Do Burner Phones have GPS?

A burner phone is a mobile device used temporarily and discarded, often to maintain anonymity and privacy. While these phones are often associated with criminal activities, they can also be used for legitimate purposes, such as protecting privacy during sensitive communications. But users like you who may use these burner phones to remain disconnected from social media and the internet may be doubtful about the inclusion of GPS in them. This guide will answer your questions about the possibility of this app being tracked to resolve your privacy concerns.

Do Burner Phones have GPS?

Do Burner Phones have GPS?

A Burner phone is typically inexpensive and can be purchased without a contract or identifying information. They may also offer prepaid minutes and data plans that can be reloaded as needed, like normal Android or iOS phones. But as things look good on the outside, can we really trust these phones with the safety they intend to provide? Let’s discuss it!

Do Burner Phones have GPS?

It depends. Some burner mobiles have GPS, but not all of them do. The GPS capability of these phones depends on the specific model and manufacturer. A burner mobile is generally a basic mobile with limited features, and GPS is not a common feature found in many of these phones. However, some newer models do have GPS capabilities. Even if the burner mobile has GPS, it may not be active or may be disabled by the user to increase their privacy and anonymity.

Can You Track a Burner Phone Number?

Yes, you can track a burner number. However, it is more difficult to track a burner mobile number than it is to track a regular mobile number. It is so because burner mobile is often associated with anonymous or untraceable communication. But no matter how hard you try, law enforcement agencies have developed techniques to track a burner phone. These techniques include using cell tower triangulation, GPS, and other location-tracking methods.

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Can Burner Numbers be Traced Back to You?

Yes, Burner phone numbers can be traced back to you, using GPS and other technologies. The ability to trace a burner phone number depends on several factors, including the level of anonymity and privacy used when obtaining and using the burner number.

  • If you purchase a burner number using your real name or other identifying information, it can be traced back to you.
  • Similarly, if you use the burner number to make calls or send messages that reveal your identity or location, it can also be traced back to you.

However, if you take steps to maintain anonymity and privacy, such as using a fake name and address when purchasing the burner phone number, avoiding calls and messages that could reveal your identity, and discarding the burner phone after use, it can be much more difficult to trace the burner phone number back to you.

Can a Burner Phone be Traced to a Location?

Yes, a burner mobile can be traced to a location. The location of a burner phone can be traced through various means, like using GPS, cell tower triangulation, and Wi-Fi hotspots. However, if the burner mobile is only used for a short period of time and is not associated with any identifying information, it can be more difficult to trace it to a specific location.

Can Police Track Burner Phones?

Yes, police can track burner mobiles. Any government or law enforcement agency can track a burner mobile. However, there are ways to increase the privacy and anonymity of a burner mobile, such as using them for short periods of time, avoiding GPS and other location-tracking features, and keeping them turned off when not in use. If you use a burner phone for illegal activities, no matter how hard you try, you will be tracked down by the police or other law enforcement agencies using GPS and other tools! Now, let’s understand the difference between a burner vs prepaid phone.

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What is the Difference Between a Burner Phone and a Prepaid Phone?

The differences between a burner vs prepaid phone are:

Burner Phone Prepaid Phone
It is typically used for short-term, temporary purposes. It is used as a regular phone with a preloaded balance for talking, texting, and data usage.
They are cheaper than Prepaid phones and have limited features. Prepaid phones are much more expensive and include a lot of useful features.
They are often used for anonymous and untraceable communication. These phones require you to provide some form of identification to activate the service.
They are typically discarded over a short period of use. They last way longer than a Burner mobile.

What are the Benefits of a Burner Phone?

The benefits of using a burner phone apart from not having GPS are listed below:

  • A burner mobile can be used to maintain privacy and anonymity.
  • It is very cheap and can be used as a backup or a second phone.
  • It can often be used as a temporary phone.
  • It can be used for secure communication and help prevent your personal information from being compromised in the event of a security breach or hack.
  • Using a burner mobile can give you more control over who has access to your personal information and can help you avoid unwanted solicitations or spam calls.


As you have now learned whether do burner phones have GPS or not, you can use these phones accordingly to keep privacy concerns at bay. Mention your doubts and remarks in the comments section below. Moreover, you can list down future topic ideas for us in the same space provided below.

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