about does IMVU delete inactive accounts and get answers to other related queries in detail.

What Does IMVU Stand for?

IMVU is an acronym for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. It’s a social networking website where users can:

  • create their 3D avatars,
  • meet new people,
  • chat with friends, and
  • buy virtual items.

It is like any other social networking website, but the difference is that it uses augmented reality to create and interact using its 3D avatars. The 3D avatars are fully customizable, and you can showcase yourself to other users virtually.

IMVU official website

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Is IMVU a Dating Site?

IMVU is a social networking site, but you can use it as a dating site. You can chat with people you are friends with and connect with new people and become friends with them. Also, you can use your 3D avatar to live a virtual life and can interact with other users’ 3D avatars virtually.

Is IMVU Kid Friendly?

Yes. IMVU is not specifically for kids, but kids can use it as it’s completely safe. Kids can have fun creating their 3D avatars and live a virtual life. It’s kind of like a video game for them.

The adult-specific content is always kept hidden until someone comes looking for it. If someone wants to access it, the person needs to get verified first. So, yes, IMVU can be deemed kid friendly.

Does IMVU Have Viruses?

No, IMVU doesn’t have any viruses. All the websites and apps IMVU holds are virus & malware free and safe to use.

  • If anyone wants to sideload some kind of script, app, or software, that account faces a permanent ban on IMVU.
  • And also, strict action can be taken against the person for violating the policy of the company.

IMVU is totally virus free unless someone externally infects the system.

How Can You Permanently Delete Your IMVU Account?

To delete your IMVU account permanently, follow these upcoming steps:

1. Visit the IMVU Delete Account page on your web browser.

Note: You must log in first if you are not logged in already.

2. Enter your Account password and click on Continue, as shown below.

IMVU delete account enter-account-password-click-on-continue

3. Wait for the You have successfully deleted your account message to appear. A confirmation email will also be sent to your email address.

Wait for the success message to arrive.

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Do IMVU Accounts Get Deleted?

Yes, but IMVU accounts don’t get deleted without any reason. Only those accounts get deleted automatically that have been inactive for about one or two years. Only the inactive accounts get deleted on their own to make space for new accounts on IMVU. Now, you finally know does IMVU delete inactive accounts or not.

Why Did Your IMVU Account Get Deleted?

The reasons why your IMVU account got deleted are stated below:

  • Your account was inactive for more than a year.
  • Maybe you have multiple accounts.
  • You have violated the IMVU terms and conditions.
  • Maybe someone reported your IMVU account.
  • You posted something on your IMVU account that violate the privacy policy.

What is a Retired IMVU Account?

The IMVU accounts that are not used for a long time, more than two years, are marked as retired accounts, and their avatars are called retired avatars. The retired accounts get deleted automatically, and their avatar username can be used by some other new IMVU account. All inactive accounts are not retired accounts but only those that haven’t been used or active for a long time.

Does IMVU Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, IMVU deletes inactive accounts which have not been active for a very long time. Accounts, which are not been used for more than two years, get deleted, and the user receives emails regarding the action taken by IMVU.

The accounts, which have recently been inactive for a few months, are temporarily deactivated, and the user can log in back again to get back their account.

How to Get Your Disabled IMVU Account Back?

You can contact the IMVU customer support team to get your account back as follows:

1. LOG IN to your IMVU account on your mobile browser.

2. Then, tap on the hamburger icon from the top left corner.

3. Tap on the HELP CENTER option from the menu, as depicted.

Tap on the HELP CENTER option from the menu list

4. Tap on the hamburger icon from the top left corner, as shown.

Tap on the hamburger icon from the top left corner | Does IMVU Delete Inactive Accounts?

5. Then, tap on CONTACT US.


6. Tap on SUBMIT A CASE, as shown below.


7. Write My account was disabled in the SUBJECT field.

8. Select the General Support option from the CASE CATEGORY drop-down field.

9. Then, select My account was disabled option from the TOPICS field.

10. Select No for the ARE YOU CREATING THIS CASE ON BEHALF OF SOME OTHER USER? field, as shown below.

IMVU create a case - My account was disabled - General Support - No

11. Then, enter your avatar name, email, first and last name, date of birth in the respective fields.

avatar name, email, first and last name, date of birth | Does IMVU Delete Inactive Accounts?

12. Then, in the DESCRIPTION box, request re-enabling action on your disabled account in brief.

13. Tap on SUBMIT after filling out all the fields.

DESCRIPTION box - request re-enabling action - SUBMIT

Your case will be created and you will get a confirmation email on your submitted email address about the same. The IMVU customer support team will respond and help you get your account back.

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How Can You Get Your Old IMVU Account Back?

To get your old account back, you can contact the IMVU customer support team and convey your request to them by submitting a case. Let us see how you can do so.

1. LOG IN to your IMVU account on your mobile browser and tap on the hamburger icon from the top left corner.

2. Tap on HELP CENTER > hamburger icon.

Tap on the hamburger icon from the top left corner | Does IMVU Delete Inactive Accounts?

3. Then, tap on CONTACT US > SUBMIT A CASE.

4. Fill out all the required fields one by one.

5. After entering all the required details, tap on SUBMIT, as shown below.

DESCRIPTION box - request re-enabling action - SUBMIT

What Can You Do with VIP on IMVU?

Here are some things that you can do with VIP on IMVU:

  • You can get free admission to the creator program.
  • You will get access to whisper.
  • You will get the hosting benefits.
  • You can also choose the program that fits your needs.
  • You will get access to avatar voices.
  • You can also purchase and create your clothes.

Moreover, Diamond VIP members will get a double daily spin.


We hope that this article has helped you to know does IMVU delete inactive accounts and if IMVU is kid friendly or not. You can let us know any queries or suggestions in the comments section below.

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