Do Flickr Accounts Expire?

Flickr is an online image and video hosting platform and an online community for millions of people around the world. Flickr was launched in 2004 by an American company Ludicorp, and due to multiple changes in the ownership currently, Flickr is now owned by SmugMug since April 2018. Flickr is not very complicated but a simple platform where users from around the world can share their art of photography and videography. And with the help of Flickr, they can showcase it. This article will help you understand if you can open Flickr accounts with Gmail and if do Flickr accounts expire. Stay tuned until the end to learn about Flickr photos and accounts in detail!

Do Flickr Accounts Expire?

Do Flickr Accounts Expire?

By building an online community on Flickr, users with similar interests can share their thoughts with other users. Also, the newbies joining the community can gain some knowledge to improve their work. To showcase images and videos, Flickr uses a website and a mobile application. Let’s now see if you can open Flickr account with Gmail.

Can I Open Flickr Account with Gmail?

Yes, you can open a Flickr account with Gmail. At the beginning of Flickr, a user needed to have a Yahoo account to open a Flickr account. But due to the decrease in Yahoo users and the rise of Gmail, Flickr made changes to their service and allowed users to sign up to Flickr using any email address, which can be either Yahoo, Gmail, or any other. To open an account, you will need to Sign Up with your first name, last name, age, email address, and password, where an email address is the only way to verify your account.

Click on the Sign Up button at the top right corner of the screen. | How to Log into Flickr with Yahoo Account

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Can You View Flickr without an Account?

Yes, you can view Flickr without an account. To interact with other users on Flickr, you will need to either log in or sign up for a Flickr account. Without signing into your account, you can only browse and view images. And even you can also download them in all the qualities of the available format of that image. You can also view who commented on the picture, what is the comment, and also who has posted it. You can use Flickr without an account only on the Flickr website.

Do Flickr Accounts Expire?

No, Flickr accounts do not expire until the user deletes the account by themselves. Neither the free nor the Pro account gets expired/deleted until the user deletes it by himself. Free accounts are limited to some features and options, and as you surpass that limit, Flickr constantly notifies you to upgrade to a Pro version but does not delete it. Even if you don’t use your account or haven’t used it for over years, when you try to find your account, you will get it.

Can I Use Flickr for Free?

Yes, you can use Flickr for free. Flickr can be used for free until and unless you want to view photos and videos and read the comments of those. But if you want to interact with other users, comment, like, and share someone’s work, you will need a Flickr account, which you can create anytime for free. A free account is limited to 1000 posts.

And to post any photo and video after 1000 posts, you need to upgrade to the Pro version. If you are a photographer, filmmaker, videographer, or creator, you must consider getting a Pro account. But if you don’t want an upgrade to a Pro account, you can use Flickr for completely free without any issues.

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Can Anyone See My Flickr Photos?

Yes, anyone can see your Flickr photos and videos until those are public. You can set the viewing preference of your Flickr photos to public, private, Friends only, Family only, and Friends and Family both. By setting such preferences on your photos, you will allow only those users whom you have set to view your photos.

  • If you have set the photo preference to private, only you can see your photos.
  • But if you change it to friends, only those contacts that are in your Friends list can view your photos, including you.

Read this article from the start to learn whether do Flickr accounts expire.

Note: Only public photos can be viewed on Flickr.

Does Flickr Sell Your Data?

No, Flickr does not sell your data. Flickr uses your personal information to send promotional and account-related emails. Flickr uses service providers, and the personal data of users will then automatically get to those service providers. These third-party vendors can collect, store, use, process, and transfer information about your activity on Flickr with their own service policies. Your data might get used. But it is only for promotional purposes, and your data is safe and won’t cause you any problems.

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What is My Flickr Username?

Your Flickr username is the one that you have set on your Flickr account as a display name. When you create a new Flickr account, your Flickr username is made from your first and last name by default. Once you are in your Flickr account, you can change your username to anything valid as per Flickr’s username criteria. To view your Flickr username, you need to go to your Flickr profile to see your full name, email, display name, or username beside it. You will see a change option using which you can change your username.


We hope that you learned whether do Flickr accounts expire. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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