Difference Between Calling and Ringing in Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger 

Understand the fine line between both call phenomena!

In addition to text-based conversations, Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger provide users the ability to make a voice or video call over the internet using their platforms, provided both parties have the respective apps installed.

However, if you’ve placed a call earlier on any of these platforms, you might have noticed the status displayed as either Calling or Ringing.

Now, although both these terms may seem similar, they have a whole different meaning and in today’s blog, we will learn about them. 

Difference Between Calling and Ringing in Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger 

What Does Calling Mean on Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger

Calling vs Ringing in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp – It’s important to know the difference between them to interpret the status of your call, confirm whether it has been successfully connected, and avoid misunderstandings.

Calling on both platforms indicates that the call has been placed by your side, but it hasn’t reached the recipient yet. 

So, their phone is not ringing and they are unaware of the call.

Now this could be if you are blocked by the recipient, their device is turned off or has no internet connection.

As soon as they are back online, they’ll be notified about your call.

What Does Ringing Mean on Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger

When you call someone on Messenger or WhatsApp, if the calling message changes to Ringing, it means that the call has been successfully connected to the recipient and their phone is actually ringing.

However, they still have not answered your call. 

Possible Reasons for WhatsApp or FB Messenger Calls Not Ringing 

Some reasons why your calls on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger might not be ringing are:

  • Recipient’s device is not connected to the internet and hence, they are offline.
  • Even when their phone is switched off, you’ll continue seeing calling on your screen when you call them and not ringing.
  • Probably the recipient has blocked you, which is why your call is not being connected to them
  • Recipient has uninstalled WhatsApp

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How Do You Know If Someone Ignores Your Call on Messenger or WhatsApp

Now if your call is Ringing successfully, the only two ways to know if someone is ignoring your call on Messenger or WhatsApp is either they are not answering it or are declining your call repeatedly.

However, it’s just an assumption. They might be busy with something else as well which is why they are unable to pick up your call.

How Do I know If I’m Ignored or Blocked on Messenger

To know if someone has blocked you on Messenger or just ignoring you:

  • Call them and if it shows ringing, then they haven’t blocked you.
  • Send a message and if they see it but do not reply, this indicates you’re being ignored.
  • If you see double ticks on your message for a long time but no reply, it means you’re being ignored.
  • If you see a single tick for a long time it means you’re blocked.
  • If you’re unable to access someone’s profile it means they have blocked you.

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We hope our blog helped you with ringing vs calling on WhatsApp.

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